Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Art by Elizabeth

October 2023

Enki DNA Overlays

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Last month’s astrological shift into Virgoan constellation alchemy (September 16-October 30) began the powerful sequence of trigger events igniting another intense stage of lunar transfiguration impacting the corrupted elementals and artificial red wave machinery that were used to encode Enki DNA Overlays into angelic humans. The spiritual magnum opus is rising for those ascending Christos Starseeds with divine missions that include working on the embodiment pieces for the Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon’s Sacred Sophianic Awakening of White Queens on the Earth, which is the lunar transmutation process of the shadow elements that have been running Enki coded red wave overlays into the planetary DNA. Last month’s Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire described the holy matrimony of the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen and Cosmic Father’s Red King at the Hill of Tara, returning the Emerald Diamond Sun template into the planetary grid. This planetary activation catalyzed subsequent tsunami waves of incredible dark resistance aimed at the Christos Guardians through the forces of chaos being generated by the NAA using the artificial red wave alien machinery as a weapon to control the artificial timelines, more specifically, the legions of Enki’s Army.

Further, recent grid events progressing in the United Kingdom opened the White Rainbow Arc bridge for the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi Mu’a to begin the necessary spiritual retrievals and returns for embodying the Cosmic Mother’s DNA language from within their authentic Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions, as preparation for the return of the Emerald Order’s White Queen. The Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon family from the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas, hold the Cosmic Mother’s Blue Rainbow Body which unifies inside of the Emerald Order's White Queen, which begin the restorations of sophianic architecture as they are taking their rightful places within the astrological sun-star networks.  

To announce the return of the Sacred Sophianic Awakening during the onset of Virgoan alignments, the Mother of the World, White Queen Merida was seated in the Cosmic Clock sun-star networks solar calendar position with the Staff of Elaysa, united in activity with her hierogamic masculine counterpart Michael-Merlin. Together, they built their holy signature of Cosmic Twinned Solar-Spirit Suns designed with further rehabilitations for the Michael Mary Turnstile Matrix as connected to the 11:11:11 networks (vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines running 11D frequency sets) by linking them into the White Rainbow Arc Bridge in order to secure the maji grail lineages from further Enki DNA corruption, in preparation for the emergent solar birthing of Cosmic Christos Children. As Merida spoke the ancient Cosmic Mother Language through the Lady of the Seven Lamps in Pleaides, her throat, voice and spoken word flowed tones of Eireayanas through the Eiras silver seed currents. Her Mother of the World presence resonated throughout the Solar Logos matrix as the Bethlehem Star activated within the Mother Elaysa Cathedral, in which the first action of her spoken word manifested into the spiritual formation of the newly created White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment, shown to be embedded with marquis diamonds emitting Christos-Sophia musical signatures and assorted spiritual titles as given by the Godhead.

This Eireayanas spirit activation began a wild west scenario of ascending Christos Starseeds rapidly shedding their alien hybridization histories, false identity clones and the inorganic lunar genetic modifications from their 1D atomic body layers which had placed Enki DNA Overlays on top of the organic Diamond Sun template, blocking the DNA signal of the authentic Cosmic Elohei God Parents.

This sacred sophianic initiation represents the transmutation of the lunar feminine, the clearing of lunar matrix imprints and lunar consciousness records and the related alien hybridization histories with Enki DNA Overlays that were made upon both men and women, as the Solar Sons and Solar Daughters of God. This planetary activation has unleashed a torrent of solar spirit sophianic white silvery flames and marquis diamond silver seeds that has instigated radical frequency shifts upon the planet, whereby opening cosmic doorways heralding the return of assorted Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions and Emerald Order Yana representatives, such as Anuhazi Mu’a.

Thus, we are undergoing another delineation of the bifurcated portions of the planetary timelines with the emergence into yet another Cosmic Clock solar shield template forming into a spherical domain designed for the Rainbow Arc Bridges section for the incoming solar consciousness identities to station themselves or reside. This higher section is shifting into total alignment to the Cosmic Clock’s solar calendar positions with its master Emerald Timekeeper solar clock shield template opening the creation door which governs the planetary time matrix, in which those first ascending waves are stationing ourselves into consciousness alignment. This requires the shedding of lunar overlays that include the process of atomic transmutation of corrupted elements at the 1D base shield level and the ongoing extraction of Enki DNA Overlays and all related Enki skins used to falsify or clone identities for the use of NAA invaders and imposter spirits.  

The reappearance of the original Anuhazi Mu’a from Tiamat along with the creation of the White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded garment, struck a lightning bolt of terror into the minds of the NAA who had stolen the Cosmic Holy Mother’s Emerald Crystals with the Mother of Life DNA Language believing they had permanently maimed her embodied representatives and ultimately eliminated her existence from this reality for eternity. Thus, through the increased chaos being generated from the rapid frequency shifting happening during the current trifurcation phase, another stage of the spiritual battle in its final conflict for the planet has begun. This has been clearly evidenced in the physical reality with the spontaneous onset of horrific and brutal events transpiring in the Middle East pushing for the World War III agenda, as heated conflicts are positioned around the epicenter of control over the second dimensional planetary stargate, Temple Mount, which previously had phantom Tiamat wormhole access for portal jumping up through 11D layers. 

