Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Dear Ascending Family,

Amongst the challenges of the essential embodiment themes connected to the retrievals of Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha consciousness body parts that are comprised of the organic Ruby Templar and Khemalot gender twin matrix, we both wish you many blessings for as much holy divine grace, wonderful ease and meaningful spiritual connections with all those whom you love and hold dear!

Current themes are pointing to the straddling of timelines which hold the accumulative consciousness experiences that represent the beginning and the end as it’s happening now, all simultaneously. The ascension rite of passage into the egoic death of the past selves through the reliving of the spirit of betrayal has surfaced in order to retrieve our authentic Christos Founders and emerge into the Starborn consciousness rebirth. Along with many surprising elements that happen during the twists and turns of awakening to our longer-term memories and seeing who and what in our reality was false and acting deceptively, and that which was or is actually honest and true. Our journey to spiritual freedom is held within the verification of inner truth resonances, which finally set us free to be exactly who we were designed and created to be in the divine mind of God. In this way, we finally find our authentic spiritual family connections, those few who are who they are naturally in the divine flow, they know the difference between falsehoods and honesty and thus, recognize the truth resonance and will not betray us for whatever the reasons.


We will have our usual Open House Group Meditation Offering to help ring in the New Year all shiny and new! This is free to the public and is an assortment of meditations mixed in a musical playlist.

Here is the link to the Happy New Year 2024 Playlist.

May we hold a group prayer for many people who are suffering in the Dark Night of the Soul, in that they too may feel the benevolent changes that are coming and that their burdens are cast to God. May they be blessed in knowing the return of Christos-Sophia, may they know that they are loved, cared for and are never forgotten.

Our prayerful offering is Dedicated to the Emerald Founder Rishi: Lighting the Eternal Flame

Beloved Holy Presence of God, Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Christos Sophia,

Holy and Eternal Radiant Suns, the Christos Infinity Suns, Beloved Solar Rishi, Oh How we have waited to be reunited with you in this moment of time! I bless this candle to represent the Sacred Eternal Flame of God and Holy Spirit, to ignite the spiritual fire of Christos-Sophia within our Sacred Crystal Heart, and to catalyze and anchor the Christos Diamond Sun throughout this beloved planet, through zero-point 144 alignment in eternal time – as God would have it be!

You are the Eternal Source of All Radiant Solar Light, the Sacred Nourishment contained within the Cosmic Fire of Creation, the Truth, the Way and the Light that every living being seeks to be reunited through the promise of inner sustenance, everlasting, and eternal LIFE within the Christos Sophia and God Worlds– for I AM THAT I AM.

I intend to bring forth and ignite the sacred threefold inner flame within my crystal heart to unite fully with the Greater Flame and Divine Will of God’s eternal spirit – Through my heartfelt prayer and pure intention May the Light of the World Soul be Restored to Wholeness, Unity and Truth. May the Truth Spirits be Revealed to us All through divine and right timing.

Holy Father, I dedicate myself to be your representative, a clear vessel to express your divine will and the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, I lovingly request upon the altar of your perfect will to transform and elevate my body, mind and spirit to reflect your holy and perfected image, that my diamond crystal heart be at one with your heart, that my mind be at one with your mind, that my body be at one in order to express your divine will and highest expression. I choose to embody the highest truth spirits of Christos, in that my thoughts, words and deeds, are honest, coherent, and benevolent to all, that my ethical and virtuous true spiritual nature be realized and actualized in this world.

Holy Father, we call upon your benevolent and rightful kingship to call forth the Eternal Cosmic Flame to protect and support this world through global awakening and disclosure, in order to bring forth your revelation of spiritual truth held in the Cosmic Sovereign Law, and that all Children of God, the Children of the Sun, may bring forth their eternal soul and spirit expression to fully illuminate the darkness and shadows, eradicating all self-doubt, fear and spiritual ignorance.

I look upon this eternal flame to reflect upon my true spiritual nature, and pray with all of my heart to be given the knowledge and awareness of my unique divine role and mission. Beloved Holy Presence, please anoint my crown with the wisdom that brings forth the clarity of my personal direction and personal role in the coming new timeline, in that I may be perfectly aligned with all good works, expressing good will in service to others, as you would divinely guide me in right action.

