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Opening of a Seal

aoathumb1September 2010
by Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

Since breaking into a major timeline and dimensional intersection of the next evolutionary cycle on July 17th, we are continuing to undergo a major life-style restructuring as well as enduring profoundly deep cellular transmutation.
As we recently broke onto the other side, the shockwaves generated from the sheer impact have been reverberating through our very core, as well as our brains and third eye! The Guardian's mention this breaking through the timeline, was akin to the esoteric or biblical reference of the Opening of a Seal. If you re-read the annual theme news from January, The Year of the Indigo it will give you a clue as to what seal they are referring to. The many earthquakes on our planetary body or macrocosmic level this year have been shaking us to get ready to open our own personal body seal or microcosmic level. Additionally this opening seal and the mark it left as an imprint on our forehead, created some scarily intense physical symptoms around our skull, brains, nerves and eyes. The recent transmission downloads and their lucid dream states have contained many variations of geometries, hieroglyphs, hebrew letters, animals as well as flying colors and hearing inner ear ringing tones. Our pineal gland is changing our brain is changing. It's no wonder we have been mostly sequestered and isolated the past few months as this has not been the altered state where one can comfortably tool around town.

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