As you read onward, consider that some of us are awakening to be the spiritual adults in the room, thus this information is not intended for everyone. The hidden history revealing now is densely packed with many intricacies and is difficult to process. Please remember the purpose of this information is to have proper context in knowing that in order to solve the genetic hybrid problems of the angelic human race, we first must awaken to seek truth and know the problem exists. When we can see the accurate source of the global problems plaguing humanity, then we can ask the right questions. Further, we must know as we enter the tumultuous crossroads of human evolution, that AI technology has been used covertly for terraforming the planet to become hospitable to the invaders, and that their agendas for alien hybridization with humans is the source of rampant spiritual disconnection and damage to the krystal gene. This genetic hybridization damage has accumulated a tremendous amount of buried traumas in the angelic human race which further unravels into manifestations of mass inner and outer violence. When identified correctly, only then we can begin to take the steps to solve those problems more effectively and remain in alignment to natural laws. The Emerald Guardians are alerting us to what humanity is being exposed to at this particular stage and why the planet and humanity are undergoing a mass Enki DNA Overlay extraction, along with covert confrontations that flush out and force the eviction of the invading species, which initiates sudden physical purges of miasmas, ancestral genetic clearings and deep cellular spiritual purification.

Violation of Nature, Maldek Explosion, Alien Visitors

When exploring more of this theme, we must know that the mechanics of the Universal Laws are in perfect harmony with the organic living creations of the natural world, and that the nature of evil comes into manifestation as the direct consequence of violating these natural laws. Violating nature is synonymous with spiritual disconnection and painful suffering. Violating natural laws, such as genetically experimenting and hybridizing with the original angelic human DNA in order to make consciousness slaves to serve an antihuman invader agenda, contains the major historical timeline trigger events for the spiritual disconnection humanity has suffered at the hands of the Belial group.  These important events of inserting Enki DNA Overlays into humanity commenced during the orchestration of several NAA invasions of the planet which were under the direct supervision of a master geneticist, a cloned alien hybrid Sa’am-Enki and his Sirian Annunaki brethren that crashed on Earth during the Mars warring conflicts which ultimately led to the complete destruction of the planet Maldek.

After the explosion of Maldek, the damage and destruction that ensued in the solar system displaced many of the local reptilian species, some of which found themselves on the Earth. The Annunaki High Priestesses were consulted and they were made aware that the planet was the repository of the universal genetic library being cultivated by the mysteriously absent forces of the ancient builder races, those we know as the Emerald Founder Elohim. The Emerald Founder Elohim had designed and seeded many living gardens filled with diverse species through which to evolve upon this planet, as the Kristos Diamond Sun angelic human race had been displaced from the original Taran world, and were intended to act as the Guardians of the genetic library as well as protectors the emerald crystal heart network of the Universal Mother of Life (Tiamat). This beautiful natural garden was in its earliest stages of evolutionary growth tended to by the Sirius B Maharaji and those Blue Ray Melchizedek’s from the inner Earth, and many were being spiritually guided by the Anuhazi Mu’a through the emerald crystals connected to Tiamat, in which the magnificent splendor of the planet’s natural beauty appeared as an Edenic paradise to the arriving alien spectators.

As they gazed upon the planet’s beautiful lush greenery, expansive holy mountains and diverse animal species, they promptly decided to claim it for themselves. This timeline trigger event of the entry onto planet after the Mars Warring conflicts and the Maldek explosion, begins the ongoing spiritual warfare over the original angelic human DNA and the inability of humans to be left alone to live in peace on the planet Earth. As the intruding Sirian Annunaki factions and aggressive Maldekians continually violate the natural laws by cloning and inserting their own reptoid species and AI hybridizations into the planetary matrix, whereby continually attempting to exert their dominance through the use of cloned identities and by genetically modifying the existing planetary DNA. Thus, we come to the complex problems of a blended reality system caused by these assorted Sirian Annunaki hybridization programs which spread and further developed on Nibiru, which operated as the outpost for genetic laboratories. These labs were for testing advanced AI technologies used for not only building cloned bodies for themselves as designed for carrying out specific duties, but also used in cloning weapons for anti-Christ inversions by wearing ENKI DNA SKINS. These skins are similar to a cloaking device in that it gives the wearer the ability to shapeshift into the identity of another individual by cloning samples of their DNA and then wearing it over their consciousness body as an outer membranous skin that uses the artificial holograms to change one’s appearance.

Naturally, these cloning technologies have been given to the Belial Sun’s Luciferian bloodlines that have worshiped the Sirian Annunaki elongated reptilian hybrid skulls and their hybrid Nephilim lines as their Luciferian Alien Gods. Thus, this covert situation would be a shocking revelation to the general public when awakening to the mind control reality of lies to find out the world is being run by a bunch of negative aliens wearing cloned Enki Skins as cloaking devices. The Enki DNA skins are holographic insert AI tech that has contributed to the corruption of the elementals in the planetary matrix, whereby corrupting them with the molecular compaction effects of the compressed 666-carbon atomic structure, along with the synthetic red wave Enki DNA coding that continually infects the matter with carrier waves of AI machinery embeds.

Thus, the destruction of Maldek preceded the ongoing genetic modification strategies whereby the NAA’s Belial Group have been introducing new cloned humanoid species along with repeated insertions of cloned Enki DNA after each cataclysmic great reset, along with mixing other combinations of reptilian species into the human gene pool as part of their hybridization agenda and terraforming plan. This methodical introduction of reptilian Enki DNA into the planetary stargates and human biology was utilized to interfere with the organic chemical processes of the natural elements that are needed to assemble within Diamond Sun angelic human DNA that requires protein synthesis for higher DNA assembly.  

Thus, currently we are entering the Cosmic Clock solar calendar cycle where the ascending planetary matrix and awakening Starseeds begin the ongoing process of detoxifying and shedding the ENKI DNA SKIN from their chemical DNA, family of origin biological DNA record, and original spiritual DNA records as aligned to the Diamond Sun DNA instructions set forth by the Cosmic God Parents and Personal Christ. The detoxification and purification process to clear these artificial DNA overlays from out of the chemical and physical DNA records will begin to transpire naturally and with direct Christos Guardian support, if this is the spiritual mission which you have chosen and incarnated for during this time of planetary ascension.

