Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

March 2009

Lisa Renee


Dear Family,

We are at an Entry Point of the Ascension Timeline that is sliding us onto a new platform of energetic architecture, which is beginning to support our new consciousness reality.
This is a phase of our development where we are experiencing ourselves and our orientation to the world in a completely different way. Our emotional, our perceptional, our physical senses, our feeling responses to external stimuli in our daily reality, are in many cases not registering any familiar reactions or charge. Many of us now are experiencing no direction, no desire, no ambition, no sensation of movement or momentum, the complete experience IS in the moment. If the observing watcher does begin to focus on a past memory or future event, the energy for holding that image drains quickly and the focus is returned immediately back into the perfect stillness that exists within the exacting moment. There is no space for anything that is not aligned and allocated for expression in the divine timing held within your being. We are being re-educated to continually be brought back into the pristine quality of the perfect now focus. 

It can be a surreal experience as the now observer does sense the physical body, does sense the external events. Yet it is existing from another place entirely, a place of total silence and stillness. It can be felt as being One with your physical self and yet as if your physical self is at another level of intelligence that is being operated, from another dimensional consciousness level of yourself. Prior to this Galactic Activation cycle, we were still more subject to wearing our body as a full identity mask, as something that we perceived ourselves to be. This identification with our body suit has changed dramatically, it can surprise you when you look in the mirror or see a picture of your image, and attempt to figure out who that IS reflecting back. It can be compared to the metaphor of You just do not Know what You do not Know, until you actually have the Experience of knowing it as a reality of the self. Now we can talk to our body, talk to our organs, as if it is us and not us in simultaneous time.

No Value Assigned to 3D

We are starting to exist in Total Being-ness, noting that the external influence present with the amplified density and gravitational pull of the 3D polarity matrix does not register or elicit an assigned value. Many things we have feared would happen in our past have come to us to be confronted and now that we have faced them, we really could care less. Whatever. The things that used to really bother us seem like a lifetime ago. Somehow, we have realized what is just IS and that has given us greater acceptance and strength to encounter solutions to what may have seemed daunting to us at one time. We have built a core energy inside that has become an incredible foundational strength of our embodied spirit. Many of us can feel a quantifiable core strength inside of us that we have never felt before, even when faced with external events that appear quite challenging. This strength amplifies our faith in ourselves and our acceptance to be God's will in action. As We Let Go, We Let God.

Along with no value being assigned to the 3D structures, we have absolutely no interest in contributing or collaborating with that old matrix either; it feels as dead as dead can be. We are holding LIFE codes or Living Light Matrix and we are not able to hold or be in death code or Anti-Life Matrix any longer.

Some of our Family holding the Light Codes are the Mapmakers and are sent into the old 3D structures to hold God witness and contribute to the structure's energetic collapse, like corporations etc. If this is You, almost always you will find yourself in an old decrepit structure yet somehow you are able to infuse your Light Code in the environment, or inspire the surrounding employees in order to influence and support their own expanding consciousness. As power struggles and chaos may ensue as the anti-life and life force have conflict, you are developing the strength of your personal God Power to hold the Light in any circumstance. This is almost always a part of our God Consciousness Training, so do not be discouraged. You are here to master the 3D Matrix and understand the energetic dynamic behind the forms. The 12D Light Vortex and Codes are extremely powerful to bring into these environments. Open a field and just watch what happens! 

We have come a long, long way to be able to hold stillness at this level with the external chaos of change, within a collapsing structure. This is the core essence of the role that we have agreed to for this planet. To Be the Living Light holders and the Agents of Transformation, the collective Phoenix that rises from the Ashes. There is much emotional freedom in reaching this level when the 3D attachments have been pulled out of our Living Light Matrix, our holographic light body. We are progressively in waves, being released from these energetic structures of attachment in order to reach a new state of consciousness, like achieving a Blank Slate. There is no Identity Past or Identity Future recorded in our cellular or energetic matrix. We have a memory tape we can access but there is no feeling sensation when recalling it. This is the End of all Time as we have known it, which many prophets over the cycle have attempted to memorialize and describe.

A question of self inquiry may arise of whether you have reached a new state of neutrality or emotional numbness. This is a most profound sign of the state of emptiness that signifies we have reached the time of the Blank Slate. There is simply nothingness and emptiness within the silent spaces between the stillness of being.

We may feel stymied during this time as we are existing in between these worlds and as the structure collapses, we are confronted with tasks we must navigate that require new solutions. The solution is to embody our Full Presence and dissolve resistances with perfect neutrality. We are still practicing how we apply that state of presence to a variety of these 3D issues. How do we bring the Light of Consciousness to bear upon the Contemporary World, one that is further descending into a more exaggerated distortion of itself?

