Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2023

Cosmic Spirit Body

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Even though the war over consciousness is still very active, it feels that over the last few months we have arrived at a new vantage point.  Similar to hiking progressively taller peaks each with a greater vista until the summit is reached, we enter this year with a more panoramic view.  Through the Universal Rose breath spiral, the three halls of record for Earth-Tara-Gaia, and the appearance of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers, humanity is aligning with the solar symbiosis star born cycle that has brought on the long-awaited return of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Triple Solar Reisha or Yanas. This is the representative merge that is made between the eternal spirit body in the seven heavenly worlds that are finally being reunited with the divine counterparts of their physical incarnates located in timelines of the matter worlds.  The long-awaited healing of the Christos-Sophia hierogamic template for sacred marriage between the divine masculine and divine feminine principle was required to heal the Wall in Time to reset the particle spin that would be required to reset the planetary grid network. And so, the new stage of solar symbiosis planetary ascension initiation into the starborn level of the Diamond Sun template connecting to the Cosmic Spirit Body begins.

The emergence of the Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun as the Triple Solar Reisha network of the Universal Melchizedek Logos has catalyzed the next stage of planetary liberation, which surfaces awareness of the organic consciousness sequences that have merged particle and anti-particle systems to form into the creation doorway that links directly with the Cosmic Eye of God. The Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father continue to reveal their unified presence on this plane through the peak of the zero-point transmissions from their Eye of Elohei God Flame, which extends out into the dimensional stairsteps even further to reveal the emanation of the hidden eighth sun, or Aton Solar Body. This brings forth yet more comprehension of the complexity occurring with the birth of the Triple Suns with the 12 vertical lines of the Hara Krysta Staff that are holding the creation doorway open, which are currently announcing the arrival of the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body that has assembled itself from out of the Rasha dark matter layers. The building out of repair sequences during the planetary Eukatharistic activation last year has resulted in the next stages of Emerald Guardian Ascension Hosting mission upgrades, with our direct attention being placed upon the Cosmic Spirit Body which is connected to the Elaysa Staff, which is the authentic Cosmic Spirit Sun down stepping into the Universal Melchizedek Solar Mother principle of our time matrix.

The general themes for Christos Starseeds and for the family of Indigo’s ascension embodiment sequences for 2023 are designed to reconfigure the heart silver cord (heart complex) and solar umbilicus connections (hara complex), to link directly with the Cosmic Christos Parents. This includes corrections that activate the core lightbody cells that are arranged on the tailbone for ongoing corrections for elemental body re-encryptions coded into the 1D atomic layers in the base shield to reconnect directly with the Holy Father. Most of the fetal light cells and spirit cells located in the tailbone have remained dormant or blocked within humanity as the result of reversal frequency currents, implants and mind control programming. Especially those light cells which prepare for the inner heart-brain monadic connections that have the divine purpose of growing the golden embryo in our sacrum, in order to generate the alchemical birth of the inner Christ Child. The development of the inner Christ Child in the solarized sacral center creates the liquid light and inner tri-wave circuitry in the unified breath channel, for generating the feedback loop with the zero-point access that connects with the Holy Mother and Holy Father united together through the Eye of God.  When the human lightbody has correct configurations linking directly to the Cosmic God Parents; the imposters, implants, dark entities and AI hybrid cloned materials begin to purge out generating levels of psycho-spiritual healing crisis.

When the feedback loop of zero point is running in the individual’s vertical channel, the non-polarized neutral force anchors the Cosmic Spirit Body from the inner plane into the outer plane layers through the Holy Mother’s sophianic diamond heart template, which enters from the backside of the human biology in the tailbone, and runs the eternal spirit current through the heart center, spinal column and skull. This eternal spirit spark is strengthening the cranial sacral links and brain glands that emanate solar plasma elixirs that coat the brain, glands, myelin sheath and vagus nerve to protect the bio-neurology and further link the ascending human’s heart, brain and nervous system into the Krystal palace of the Universal Mind, which includes holographic links to the vast constellations of stars.