May my body be the sacred temple of your eternal flame, may my life be the sacred temple for the purpose of embodying my Soul and Christos spirit, may my good deeds be divine prayers in action in which your eternal flame may ignite and live inside all human beings.

I consecrate and dedicate my life to serve my highest expression as God’s will.

I dedicate my thoughts and beliefs to the highest elevation of benevolent and positive views.

I dedicate my speech to be aligned with the Christos mind in the expression of truthful and positive words.

I dedicate my actions to carry out positive deeds that are in service to others and multiply God’s blessings.

I dedicate myself to the highest discerning belief in the benevolent intelligence of God. I intend through all of my direct life experiences to fully cultivate my personal relationship with God and my inner Christos spirit.

I am the light of 10,000 Radiant Eternal Suns, for I am the Cosmic and Eternal Christos-Sophia.

I am the Truth. I am the Way. I am the Life. I am God, Sovereign, Free. As the Infinite Creator wills it to be so.

Beloved Holy Presence, our love and gratitude flow in the higher knowledge of our true divine nature. We give thanks to all that we have been given, and we share our blessings with others in so that they become multiplied through the spiritual power of the Christos.

I am eternal Love, I am eternal Light, I am eternally One with the Infinite Creator.

May our sacred and heartfelt blessings be with All, filling this world with the brightest light of 10,000 Holy Suns, as we are finally home in the eternal light. Sacred GSF Blessings to all!

And so, it is.

From our ES community to yours, we wish all of our Christos Light Family, many loving wishes for an incredibly blessed New Year in 2024 and prayers for Love and Peace on Earth! Please connect with us in group meditation this day to celebrate the transition of humanity into a new cycle and join with our group’s blessings! May God's Natural Laws fully restore Peace to Return the Christos-Sophia on Earth!

May all be blessed with a peaceful heart and supported in 2024!

Much Love and GSF,
Lisa and Tomás

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  • Biology of Kundalini

    Dear Ascension Family, 

    I thought it appropriate to share kundalini resources as we go through this evolutionary phase. Many times my physical body is undergoing a very intense kundalini release with activated ascension symptom response and it has phases that it lasts for a long time at peak levels. Attempting to find nourishment is extremely difficult to frustrating, and I do not generally feel the ecstatic bliss states or vital energy.  I am dealing with day to day commitments while my kundalini is burning out toxins and whatever else it is finding deep in the cellular material. Since western city life does not really support kundalini awakening or have any awareness about it, we have a challenge in that we are here to integrate into this contemporary society all the while with intense kundalini activations, transpiring simultaneously. This is one of the greatest challenges as an ascending human to find the balance in our lives as we are ascending. I am sure this is why so many of us undergoing kundalini activation isolate themselves, as the energy it takes to answer a simple question from other people, such as,  how are you? What are you doing? can become a mind boggling proposition! 

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  • Emotional Release

    amethyst4Emotional Release -1

    Sometimes in conjunction with our energy work we will best be served to have catharsis to surface and acknowledge painful emotional patterns in order to see them clearly and forgive them in ourselves and others.

    Forgiveness and Forgetfulness frees the pain from impacting your body.

    For a complete emotional release you may want to ask yourself a few questions about a few of the social experiences creating frustrations:

    • What is your pay off for your disease/pain?
    • What people do you need to forgive?
    • What do you feel guilty for?
    • Do you have the wisdom to know the difference?  
    • What can you change, what do you need to accept?
    • Are you being totally honest with yourself?

    After each question is complete and you have answered them (it’s preferable to write them down), REPEAT OUTLOUD STEP A.

    STEP A:

    Even though I feel or have this (answer to each question), I deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.

    STEP B:

    Use affirmation to repattern/refocus every time you have an anxious or negative thought. State it as your intention when you wake up in the morning. 

    I stand in my truth.  I move forward with joy.  I have spiritual understanding.