As we become more congruent with our inner spirit, as our daily actions and thoughts reflect our spirit, we become a walking example of inner sustainability connected to the source. At this point of our evolution we do not need to externally siphon energies from people, places or things. Our cultivated mental discipline and emotional focus is to be subservient to God's will. The ability to surrender and to be in engaged non-attachment allows the strength of God to Illuminate the way. As you allow more and more of your divinity to be embodied, it will reflect the degree to which you can maintain the Full Presence of witness consciousness.

With levity I admit in the most intense meditative moments of this vast emptiness of being, my mind thought to check my pulse and put a mirror in front of my mouth to make sure I was still breathing. This is the deepest experience of void we have ever reached this is the space where the stillness is existing before the birth of a new creation.  Just before it is being expelled as The Out breath of God.

This experience of the Blank Slate is being anchored within the first waves of those on the Galactic Activation cycle and will extend outward to encircle more and more of our Ascension Wayshower families in the coming months.

This is also relative to how you will experience your own emotional body sensations and is a direct result of the Astral Body reconfiguration planetary project. This is a primary planetary and human healing project that began aggressively in 2008, to prepare for the global magnetic field changes and is still underway. As we heal the planet's Light body field as in planetary gridwork, we heal our collective and personal field. This is exciting as we have reached a critical mass in the Astral Body healing and those of us ready to embody the new configuration are doing so now. Since our human 2D desire body had so many addictive embedded distortions, with this upgrade many of us feel so desire-less right now as our addictive matrix within the emotional body has been removed.

This is the state reached that is transcendent of the old incarnation blueprint, from the nothingness into the zero point we can emerge beyond polarity to test our new creations. This is the first time a non-polarity energetic architecture for creation has been this close to this level of physical density. This Blank Slate is the Gift of God, a Consciousness Palette with Unlimited Potentialities of Gods Crayons or ray spectrums to be Colored. It is freed of the confines of the duality matrix which contain anti-life force, as the necessary elemental base of alchemical form manifestation. The density of this 3D reality was elementally comprised and physically manifested of Anti-Life force, a form which is finite, deteriorates and eventually dies. Biological Ascension is about resurrecting the Anti-Life Force form into the Living Light Code of the Eternal Living Light of God. This is one of the group projects of the Starseed consciousness on the Earth.

The Conflict of Consciousness - Anti-Life and Eternal Life

As the Galactic Frequencies are continually opening up many dimensional doorways, it has begun a systematic layered reconnection to the Galactic Time Continuums or Galactic Dimensions. Those of us working with the energetic architecture of dismantling the old and building the new energy reality systems, have been mediating some incredibly intense polarities between the Anti-Life and Life Force, to be synthesized. Many of our Galactic Activators have begun to find the still point, which allows the ability to shift into the transparency that exists when we are the Full Embodied Presence, and to realize in many cases we are the rehabilitation force that releases these beings from their enslavement matrix. This means we are returning these energies/entities back into the Living Source Light or to the Time Space Continuum of their Origination.

The epicenter of the seed conflict between the Anti-Life and Eternal Life forces began at the 11D Galactic timelines of Human History eons ago. As these timelines reconnect to the cellular memory matrix of our planet in this density, these archetypal patterns and creational myths begin to exhibit themselves in physical matter. This is being more physicalized now in humanity at this time, as this is the playing field for reconciliation and is the final cycle of resolution in this density. The physical 11D Stargate area on our planet is centered in the United Kingdom and the Stonehenge area. However, the impact and effects of this energetic memory matrix is sweeping the planet and amplifying its effect upon some of those in the consciousness space.

What you may notice is that where ever this archetypal patterning is playing out, you will be able to identify the existing conflict as that which is threatening the old structure of anti-life forces. Therefore, you may note the exaggerated surreal effect or a level of consciousness seemingly fighting for its life, in the last gasps of its death blow. These power struggles are amplified in an extreme level of resistance and so it is important you find transparency or neutrality as best you can in these situations. You cannot engage in a battle even when being attacked. What is most effective is to learn to be a Defender of the Truth and to be a Commander of your Space in the Authority of Gods Light. We suggest the Psychic Self Defense Audio Courses and ES Community membership to have access to the audio library and tools to learn how to command your space and spiritually clear yourself. (see Commanding Personal Space on the site).

There are those beings existing in reality bubbles which behave in vampiric and parasitic ways, existing within the old context of the anti-life force of the 3D reality. These reality bubbles are like containers, they exist at every level and can be corporations, organizations, communities, entities and individual interpersonal relationships. Beyond this density the same principal of energy exists and is applied at many other levels of the Inter-dimensional planes. One that is not inner sustained from God's light will need to gather, absorb or steal energy, through direct manipulation or by hidden ritual or sacrifice from another in order to manifest their personal will or agenda. This is the Anti-Life Force principle and it is parasitic in nature. The Life Force Principle, 12D or Cosmic Christ Principle is sustained in the authority of God's Light and does not need to extract, manipulate or parasitize another in order to exist or to manifest its creational desires.