Recent awareness of the Universal Rose breath spiral or the Rosetta frequencies are being transmitted from the center core of the Universal Diamond Gateway system that merged with the Mahara Reisha worlds further connecting with the Aton, which also links up with the tri-matrix merge happening between the Akashic, Ecoushic and Reishiac Hall of Records. These Cosmic spiritual records have been connected into the Earth-Tara-Gaia network through the extensive vertical and diagonal diamond support grids comprising the Elohei Triple Great Lion Networks and the Guardians of the Twelve Pillars in Easter Island. This event along with the appearance of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers reweaving through the diagonal diamond heart network, aligns humanity with the solar symbiosis star born cycle that has brought on the long-awaited return of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Triple Solar Reisha or Yanas. This is the representative merge that is made between the eternal spirit body in the seven heavenly worlds that are finally being reunited with the divine counterparts of their physical incarnates located in timelines of the matter worlds.  

Elaysa Calls the Cathara, or Solar Feminine Melchizedeks

This recent development with Elaysa has informed the Cathara families, or the Solar Female Melchizedek lineages of their sophianic embodiment mission to link up the dimensional spans between the Rasha body and the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body, and to embody the circuitry into the Albion Lightbody via intersecting dragon nodes. The ancient wisdom of the Cathars was protecting the sophianic wisdom hidden in Elaysian fields, where they have retained the Universal Rose codes of the Mother of Dragons, which create the inner musical songs woven in tri-frequency links of Rosetta breath spiral. This is the sacred rose breath that nourishes the crystal heart complex, which functions to recode the genetic bonds in Diamond Sun body DNA required for the Cosmic Spirit Body to merge with the matter plane. This Rosetta frequency link is accessed directly through the Universal Female Melchizedek sophianic diamond heart running Solar Reisha tri-wave staff frequencies that make up the Cosmic Kryst Seed Atom, which project out from smaller nested spirit cells activated by those embodying Triple TA musical sound tones of the Cosmic Mother lineages that had been dormant on the tailbone.

The Cosmic Spirit Body is comprised of a massive sun-star network referred to as the Suns of Eire-Adonis, which transmit the eternal spirit sparks through the Elaysa code. They are hosting the Triple Suns of the creation door as their solar rays are filled with permanent light seeds that give birth to the eternal spirit fire that ignites the collective and individual levels of the Eire-Adonis body. This is the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body emerging from out of the Tri-Matrix of Rasha that has formed into the starry night dark matter firmament that births out assorted Sun-Star networks, and is the result of the ongoing Emerald Order Eukatharista planetary activations. These include the building out the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Ankh body and Solar Dragon Ouroboros Rosetta rings to circulate the Universal Rose or Rosetta breath spiral.  

The outer Cosmic Spirit Body activates the permanent Kryst spirit light seed for the Cosmic Kryst spark which begins to grow through an activated individuals’ breath channel or breathing tube that is internally laying upon the inner vertical channel of the spinal column and cerebrospinal fluid. The current embodiment process for first wavers entails intermittent phases of heavy purges of toxic, reversed or imbalanced energies, and begins to reconfigure the entire bone, blood, tissue and skin matrix composition, which may result in some heavy physical and neurological challenges of ascension symptoms. The Cosmic Spirit Body and the Mahara Reisha Suns of the Triple Solar Reisha and Yana forms were severely damaged from artificial machinery systems used to produce assorted AI harnesses and sound template distortions that accumulate mesh like sticky membranes of black goo miasma and inorganic dark matter. This artificial overlay with dark matter and black subtle forces has been manipulated with the Controller’s assorted electromagnetic weaponry and technology aimed at humanity to spread satanic entities for colonization. These are made of the inorganic AI hybridized substances used for the purpose of spreading energy parasites and opening dark portals into neighboring artificial systems.

Thus, when we are initiated into Elaysa coding or Reisha frequencies which contain essences of the Cosmic Spirit Body, there are intensified clearings of embedded lunar forces to bring correction into the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia patterns. The disharmonic distortion of satanic imprints made in the water-sound lightbody template is lodged in the fascia crystalline matrix and this content will start to purge out toxins and assorted releases everywhere in the physical matrix, primarily arising from the back side areas of the human body.