Introducing Cloned Reptilian Hybrid Sa’am

To comprehend the genetic hybridization history related to Enki DNA, we access the historical saga of a cloned hybrid Sirian Annunaki entity called Sa’am that was bred in the Pleiades to evolve into the master geneticist and life designer for serving the anti-Christ forces of the Sirius A and Nibiruian Belial Sun agendas. In which the ancient Sirian Annunaki Patriarchs desired to conquer Earth further, in order to become the God-King slave-masters to the Krystic Diamond Sun embodiments of the solar sons and daughters of the Cosmic Elohei God creators, the angelic humans that genetically belong to the planet Earth.

Sa’am would go on to evolve himself into the self-appointed God King of Earth as Sa’am-Enki-Osiris, transferring his consciousness into various reptilian forms but over time, he finally found genetic stability within his experimentations when combining with the Elohei Ruby Order rose lineages with Ruby Sun DNA. With Ruby Sun DNA Elohim-Nephilim hybridization coding, he was able to genetically engineer an immortal Adonis body for himself and exist inside this manufactured cloned body for multiple thousands of years. He would continue for as long as he could trick humans into worshipping him as a God King, inserting his Enki DNA red wave trident overlays while masquerading as Osiris-Jesus Christ and other key Christ like archetypal figures, as this was designed for the purpose of siphoning the collective consciousness of angelic humanity for harvesting energy loosh for their ongoing anti-human agendas.  

His mission was to create a massive antichrist army, Enki’s Army, in order to colonize the planet Earth with hybridized Belial Sun Sirian Annunaki genetics which was originally set into motion at the behest of his prime creator, his reptilian father. Who intentionally designed him as a hybrid clone in an artificial womb with his own Royal Dinoid DNA mixed with Mer aquatic genetic material harvested from a captured Universal Mother of Life White Goddess from Tiamat.  Father Dragon Anu presents as the ancient patriarch of what eventually became the major factions of Sirian Annunaki Belial Suns that encompass the current Thothian Luciferian gestalt consciousness, and his cloned offspring Sa’am-Enki and Enlil. Collectively referred to as the TEE entities, they first formed into the unholy alliance of reptile-insectoid spiritually fractured criminal minds, digressing into psychopathic terrorists running their human slavery enterprises in the solar system where they elevated themselves as the most important key figures behind organized religion as the False Alien Gods. The Belial group collective entity run by the cruel warring patriarch and misogynist Father Anu packaged himself as Yahweh, while another cloned brother Enlil was masquerading as Jehovah, and together the duo demanded they be worshipped by earthlings under penalty of fire and brimstone. Thus, they ushered in the ongoing archontic deception strategies intending to orchestrate the complete mind control enslavement of humanity, along with the well thought out plan for the colonization of planet Earth as their conquered territory and slave farm.

When these False Alien Gods waged their Luciferian Rebellion and subsequent invasion strategies of conquering planet Earth, these self-anointed Gods got to work on devising the various alien hybridization programs filled with genetic experimentation, social engineering and religious mind control methods to generate consciousness slaves on Earth. The primary life designer for the Belial Group, Sa’am-Enki began the first of many genetic experiments for cloning and hybridization breeding programs from the large elongated skulls of his future Sirian Annunaki progeny of Nephilim with red hair, to the earlier seeding of Neanderthals, which are remnants of his previous Enki life designs for seeding anti-Christ species. The main purpose to seed antichrist species on the planet is to design them to be the natural enemies of the already existing indigenous population, namely the Essene Christos races, in which they would constantly be manipulated to instigate war and genocidal hatred in order to finally destroy all remnants of Diamond Sun DNA existing within the Earth population.

Galactic Wars, Betrayal of the Universal Mother of Life

This narrative continues through the eyes of a cloned Sirian Annunaki reptilian named Sa’am stationed in the second harmonic universe enduring the massive backlash of the Orion Wars in which many generals are gathering their armies to finally destroy the Universal Mother of Life principle throughout this solar system known as Tiamati. Sa’am is deeply conflicted about the orders for annihilation, as his blood holds the memory of his Mer Mother Goddess on Tiamat, he is fascinated with amphibian related genetics that he shares with a cloned reptoid sister, who is later revealed to be the figurehead Isis. In the frenzied rage of his Belial father’s orders to grasp total power in the solar system through the complete destruction of the Universal Mother of Life principle, these reptilian armies believe the patriarchal masculine to be infinitely superior rulers whereby they intend to annihilate the existence of the Mother of Life and her Solar Goddesses that have been initiated into the mysteries of the Universe by Anuhazi Mu’a. Further, seizing all of the Cosmic Mother’s stored knowledge in the emerald crystal networks as collected from the Cosmic Hall of Records, thereby gaining access to the most advanced technologies of the ancient builder’s records and emerald founder schematics of the Universe that were being protected and housed within Tiamat’s White Sun diamond core.

During the Galactic Wars, the utter destruction left in its wake was that those consciousnesses of assorted species that fell into the lower harmonic universes via suction through a black hole, were genetically mutated and rapidly digressed in such ways they lost their longer life spans, as well as the knowledge of their ancient origins and previous histories. Unfortunately, these and other tragic events that spawned the emergence of metatronic reversal and its manifestations of anti-life evil were combined with the immense frustrations of many advanced reptilian species having been displaced or wandering about the solar system. Such as some of these factions of the Sirian Annunaki, that further accumulated into negative behavioral mutations that were expressing excessive violence towards conquering other species, who were being directly influenced and falling into the psycho-spiritual warfare controls as designed under the Wesan Bourgha’s Victim-Victimizer broadcasts.