During this advanced stage of bio-spiritual ascension, the individual lightbody will be surrounded by the starry night robes of dark matter firmament correcting artificial dark matter particulates and this appears as the deep space fabric embedded with the constellations of stars. The sensation is one of being wrapped in the compassionate care of the Holy Mother and Father, and not the coldly austere or frightening sensation we may associate with floating alone in the void of deep dark space. The constellations will be connected into the cosmological and astrological principles of the physical matrix, connecting into organ systems and glands, which are determined by those ascending individual’s unique genetic record in their soul-spirit family that originated from their spiritual home located in the stairway to heaven. The starry night activation corrects dark matter distortions of inorganic archontic shadows and black blob parasites colonized throughout the dark matter template in the Rasha layers by the NAA. The starry night dark firmament is what allows the Triple Solar Reisha of the Cathara to connect into the planetary coronasphere and for the Cosmic Spirit Body cell clusters to be corrected and activated for alignment with the eternal spirit body of our authentic Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father.

Sirian Crystal Temples

The planetary failsafe mission activations continue in order for the planetary architecture to have the triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine foundational structures which form into multiple layers of nested Krystal Cathedrals, within which Emerald Guardian Host and Christos Solar Dragon teams can work in order to support the ongoing build out for anchoring the Cosmic Spirit Body layers. The Cosmic Spirit Body is the eternal spirit body that has emerged into matter from the Sirius B support infrastructure that was built through the Sirian Crystal Temples in the hosting platform section of Andromeda, which run into the spanner arc gateway system that straddles the particle dimensions of our planet from the 1D to the 7D layers. Corrections reaching a particular threshold of rehabilitation in the magnetosphere and planetary logos body from the damage generated by the Inverted 7D Violet Ray network, has been critical to the success of the Sirian Crystal Temple hosting infrastructure helping to bridge the Albion network into the Rasha layers and Cosmic Spirit Body.

The Sirian Crystal Temples modulate the eternal spiritual spark through its structure that operates in the internal domains of reality and then spans into the external reality fields that make up our time matrix. The Sirian Crystal Temples have been problematic with the Nibiruian hijack of our Melchizedek Maharaji and related blockages in the Sirius B 6D layers, until the Rasha Body layers were cleared out from the massive infections of Archontic shadow parasites, artificial machinery, miasmatic black forces and Black Dragon architecture used for perpetuating the Dark Alien Mother in the matter world. To unblock the many layers of dimensional access into the Sirian Crystal Temples from our timelines, required evictions and cleaning out of the middle section ring span of the Rasha Body, which has been an ongoing Guardian project.  The Starry Night Dark Matter Firmament was generated as corrections made from out of the Rasha body for the Triple Solar Goddess or Solar Reisha, which began the ceremonial process of the anointing of Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth to restore the triple solar sophianic principle and reunite them with their divine masculine counterparts.

The Sirian Crystal Temples from the Sirius B portal into Andromeda are protected by the Sirius B Maharaji lineage, to link them directly into the outer domain of our world in order to run the corrected tri-wave krystal frequencies that reset metatronic reversal throughout the planetary grid network. In hindsight, the importance of the Sirian Blue Maharaji humans’ Adashi mission to rescue the Melchizedek Logos from the entrapment and subsequent disconnection from our Universal Time Matrix is made obvious. It is the Emerald Order Sirius Blue human Maharaji that are directly connected to the Melchizedek Logos Blue Ray Melchizedek lineages, along with the Amethyst Order Braharama that joined together in unified cooperation to restore the hierogamic union template. The long-awaited healing of this template was required to heal the Wall in Time to reset the particle spin that would be required to reset the planetary grid network.

The fruits of the many labors of the Christos Guardian groups have been demonstrated through the ultimate dedication and herculean efforts that finally freed the Melchizedek Logos from the Nibiruian NET and resulted in the sacred union merge with Elaysa, which opened the creation door into the Mahara Reisha, where the Seven Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis are located. We will experience the ripple effects this year with shifting timelines and the reviewing of past historical accounts and cataclysmic disasters when our advanced human civilization was lost, which are needed for the healing restoration of the Fallen Melchizedek groups and humanity. This is especially so for the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks awakening into the Rosetta heart breath by restoring their organic consciousness structures, staff embodiments and timelines, in order to continue the eire-adonis eternal spirit body embodiment process that is required in order to fully embody the triple solar feminine Christos Sophia, the holy conduit of Cosmic Mother.