The once noble and peaceful Sirius A races of the second harmonic universe descended quickly into the desperate use of artificial intelligence and advanced technological machinery to generate cloned individuals and cloned armies, for serving a variety of job-oriented purposes and populating the organizational ranks. The incessant reoccurrence of cloning and genetic modifications over time unraveled into assorted examples in the timeline trigger events of malicious and violent destruction, in which extremely perverse and sadistic distortions of an emergent evil nature began to infiltrate into many worlds; which were being invaded by neighboring black hole entities and reptile-insectoid species that willingly mutated themselves into AI hybrids and clones in exchange for an immortal life span and super powers. Not long after, like the Zeta races, these Sirian Annunaki factions lost their ability to incarnate into an organic planetary biology that requires compatibility with the planet’s world soul, and instead became shadow beings or shapeshifting consciousnesses that had to have genetically labbed bodies made expressly for them in order to have a physical body that functioned at all. It should be obviously stated that these cloned bodies cannot ascend or evolve naturally, it is impossible for them to open dimensional doors without angelic human beings that have retained some of their inherent spiritual lightbody connections to the planetary world soul.

Thus, it is important to remember that Sa’am-Enki was himself a hybrid clone made from his Sirian Annunaki reptilian father’s genetic lineage of Anu, holding the cellular memories from Electrical Wars, Pleiadian and Nibiruian invasion histories in which these species were aware of the slow descent into chaotic darkness that was engulfing some species through genetic digression. Thus, the original motivation from Sa’am-Enki’s perspective as a master geneticist can be considered as rational with some glimpse of sanity, as at this stage he seems to be unaware he was designed by his father to become a Luciferian anti-Christ force purposed to exterminate all Founder Christos genetics, and conquer Earth for his Sirian Annunaki brethren. Instead, early on his primary motivation appears to be the noble cause of attempting to save his preferred genetic lines and reptilian based species from utter annihilation from those black hole invaders coming from the parallel reality that had made aggressive war against them.

In these Galactic Wars, they also lost many of their family members who were lost somewhere across the matrix and possibly descended into a black hole or sucked into a phantom matrix. However, the origins of the ancient Sirian Annunaki reptilian lineages groomed by black hole entities as a genetically modified antichrist race to oppose and exterminate the Emerald Founders, was indeed clarified. It points to the history of constant genetic modifications run by the Belial Group, still quite active today in advancing their transhumanist cloning and AI hybridization objectives which become clear when researching the contents of recent bio-weapon injections. Along with the formation into the Enki Armies of shapeshifting reptoid Sirian Annunaki entities as reproduced originally from the Patriarch Father Anu DNA, then inserting Sa’am-Enki-Osiris later on as a clone of triple solar masculine principle, designed to be in service to the ongoing conquests of the reptilian based genetic species by asserting their warring domination and mind control throughout the Universal Time Matrix.

Thus, in the warring ideology of the rising patriarchal mindset and AI hybridization forming in the reptilian Belial group, the Cosmic Mother and triple solar daughter principle would have to be destroyed at all costs. The covert agenda of Father Anu cloning himself as Sa’am-Enki-Osiris was revealed with the stark purpose to completely destroy Tiamat, the Christos Sophia, and the Cosmic Elohei Founders.  Sa’am’s design and fate was not relayed to him up front, he was ruthlessly ordered around by his father and colleagues, and expected to carry out his programming as a master geneticist with threats of suffering and penalty of death. Which reveals the source of his fascinated terror and genetic obsession to find an immortal body to inhabit to free himself, finally finding the right combination with the Mother’s line of Ruby Sun DNA that was also used to spawn the Nephilim.

Sa’am-Enki-Osiris became the prominent figurehead groomed to be the instrument of carrying out the massive task of destroying the Mother of Life principle of Tiamat, along with the ongoing genocidal plan, at the manipulations of his Belial Father Anu. He took his own autonomy in order to perfect his geneticist skill sets which sometimes went against his Father, when he sided with the High Priestesses of his own reptilian lineage, such as his cloned sister. However, Sa’am-Enki-Osiris further cloned himself into Marduk, who finally became the ultimate destroyer of the Tiamat Logos, and then subsequently conquered Nibiru. Turning it into the Battlestar headquarters for organizing the growing cloned Sirian-Annunaki armies, Thoth-Enki-Enlil-Zephilium (Zetas), orchestrated by Sa’am-Enki to run the Nibiruian bases set up all over the planet and solar system.

Sadly, through the development of ongoing warring strategies of exterminating those species not under his genetic control with the multiple series of Enki DNA modifications, over thousands of years this cloned entity digressed into the anti-life evil incarnation of the devious Luciferian master geneticist for the Belial Suns. He appointed himself as the God of the earth, Enki, which was further exploited during the Sumerian-Egypt invasion. The Sumerian tablets contain some of the propaganda of the greatness that is described as Enki, with credits given to him as the creator of all, the narrative continues that he is the creator of humanity, being the grand architect or even the master mason of the world.

During the timeline of this self-appointed reign, his consciousness is increasingly mentally fracturing into more subpersonalities while he is populating fragments of himself into the demonic shadow hierarchies forming Red Trident, as the descent of his consciousness is plummeting into total incoherence and insanity.  He is fully obsessed with artificial intelligence experimentation and perpetually cloning himself into other species genetic material in a crazed fury of wanting total control over every last minutia of the collective human race and planetary activities under the direction of the Controller hierarchy. Along with the sudden violent outbursts of infantile projections of his own glorified exaltation when accessing creator God-like powers in which to control the timelines and genetically modify humanoid beings intentionally made with the embedded synthetic language recorded in his DNA image, as the clones he has designed are becoming defectively violent and increasingly perverse with every next generation of offspring.

The Universal Mother of Life is Tiamat

The Cosmic Mother’s reclamation of the Tiamat Logos white diamond core revealed the ancient Emerald Founder Records of the original Anuhazi Mu’a language that was spoken and sung as the Universal Mother of Life principle for building and administering to the creation. Specifically, the Blue Solar Reisha Dragon family were created by Cosmic Mother to embody her ancient musical language of the Holy Mother’s Sophia code transmitted from her White Diamond Sun and Emerald Crystal Hearts within a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Heart matrix.

Thus, the Cosmic Mother of Life DNA language sets the electromagnetic tones for architectural holographic patterning for the precise cellular alphabet arrangement for running Diamond Sun DNA transmissions throughout the Emerald Crystal Heart networks that were once converging into the Tiamat white sun planetary core, generating the 10D Solar Star network (Shara). This white diamond core functioned in companionship with the blue rainbow sapphire shield 10D Galactic Gate to codify the frequency sets for organic bi-wave and tri-wave Kryst-Krystallah architecture for Christos frequencies and the Emerald Dragon Templar clock shields setting the organic dimensional time waves for the entire Universal Time Matrix.

The Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon family from the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas are the Triple Solar Goddesses of Tiamat, they are the Universal Mother of Life principle embodied in the sun-star networks which spoke the Cosmic Mother’s genetic language of the Emerald Crystal Heart, as utilized by the Emerald Order Kristos God World Creators. Those species who were not sourced and embodied in this Emerald Order Arayanas lineage, were supposedly forbidden to access or learn how to speak this creation matrix language from the God Worlds, thus this generated great conflicts and resentments towards the inhabitants of Tiamat, that were assigned to protect the Mother language and its cosmic records. The Mother Language was considered to be intrinsic to the creation of the Universal Mother of Life principle, connecting to Elaysa Sun and her Emerald Crystal Heart genetic language of White Sun Arayanas, the Anuhazi origins of 12D Aramatena, which was holding the organic creator code and cellular alphabet that formed the Emerald Sun DNA language of the Emerald Order Cosmic Christos ancient builder races. 

Thus, during the warring conflicts resulting in the destruction of Tara and Tiamat, the Holy Mother Priestesses that embodied the Emerald Order Elohei higher creator knowledge, also used cellular telepathy to transmit and speak the genetic language into manifestation which further built out organic architecture for timelines and stargates. They were directing the Kantarian solar dragons on how to repair the energetic integrity of the Mother Arc and Arc Zones with Emerald Order Kristos Azura blue rainbow architecture after the Thousand Years War.  This White Diamond Elohei Mother Solar Dragon creator language was transmitted from the Cosminya’s tri-matrix of Elaysian fields running through the Staff of Elaysa, as received by the Emerald Order Melchizedek Yanas in the format of Cosmic Mother’s solar daughters original Anuhazi Emerald Crystal Heart language sourced from the Emerald Order’s 1st Creation Matrix.

These Triple Solar Goddess High Priestess Elohei females from the line of the Anuhazi Feline-Leonine races were tracked down and first captured to be enslaved by the male Annunaki reptilians, an then they went after the High Priestess Goddess reptilian lineages that were loyal to the Mother of Life principle, that the reptilian Annuna referred to as Tiamati. Sa’ am-Enki-Osiris subsequently took over a big part of the orchestrations in order to gain control over the Cosmic Mother’s Elohei God creator language embedded in the Diamond Sun DNA imprints of the time matrix, along with harnessing the potent power of the triple solar feminine principle’s creative sexual energies which was encoded with eternal sun-star pearlescent blood codes with the krystal gene. 

Thus, through many warring conflicts, the Belial Sun Annunaki and Black Sun Draconian agenda was to capture and defile the purity of the Emerald Order’s Elohei triple solar female Yanas in their personal quest for gaining total domination and power over the Universal Time Matrix.  All Anuhazi Mu’a and Mother Elohei lineages were targeted for persecution throughout the timelines and were continually rounded up for assorted breeding programs and genocidal campaigns. Other females of interest were chosen to be kept for genetic experimentation and were imprisoned in Nibiruian controlled bases, submitting them to ongoing sexual depravity, alien hybridization, artificial insemination and cloning. As well as exposing them to a variety of traumatic abominations which were intentionally designed to destroy their direct spiritual connection to the sacred genetic language of the Diamond Sun DNA of Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon creators, by shattering their permanent seed atom with the inner emerald crystal heart connection to the Holy Mother Arc, amoraea holy spirit flames and the cosmic spirit body. 

Current themes are surfacing of Sa’am-Enki-Osiris Annunaki led groups direct involvement with the more recent histories of the Sumerian-Egypt invasion, in which Anu-Enki-Enlil and Annunaki Nibiruian Thothian Zephilium friends attacked the Christos Founders and unplugged the higher DNA of humanity by scrambling the cellular alphabet of the Emerald Order Elohei Mother language encoded into the planetary matrix. This is the one genetic language that was spoken throughout all of the angelic human races and colonies on the planet until the NAA invasion confounded the human language by reversing the cellular alphabet in human DNA. As Sa’am Enki was anointed as the chief geneticist to continue to modify and clone the angelic human race into subservience to their alien slave masters, Father Anu and cloned brother Enlil posed as the false alien gods of organized religion, acting as the pied piper leading the masses into spiritual oppression and religious mind control by bearing the signatures of Yahweh and Jehovah.