Access into Cosmic Hall of Records

Many of us on the Christos mission have been working to unblock access from the dark matter fields running into the Sirian Crystal Temples for a great many years already, by connecting through the portal systems that link together the Aurora platforms with the Ecoushsa platforms, which further lead to the Aquaelle matrix and then into Andromeda.

Historically, the Keepers of the Flame and the genetic descendants of Guardian Yeshua from the Aquaelle matrix carried the krystal gene code for humanity, which was essentially the silicate matrix imprint that held all twelve strands of DNA that was capable of biological ascension. Aquaelle is directly related to the daughter of Christ bloodlines that incarnated on earth from Andromeda, and this is also an embodiment coding potential for bringing forth the Diamond Sun body which influences the potential of both male and female unification, hierogamic union.

When the Melchizedek Logos appeared in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Masculine body during Summer Solstice, and then Elaysa-Melchizedek joined him during the Winter Solstice, this opened into the cosmic spirit body cell clusters that completely merged with the massive body containing the Cosmic Hall of Records. The particle records of Akashic layers and anti-particle records of the Ecoushic layers merge together into the center core of the Cosmic Hall of Records. Then the center core of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers open into the spirit cell clusters, which further open the doorway into the Universal Mother’s Dark Matter Matrix which holds many Solar Reisha worlds filled with assorted mother lineages of Yanas ascended masters. This Universal hierogamic event appears to have completed the tri-matrix merge in the Cosmic Hall of Records, formed when the Ecoushsa, Akasha and the Reisha worlds linked together and united in the central core of the Cosmic Spirit Body, as the result of Staff of Elaysa flame activation.

Thus, the Triple Solar Reisha from the Mahara Reisha worlds are Spirit Suns that are from the dark matter layers and function as the spirit cell clusters that make up the massive eternal Cosmic Spirit body of God source. The Cosmic Spirit Body is describing the function of a massive macrocosmic grouping of interlinked spiritual suns embodied into the smaller groupings of individual spirit suns embodying the Solar Reisha staff principle, in which the Elaysa staff is required to gain access into the domains of the Cosmic Records. The Cosmic Spirit Body holds its own tri-matrix of Cosmic Hall of Records which then begin to rejoin with the matter worlds throughout creation in order to correct the instruction sets back into the Diamond Sun DNA pattern by restoring the Universal Laws. The complete Cosmic Records are being accessed as a result of the hierogamic union of the Melchizedek Universal Logos which opened the gateway for the Triple Solar Reisha Suns from the Mother’s Universal Dark Matter matrices in HU6, so they could also enter into our matter realms through the creation doorway and embody their correct cosmological position in the time matrix. At this time, we are discovering more of these Reisha worlds which hold many unique spirit suns, that appear to related to the source fields of many emanations of the Holy Mother, when in her specific embodiment principles throughout the creation.

What is important to comprehend is that when the ascending individual’s lightbody is directly connected to the Cosmic Spirit Body, this is the ultimate ascension initiation that opens the Cosminya Hall of Records, which holds the divine perfection of the organic creation’s blueprint records in the Natural Laws of God. And when initiated into this Universal Elaysian coded frequency set, all of that which is artificial and inorganic to the unique consciousness body and spirit family begins to purge and dissolve within all of the holographic instruction sets of the core lightbody structure, resetting the Tree of Life to organic living consciousness streams. The accumulated superimposed layers of karmic miasma, shadow, black goo, artificial intelligence machinery, implants, suppressor entities, clones and antichrist weaponry – will cease to exist in the blueprint of that ascending individual. Who is then aligned with the organic creator’s perfected blueprint as the Krystal Tree of Life as it was originally created for them by God. They are freed from the burdens of karmic overlays and miasmatic records that had been accumulated from their stations of identity in all timelines that were further manipulated into mind control consciousness slavery by the invading species.  

Restoring Mahara Reisha Suns Central Core

The Mahara Reisha Suns are connected to the Seven Spirit Suns of Eire Adonis that hold eternal living memory crystals in the Mother’s Solar Reisha spirit worlds in what is referred to as the Ecoushic or parallel layers of the time matrix. The Mahara Reisha is the central heart or core of the larger Mahara spirit realm body that exists in the Reisha worlds. Through the inner heart complex of the Kryst seed atom, the Krystic consciousness must enter the Ecoushsa spirit side and then into the Mahara Reisha Seven Spirit Sun layers, which further lead into the central core of the massive Cosmic Spirit Body that also functions as the Cosmic Hall of Records, or Cosminya.

As we are remembering and reacquainting ourselves with the Triple Solar Feminine Christ, or Solar Reisha of the Mahara Reisha, it is apparent that many of the divine female sophianic counterparts of our Emerald Order Christos teams were from the Mahara Reisha Suns and were doing all they could to defend the Hara Krysta Staff access that leads directly into the central core of the Cosminya. During the Wesan tunnel invasion at the 11th dimensional timelines that led to the destructive Lyran Wars at the Solar Logos dimensional layers, this led to the unraveling events which resulted in utter destruction of the vertical staff principle of the authentic solar feminine. As her solar sophianic consciousness fell into the fractured pieces of Achamoth and embedded themselves into the discordance of corrupted dark matter, this gave birth to grotesque creatures abused by the invading races. The sexual misery patterns filled her sacred womb with lunar forces and bizarre shadow creatures, that resulted in her physical descent into the lunar woman to become further manipulated by the mind control of the Dark Alien Mother.  

John the Baptist’s beloved, Mara, King Arthur’s beloved Meri-Guinevere are 11D Hara Krysta Staff holders that embodied the eternal living memory crystal of the Mahara Reisha Seven Spirit Suns, along with many other ascended families of Yanas that act as Staff holders in the parallel matrix. The Mother of Dragons or the Solar Dragon Queens embodied with the TA dragon tones from the Mahara Reisha Suns, are that which open the Cosmic Hall of Records, and why their spiritual bodies were strewn apart into pieces from the NAA invasion and subsequent Archontic colonization into dark matter. From the point of invasion in the 11D timelines, utter destruction has been wielded upon this realm with AI clones, Black Dragon, Typhon Tunnels, shadow creatures and red cube networks designed to attack and destroy the sacred divine feminine Christos-Sophia for eons of time. Thus, decimating her powerful spiritual forms in the Mahara Reisha Seven Spirit Suns that were protecting the entrance into the Cosmic Spirit Body and its living memory crystals that hold the Cosmic records, from the invading anti-Christ entities.

Additionally, the next stage of repairing the Mahara Reisha body of Blue Tara’s eternal spiritual body that is connected to the Taran planetary body has been underway during assorted Sirius B 6D access line corrections recently made available through the improved access with Sirian Crystal temples. Along with corrections being made with the Sirius B timeline records related to reseating King Arthur’s triple logos Universal mind.

Blue Tara is a Blue Solar Reisha Dragon that embodied the Mahara Reisha central azure heart that connects directly to the Reisha Worlds and the Cosmic Spirit Body, and is one of the Triple Solar Goddess Tara principles embodied within Elaysa-Melchizedek’s Universal Logos body. This seems to be a current task for the Blue Ray Solar Feminine Melchizedek lineages from Mahara Reisha, as it was revealed that this was a critical piece in the overall restoration of the Blue Dragon families and their timelines on sister planets, Tara and Tiamat. There was immense spiritual damage incurred during the cataclysmic explosion of the Taran and Tiamat planetary matrix, that disconnected many Blue Flame Melchizedek’s from their eternal spirit body as the result of Blue Tara’s damaged Mahara spirit body and the subsequent Pluto matrix installation to corrupt the sapphire diamond frequencies of the 10D gateways. The damage incurred contains the tragic history and painful memories of the fall of the solar feminine embodiments into fragmented minds of lunar corruption, during the point of introducing the moon matrix and saturnian control that blocked access to the eternal spirit body of the Solar Reisha and their seven spirit suns, and brought the horrors of blood sacrifice upon the matter planes that siphoned the world souls’ inner light source, as practiced by the invading species.