Thus, the Sirian Annunaki reptilian hybrid being Sa’am-Enki was instrumental in assorted genetic modification and cloning experiments made upon the angelic human race, these experiments generated many species of Fallen Angelics, and cloned out other humanoid species to muddy the genetic waters on the Earth, such as the history of the Neanderthals and Nephilim. Sa’am-Enki-Osiris was a self-appointed Alien God of this invaded and conquered planetary territory, where he designed many of the genetic hybridization programs made upon angelic humans in order to embed his particular synthetic genetic signature into the nucleotides of human DNA.

Thus, Sa’am-Enki-Osiris sought to clone out humanity to arrange the cellular alphabet to create synthetic genetic languages in which to codify himself as the proclaimed God King of Earth, En Ki, while purposefully extracting the Cosmic Mother’s Emerald Crystal Heart Anuhazi language, thereby claiming the emerald crystals as his own luciferian creation as an imposter Christ. Further scrambling the organic Cosmic Elohei Parents creator code language and its dialects once spoken by the angelic human race, which was forgotten when they collapsed the magnetic field and unplugged DNA by running reversal currents through the planetary grid network. Whereby the magnetic collapse and introduction of the lunar matrix made it possible to insert his alien genetics, implants and holographic inserts into the planetary grid network thereby targeting the angelic humans via assorted genetic modification cloning methods over many thousands of years. 

Hybridization for Programmable Embedded Control of DNA

Hybridization of angelic humans with genetically engineered Enki DNA was designed by the Sirian Annunaki factions of Belial group to build a self-enforced consciousness slave system through the automated repetition of inserting cloned falsified identities with Enki coding, being perpetually generated through the red wave Artificial Tree of Life or AI timelines. This operates as a sophisticated antichrist weapon used to confuse humanity through spiritual warfare when attempting to discern the difference between good versus evil, running dark interference to conflate the identities of the antichrist forces with the authentic identities of the Guardian Christos forces during the final conflict. Those humans that assimilate and embody the ENKI DNA SKIN instruction sets become more easily mind controlled and genetically manipulated by the NAA forces, because the genetic modification gives that individual the sense of energetic familiarity and spiritual connection with the intruder races. 

The means of which they run their information warfare is through cloned identity holographic inserts implanted on the targeted individuals’ bio-energy field in order to confuse them about authenticating who is actually who. The sophistication of the red wave cloaking technology and cloned identities of Enki DNA Skins also made it difficult for some higher orders of Guardians to determine the actual histories of authenticated identities, until the planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns earlier this year.

The Enki red wave clone system was built to direct energetic power to the Thothian Luciferian bloodlines, Earth Controllers, and to perpetuate the closed loop system of anti-life inversions being enforced through the mass generation of red wave alien machinery producing endless amounts of nested holographic insertions of cloned and replicated anti-human architecture coded in Enki DNA instruction sets upon the human bio-energy field. These anti-life distortions brought about by negative alien invasion are what currently fuel the mass psychology of evil running rampant in the world as human blood sacrifice death cults (SRA), and ultimately are what result in the massive pain and suffering that transpires within all life forms when they are cloned, mind controlled and digress into fallen angelic or demonic states of violent consciousness.

As we move into the solar calendar time cycle, guided directly by the Cosmic Elohei God parents, the planet and many awakening Starseeds are the first ascension prototypers that are beginning to detoxify the synthetic overlays of ENKI DNA SKINS and are in entering the process of clearing ancestral miasma, shedding the reptilian tail and clearing the alien hybrid genetic modifications made to the chemical DNA and physical DNA of the organic diamond sun angelic human biology. Thus, the planet and Christos ascending groups are entering into the trifurcation phase where our physical and chemical DNA are being purged and detoxified from the genetic distortions and parasitical entities connected to Enki DNA overlays, and this will result in physical ascension symptoms and a variety of spiritual initiations.

As more information surfaces in regards to these alien invaders that sought full spectrum domination through the ongoing genetic manipulation of human DNA, for most it is inconceivable that programmable embedded control was made possible with the manipulation of the human biology’s natural chemical DNA processes such as protein synthesis. Whereby, Sa’am Enki discovered it was possible to program instructions directly into the nucleotides and chemical processes of angelic human DNA, using the DNA-RNA instruction sets to unplug higher DNA strands of sugar-phosphates while placing overlays of synthetic based cellular alphabet and reptoid signatures through the weaponized electromagnetic broadcasts of the negative alien agendas mind control sent through an assortment of wireless signals meant to block organic DNA signals. 

Thus, with Sa’am Enki as the master geneticist, the NAA have understood for thousands of years how to embed programming instructions directly into the elements of the protein chains which form the nucleotides of human DNA, as a part of their genetic modification programs to extract and remove functioning components of the diamond sun DNA. Through this administered electromagnetic technology as electronic harassment, as well as injectables and other toxic exposures, genetic switches are turned on and turned off, and DNA elements of noncoding parts and coding parts of the DNA can be manipulated and scrambled with the introduction of faulty protein instruction sets.

Hence, Sa’am – Enki used this knowledge to fashion himself into an Elohim Adonis like God, in which to lord over humanity through multiple thousands of years of genetic engineering in which to insert his synthetic signature embeds into the remnants of protein chains that have been left active to encode alien hybridization signatures into angelic human DNA. Thereby erasing or placing an artificial overlay upon the original creator’s language, erasing the Mother’s DNA language, and by inserting his own synthetic language into human DNA instruction sets in order to claim humans as his slave property. This saga of repeated violations of natural laws and enslavement of humanity is finally coming to an end during the ascension cycle, along with major changes that are happening with the Chemical DNA blueprints of angelic humanity as the ENKI reptilian skins and artificial red wave codes are being shed.  

The Chemicals of Life run Human DNA

Chemicals are substances made of one or more elements bonded together, which generally indicates the chemical interaction that happens between the substances. A chemical substance is a form of matter having constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. However, when discussing the fundamental process of DNA, we are primarily concerned with the proteins which are the chemicals of life.

The human biology is made of the same chemical composition as the macrocosmic structure of the planetary body, which has a DNA template that translates into chemical DNA substances that function to activate the lightbody’s merkaba state. The chemical composition which awakening humanity is being currently exposed to on the shifting planet is generating an atomic transduction process that is changing the elemental makeup of the human biology, especially with the onset of purging Enki DNA overlays. This has mysterious connections to the active spiritual warfare of the bio-weapon and the rapidly shifting planetary body reconnecting to the Mother of Life, as the combined world of forces present choices that are to be made by the higher expression of each individual, whether they are aware of that choice or not.

In order to generate the chemical DNA sequences that allow the human biology to shift into higher dimensions beyond the current location from where they were incarnated into this 3D realm, the human body must activate a minimum of four dimensions of frequency within their DNA template. If the individual remains positioned at three dimensions of frequency running in their DNA template, they become locked into the same 3D space in which they were born. The being is unable to accrete or absorb the chemical DNA sequences that allow the physical body to undergo the atomic transmutation process that upgrades the elemental body in order to replenish the internal life force currents. During the planetary ascension cycle, if the consciousness becomes phase locked into the physical 3D layers, the being will need to drop their physical body in order to continue their spiritual evolution in another body, one that is made upon the future dimensional plane their spirit has chosen for them.

Guardians describe the Failsafe resolution to this current problem is the existence of the Trinity Gates.  The Trinity Gates are designed for the majority of the human population that currently exist at 3 DNA strands. Because of this trinity coding at 3 DNA strands, these gates can be accessed from the Earth plane in 3D, making transit easier for some groups, either stuck in the planet from eons ago, or more recently. They are able to be moved into a safe space where they can be transited, briefed and supported in order to rebuild or repair their DNA from planetary miasma distortions and carried over trauma, and that helps them to be freed from the alien hybridization overlays and progress into the higher dimensions and continue consciousness evolution.

The angelic human race was originally created with a 12 strand DNA template, 12 sets of 2 strands, a double helix formed from two complementary strands of nucleotides that are held together by bonds made between the bases. The corrected diamond sun template holds the blueprint of the chemical DNA chains that form into the father-male and mother- female genetic pairing base for building the correct sequence of chromosomes, for a total of 144 chromosomes. There are twelve fire letters in each DNA strand that are designed to catalyze a chemical reaction which builds out the twelve chromosomes per strand, and these are directly connected to the chemical translation process of sugar phosphates that form into twelve nucleotides, which form into the genetic pairs of the double helix DNA ladder. The nucleotide base chemicals are that which form into the genetic alphabet of the ongoing chemical DNA translation of deoxyribose, or the sugar-phosphate instruction sets that initiate from both the Mother and Father genetic imprint during DNA assembly.

To form a strand of DNA, nucleotides are linked into chains of deoxyribose sugar, along with phosphate, which together makes up the sugar-phosphate backbone in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). However, it has surfaced that as a result of checkerboard mutation used for gender reversal imprints, Enki DNA overlays and subsequent alien hybridization of angelic human DNA, the sugar phosphate backbone was missing the correctly synthesized genetic pair bonds of the organic Mother and Father lines. Hence, the human race has been missing the correct sugar phosphate instruction set required to activate correct genetic pair bonds from Mother and Father genes inherited from their biological and spiritual family of origin. This particular genetic digression is responsible for the missing chromosomes (12 per 12 Strands=144) which are critical for properly encoding proteins for building our DNA ladder.

With the invaders agendas for genetic modification to usurp and even eliminate the Mother’s DNA Language from the planet, the human race suffers without properly functioning Mitochondrial DNA that is unable to effectively generate the new proteins for DNA synthesis for the activating the krystal gene.

If the DNA had been functioning naturally, the genetic sequences of the Mother and Father lines would generate their respective sugar phosphate instruction sets to build the DNA base code and acceleration code into genetic pair bonds of natural chromosomes, which further forms into the sugar phosphate molecules that further perform as the chemical process of building the DNA ladder. The sugar phosphate inherited from the Mother line provides the blueprint for the twelve DNA base codes of the magnetic particle imprints gained from the Mother’s genetics, along with the sugar phosphate instruction sets which form into the twelve DNA acceleration codes that are inherited from the Father’s genetics. The checkerboard mutation in the 11D Stargate Network was intended to function as a DNA scrambler and gender splitter of the 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA template, in which to scrambles the cellular alphabet and extract the sugar phosphate instruction sets which prevent the base 12 nucleotide formation, which has caused genetic mutations. The genetic mutations are caused from scrambling the electromagnetic pairing between the Mother’s magnetic codes and the Father’s electrical codes, (gender reversal of pair bonds) further scrambling the sugar phosphate chains interfering with every natural chromosome and genetic component recorded in the DNA.

Angelic human DNA expresses itself through a cellular alphabet which arranges itself into word patterns which exhibit the same kind of numerical model that is found in many written languages. For the angelic human race, our inherent genetic language is expressed through the Mother DNA Language also described as Anuhazi language, the first sound language that was spoken into Universal creation. Similar concepts of detecting these word patterns can be observed in nature, and are found in the genomes of organic living creatures on the planet that have retained the language expression of the original creator which are encoded through the nucleotides.