There have been massive antichrist armaments and AI machinery used to attempt to damage or destroy all 6D access lines leading into Sirius B, as the invaders are well aware that many Emerald Guardians on the Christos Mission come through the Sirius B portal systems. Additionally, Guardian teams have been repairing these vertical lines which have Triple Solar Reisha coding held within them, and further support the generation of the 12 Hara Krysta vertical staff lines. These vertical staff lines go directly into the center of the Hara Krysta Sun body which further opens the creation doorway that leads directly into the Cosmic Spirit body.  The Hara Krysta lines have a central staff column ignited with Azothian flames of clear blue-tinged spiritual fire which opens access into the central heart of the Mahara Reisha body, which further leads into the larger matrix of the Reisha Worlds. This is only made accessible through hierogamic union of the inner divine masculine and divine feminine which births the inner Cosmic Christ, as the spirit cell clusters ignite in the tailbone to open the creation door, and is the natural progression of the Oraphim, many of whom are being activated into the Emerald Order Solar Dragon King or Cosmic Dragon Starhuman or starborn embodiment stages during this Ascension Cycle.  

Universal Diamond Pillars Synchronize the Universal Rose Breath

Leading up to the March Equinox in 2017, the planetary body underwent a massive geomagnetic transformation that was required to support the future emergence of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek aspects, Elaysa, which we are discovering more about through the mysteries of Holy Mother Sophia during this phase. As has been mentioned many times before, the magnetic field and gravitational waves on the planet have been highly controlled and manipulated to suppress human consciousness in a variety of ways. The magnetic control of the consciousness units of the planetary logos mind was primarily designed to conquer the Holy Mother Sophia presence and damage her Triple Solar Feminine Christ emanations from merging with the Rasha body dark matter connections leading into the Reisha worlds, which is the location of the Seven Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis.

The magnetic control has been connected to the extensive networks of mind control, gender reversal and glandular suppression that have been operating on and off planet. This includes the alien built enslavement systems of saturnian-moon matrix and its artificial energy currents that have been pulsed into the planetary grid system, to keep humans asleep and to keep the matter worlds perpetually disconnected from the eternal spirit worlds. When the planetary grid network is rehabilitated and corrected from the many layers of metatronic reversal and alien machinery running artificial currents controlled by the NAA, this floods the planet with tremendous amounts of spirit source and consciousness energy for global awakening. Humanity is actually living on the planet as this reset is shifting timelines and accelerating the bifurcation madness in some of the unaware population, while the correct organic frequencies are returning and resetting the entire planetary grid system so our true spiritual family and Cosmic Parents can return to help humanity liberate this realm.

The Solar Reisha are the direct sophianic embodiments of the dark matter field that birth light seeds which ignites the eternal spirit body source field into the planet, and brings about the correct proportions of electromagnetic properties in the planetary grid system that naturally generates the abundant and free energy source of zero point.

About six years ago, Christos Guardian teams began to introduce Krystic Diamond Sun DNA architecture in the form of the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway to reinforce the Aurora re-encryption projects of correcting elementals and carbon matter substances running in sextant matrix and biological clock shields. The Universal Diamond Pillars were intended to align us to the correct cardinal directions for planetary Maji Grail Crown and to energetically heal the fallen entity imbalances infecting the primal forces on the planet. The primal forces are governors of the movement of energy and consciousness in our human body and world, all of that etheric-matter substance which is co-created in the minds of collective consciousness. The goal was to help restore and circulate the neutral force state in order to more effectively co-create the feedback loops made directly with the zero-point field that connects the planetary body and humanity into the organic timelines of God source.

Thus, the Christos families began working on the Universal Diamond Pillars to bring about the Diamond Sun corrections required for the planetary Eukatharista activation, which correspond to the solar symbiosis cycle of personal Eukachristic lightbody activation for creating dark matter light seeds or the Rasha body. At this time during March Equinox 2017, the Universal Diamond Pillars were connecting into the avatar Christos frequencies within the individual’s central vertical column to build and grow into the Universal Staff function, which was anchored within the personal Christos 12D Maharata pillar. The Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway emerged into a clock shield that was built with the Ruby pillar in the 6’o clock position, Sapphire pillar in the 9’ o clock left hand position, the Emerald pillar in the 3 o’ clock right hand position, with the Diamond pillar placed in the 12’ o clock northern position.