Nucleotides are the basic building blocks of nucleic acids and nucleic acids are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. DNA contains all of the genetic information to construct cells in which each DNA molecule contains millions of atoms arranged in a unique sequence. While RNA translates this information into specific instructions for the assembly of proteins, then transmits the information outside of the cell nucleus and helps to assemble them. The types of proteins and the length of DNA are different for each species. But we share with all other people and all other forms of life the same set of amino acids, the same nucleotides and the same genetic code. So, it can be expressed that proteins are indeed the chemicals of life.

A nucleotide consists of a sugar molecule attached to a phosphate group and a nitrogen-containing base, so that means nucleotides contain the elements of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus. Science defines the four main bases found in DNA as adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T).

However, with recent planetary activations, the base 12 frequency fire letter upgrades and re-encrypted elementals are for generating a total of twelve nucleotide chemicals per each DNA Strand. Spiritual activations will begin to opens conduits for protein synthesis for building corrected nucleotide base pairs that will begin activating the non-coding genes into actively coding genes. We learn that the missing gender pairs and chromosomes are critical for activating the corrected gene coding sequences for building the proteins we require to activate the dormant DNA.

Guardian host takes the position that the section of unplugged DNA, formerly referred to as junk DNA, is because the nucleotides that combine into gender base pairs, do not produce the correct number of chromosomes that are needed to encode instructions for making proteins because they were unplugged by the invaders. Thus, for the sake of our discussion we define the smaller number of nucleotides that are encoding proteins called Exons and the much larger number of nucleotides that are not encoding proteins called Introns. We must define that there are chromosomes that were missing from genetic modifications that have a section of the DNA which control the Exon and Intron activity which act to bond chromosomes together, and this generates a chain reaction in the DNA to activate the turnstile blueprint in the nucleotides. This turnstile activation is being highlighted during this phase, and is the major process of what totally changes the atomic structure and chemical DNA imprint through a DNA braiding process.

Apparently, current events of shedding ENKI DNA overlays and lunar transfiguration combined with cosmic cycle spiritual activations with the Elaysa Mother of Life principle, allows for the chemicals required for the diamond sun template to braid into the correct genetic pairing sequences for building the 12 double helix strand DNA template, which prepares the ascending physical body to become trans-dimensional through atomic transmutation changes that are occurring with the transduction sequence birth imprint. 

Although the outer world is mired in the world of chaos and terrible suffering, it is important for all ascending people to not buy into the narratives pushing for extreme division and remain calm and spiritually connected. By choosing to maintain focus upon building a direct relationship with God, in authentic ways that demonstrate the Law of One, the Law of Love as your moral compass and spiritual guide for ethical conduct, as this is all that is really needed.

Beloved Christos family, dark forces and shadows will continue to agitate us through our energetic weaknesses caused from pain, fear and avoidance in order to generate as much confusion and misery in the human mind as possible. If we are feeling mental and emotional pain, we must be willing to do the inner shadow work, and ask for spiritual help through prayer and meditation, in order to come to some resolution that allows neutrality and acceptance to replace the pain caused by soul wounding. The more clarity we have developed within, the more authentic we become and the stronger our energetic aura, which makes it easier to repel dark forces while we navigate the dense fog of spiritual warfare. 

May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward. May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic and challenging times.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

Suggested for You

  • Breathwork Exercise


    To Re-Educate the Autonomic Nervous System and Balance the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, Mental Relaxation Technique

    Daily - Three times a day for 10 minutes or 20 Minutes Once daily

    Lie down or find a comfortable position where you will be undisturbed for the allotted time. Breath naturally and easily, gradually letting your breaths become deeper and increasingly diagphramatic. (Low belly filling up deeply, protruding on inhale and emptying upon exhale)

    The goal is to focus on your breath Inhale and "feel" the in-breath as "cool" air inhaling and follow the stream of breath within your passages and exhale the "warm" air in out-breath through the nasal passages. The session goal is to begin a count of a total of 108 breaths Inhale and Exhale and ultimately maintain your focus on your breath without mental chatter disturbance. With consistent practice, one will begin to establish a " witness" function where you will be able to watch your emotional life, inner thoughts with much more objectivity and detachment.

    Section your 108 Breaths into 4 counts ( quadrants). Focus on your breath, Inhale and then Exhale, count Breath 1 and maintain focus through your count. If you find your mind wander, get distracted or begin inner dialogue, start back to Breath Count One and maintain as far as you may be focused throughout your breathwork session time. The Goal is to ultimately be able to complete the breathwork in one session sequence without needing to recount or restart session.

    Maintain count and focus through each of the 4 quadrant sets without starting over, building your endurance and focus throughout the 4 quadrants to a full 108 breath session without needing to restart count..

    Breath 1-27

    Breath 28-56

    Breath 57-73

    Breath 74-108 

    After mastering this technique, focused or guided meditation and visualization techniques become much more easy to achieve.


  • Facing Fears


    To move forward and evolve as human beings our fears must be challenged, demystified and dismantled. This is a huge part of the Ascension process. We are accelerating so fast in these days of huge transformation, that every fear in the human spectrum of experience is raising its head for us to face , as it wells out from deep within us.  

    It takes all of our inner strength and courage to face our fears. By allowing fear to control or hinder us we are giving up more than we feared losing in the first place. When we allow fear to hinder us from being you we need to be at the authentic levels we are not disclosing who we really are to ourselves and to the world. It is like disowning a part of ourselves. 

    Below is a simple meditation exercise to bring fears up with clarity so you can address the root of the fear itself. Many times the fears we have are vague and not at all what we “ think” they are. Explore them, challenge them, and  embrace them to move you past old patterns. Moving past fear, brings us into greater clarity and then into more personal power.  

    Read more …