Recently, we learned that this configuration of the Universal Pillar Gateway in 2017 was for the purpose of administering blueprint corrections that supported the reconnection of the planetary staff into the Universal Staff, that which would help unite the matter worlds Maharata with the spirit worlds Maharata. Further linking the Universal Staff into the Hara Krysta Staff of the Hara-Mahara Reisha world’s that are interconnected as cell clusters of the Cosmic Spirit Body, and which are the location of the Mahara Reisha Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis. Each of the four Universal Diamond Pillars contain the Emerald Order records for the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template at every developmental stage and its progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix; Ruby pillar is for Ruby Sun DNA and Rosetta, Sapphire pillar is for the family of Indigo’s Diamond Sun DNA and Mahara Reisha, Emerald pillar is for the founders Emerald Sun DNA for Cosmic Starhuman Dragons, and the Diamond pillar is for the Double Diamond Sun DNA template for Oraphim and other lineages requiring genetic rehabilitation. The Oraphim have helped bring through the expansions into the Cosmic Founder God Source Domains that expanded all the way throughout dimensions, 16D to 24D, in which they would eventually shift timelines in order to evolve into the Emerald Sun DNA.

As the planet integrated the further dimensional expansions into the completed anti-particle merge which includes 22D, 23D and 24D, this functions as the Emerald Founder capstone in 24D required for anchoring the Cosmic to Universal Emerald Rod, and the necessary Emerald Order architecture for reseating King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the Albion. Thus, along with these recent events, the Universal Diamond Pillar merged into another expression of the twinned hierogamic template in which the Ruby and Diamond Pillar merged together, and the Sapphire and Emerald Pillar merged together. This rotated the clock shield template that is currently generating new positions on the Universal Staff of Elaysa-Melchizedek, and this is connected to the Hara Krysta Staff which connects into the Cosmic Hall of Records and synchronizes with the Cosmic Clock and Reuche Pillars.

When the Universal Diamond Pillars twinned themselves recently, this synchronized with the Emerald Sun DNA quad template of the Cosmic Starhuman and formed into a tesseract God cube that fully synchronized with the Eye of God between the Akashic, Ecoushic and Reisha matrices. The hierogamic merge that occurred between Emerald and Sapphire pillars, along with Diamond and Ruby Pillars shifted the Universal Diamond Gateway to the Emerald Pillar as the 12 o’clock north position in the Cosmic Clock, that links directly to the Emerald Founders in 24D and the extensive circuitry of the Cosmic Emerald Crystal Heart and purified 24D Emerald Ray. From the synchronization of these three matrices, the center Hara Krysta began transmitting the Universal Rose Spiral Breath pattern which began to pour through the central Azura heart of all three matrices further linking them together in the Rosetta pattern, also fondly referred to as the Universal Breath of Roses.

Universal Rose Breath

The Rosetta is the beautiful living light current of our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father united as one holy spirit breath which takes the form of blooming roses, in which the Universal Diamond Rose template for all angelic human beings is imbued within these refined divine fire water and ice genetic codes from the core of the Cosmic Hall of Records that saturate the human bioneurology and breath with many plasma flowering roses. This is the Universal Rose breath pattern where roses may appear in every section of the breath channel, inner vertical channel, sacral center, and in the inhalation and exhalation of the holy rose infused breath, which circulates the Rosetta pattern in the sacred crystal heart of Diamond Sun in the Christos embodied males and females.

In closing

As we have moved over the threshold into 2023, there remains the intense physical pressures of Triple Solar Feminine Christ Sophia and the Reisha spirit body recoding for the planetary grid network in order to run the Cosmic Spirit Body cell clusters into angelic humanity’s tailbone, along with the concentration involved for templating the Emerald Guardian Starhuman dragon body for the Blue Ray Melchizedek lineage. There are active fieldwork situations with similar themes of intensified spiritual warfare, as has been expressed many times before as the anti-Christ slog carries on the matter plane. It is the chop wood and carry water theme for those of us who are embodied in the Christos Mission and awake to the current genocidal agendas of controlling power elites and the NAA fighting for the direction of timelines. 

It appears and recent Guardian communications have confirmed, that there have been misalignments from matter identities with spiritual identities, cloned hologram problems, which contributed to the delays of our Christos Guardian teams combined with earthly group efforts to bring forth the collective disclosure event last year. Guardian teams have factions working with Earth alliances that are connected to mostly the 5D layers, so it is more limited in that the cosmic picture and assorted imposter dark agendas are obscured from that particular vantage point. But there are divine orchestrations of many benevolent interdimensional beings helping Humanity on the Earth to gain liberation from the military grade assault of gaslighting, deceptions and lies perpetrated by AI systems running hive net mind control networks. Some of these factions have gone rogue while others are being run in the parallel matrix by the Wesan entity groups that control the Black Sun Secret Space Program levels or are at the top hidden levels of the military-based intelligence communities. The armies of the anti-Christ, human and nonhuman, assigned to protect and defend various interdimensional hierarchies of power and control on this planet are being systematically taken down. This allows for more truthful information to begin to register in mainstream awareness and for some humanitarian systems to rise and take their place. As frustrating as it can be to co-exist in the world of lies and ongoing human genocide being hidden in medical tyranny, we should see more global support for disclosure events happening during this year.

May we each hold onto the spark of inner light that connects to the guiding source of eternal spiritual light that is our North Star, being grateful that we have been given the gift of spiritual awareness and ascension.  As our inner star is guiding us through this maze of dark ignorance, confusion and anti-life evil during the outer turmoil of spiritual warfare, may we each find genuine appreciation and gratitude for the spiritual support and care we receive through the meaningful connections we have made together as spiritually awakening people that know the existence of God. Especially when many still do not recognize the benevolence of God’s compassionate hand guiding us through those meaningful connections. As you focus upon your crystal heart feeling the sacred inner marriage within send your gratitude to God, and send your gratitude to Christos and Christos Sophia.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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  • Biology of Kundalini

    Dear Ascension Family, 

    I thought it appropriate to share kundalini resources as we go through this evolutionary phase. Many times my physical body is undergoing a very intense kundalini release with activated ascension symptom response and it has phases that it lasts for a long time at peak levels. Attempting to find nourishment is extremely difficult to frustrating, and I do not generally feel the ecstatic bliss states or vital energy.  I am dealing with day to day commitments while my kundalini is burning out toxins and whatever else it is finding deep in the cellular material. Since western city life does not really support kundalini awakening or have any awareness about it, we have a challenge in that we are here to integrate into this contemporary society all the while with intense kundalini activations, transpiring simultaneously. This is one of the greatest challenges as an ascending human to find the balance in our lives as we are ascending. I am sure this is why so many of us undergoing kundalini activation isolate themselves, as the energy it takes to answer a simple question from other people, such as,  how are you? What are you doing? can become a mind boggling proposition! 

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  • How to Shift Mental Gears

    The 5 Steps to Negative Ego Reprogramming – How to Shift Mental Gears

    “It is Not God’s Job to control your Mind”

    RELABEL  - Identify the negative thought or emotion as a distorted pattern of negative ego consciousness. This “Fear” is my Negative Ego. This is not the real me. 

    REATTRIBUTE - Dis-identify from the thought or emotion as you. You begin to master your emotional states and you can begin to choose. I am the eternal being, not my thoughts or emotions.

    REFOCUS - Move yourself out of situation, environment or the trigger for that thought. Go for a walk, listen to music, change your focus. Affirm: Not my will but Divine.

    REVALUE- Revalue the power you have given this thought or emotion to rule your life.  See it for what it truly IS. Limiting you. Dis-empowering you. Robbing you of inner peace and fulfillment as a Divine being. (I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free! )

    REQUEST Help - Commit to expressing Higher Emotion and Living your Soul Purpose. Ask for help from Spirit. Meditate daily and work your tools. Be here NOW!

    Tools: Core Fear matrix removal program, Emotional Clearing Techniques, Affirmations and Decrees, Ascension Meditation treatments, Mantra chant to refocus mind, 12 D sealing, Request Evolution teams to help. Ask guidance to lead you to the perfect resonance technique to assist you now. Breathe.

    When you get anxious and notice a self defeating program of your ego taking over, apply breath and self forgiveness