So what we are witnessing now in so many life situations is that Final Conflict pattern, between that which is moving to evolve into a fully sustainable and God empowered model versus the sacrificial model and energetic parasitism. This was highlighted in the January newsletter as we leave the Redeemer consciousness of being the sacrifice, to become the Revealer of God Consciousness. This energetic pattern is observed across the board in power struggles existing from dueling corporations with old competition models, to guru and disciple relationships gone awry, to metaphysical leaders and group modalities, to energetic attacking of those that represent that New Energetic Reality of Empowered Sustainability. There has been a long history on this planet of persecution or crucifixion of the Christ or Eternal Life force principle.

The first step is to be aware of these dynamics playing out around you and to not engage with dramas or take them personally. Build your own personal platinum 12D shield and then learn to expand it to create group pillars at community levels, planetary levels and so forth. Your body is a God Technology that can impact larger planetary fields by stabilizing disharmonic environments or surface grids. Consciously utilize your 12D sphere of influence to command your space in the sovereign freedom of God's Living Light. The suggested affirmation is; I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

Meeting the Timeline with a Task at Hand

In regard to meeting the timeline of an appointed task or project: the time and space for your appointed task will appear in the exact moment that the space and energy are divinely created to apply to the exchange of that task. When it comes into your immediate view from a natural progression of meeting the timeline - it has entered your energetic field and consciousness perception. It is at this point that an action or choice may be required, which will happen in a natural unforced state of being. Even if the task is not something entirely pleasant you will feel the opening for it to be completed in that moment, which means it will be the most effortless time to apply your energy to complete the task. When the space has been made for it, is when it is the easiest to complete with a minimum of obstacles or sticky energies. Obstacles can be exacerbated when you push for an outcome to soothe your mind. Or another person playing the opposite side of the game will push resistance energies to play their part in the exchange. The person felt your resistance and energetic pushing and then promptly pushed you back in response. Most people exist as identity archetypes and when their identity is threatened, they will subvert and strangulate the energy out of a situation in order to reassert their identity role. If you are aware this is how the game works, you can be more fully aware and cooperate with non-resistance to the energies. This is cultivating more transparency to be ultimately invisible to resistances, and with the 12D codes progressing onto this planet this state of transparency will become easier to achieve.

Going into the future with your mind; using pushing or insisting energies, or using fear energies to manipulate outcomes will descend you into a pocket of unbearable density or discord. This is instant karma, cause and effect and the backlash is extremely uncomfortable. Cooperate with the energies as they appear in the moment and you will have much greater ease.

Divine Collaboration and Partnerships

Recently it has been noted that within this new energetic platform of the blank slate, that there is a new template of collaboration and divine unions emerging. This is a part of the new paradigm of relationship architecture and is observed as patterns being created unilaterally as the multiple dimensional layers are collapsing. As a part of the Ascension, we are collapsing the dimensional planes and the timelines into the singularity point of One. Unilaterally means these templates have only one side or surface, without a reverse side or inside, like a Möbius strip.

Here is information on a Mobius strip pattern.

We are at the threshold of new creations, to be built upon the new energetic architecture that is transcendent of the old 3D polarity structures, those which had included the projection of its negative form. The negative form was a byproduct of the old polarity and duality matrix, where the exact opposite or negative of a blueprint's creation was projected into the antiparticle layers and created an antiparticle double. This negative form siphoned energy and dispersed the planetary kundalini energies; becoming extremely distorted, fragmented and absorbed into our Astral emotional body layers. The negative form and antiparticle double have been and are, parasitized by many forces without our known consent.

In order for the anti-life force system to be energized and manifested within the old 3D architecture, this projection of its negative was a necessary part of the elemental form manifestation. Our human physical body is an elemental vehicle and is comprised of the elementals of the planet. This created a lot of genetic damage to the original divine crystal blueprint and the physical body, as it manifested accumulated frozen karmic crystals and miasma. This is where human behavioral dysfunction, distortion and disease became manifested realities and cut off the higher DNA potentials. This also contributed to the many distortions existing in the pairs of opposites or polarity in the gender male/female principles. This further separated the male and female consciousness experience making divine union rare and almost impossible to achieve. Something huge is happening in this arena around relationships now. With this new unilateral architecture it appears that many of us will begin to phase in our Galactic friends and non karmic relationships, ones with no negative form projection to collaborate and have partnerships with. Many of us are greatly looking forward to this.

Brief Gridkeeper Update

In mid February, a Galactic memory layer of the primarily Lemurian/Mu timelines began to intersect in the 12th Stargate on the Island of Kauai. This is a huge occasion as this is the first level of our 12D hub connectors that many of us have been holding space for and building the strength of within the container, which brings a huge influx and larger field of the 12D frequencies into our planetary grid. This Stargate, when opened into its Galactic SG levels is the connector to the Great Central Sun, which is an extension of our Sun that is controlled through the 4D Gates in Giza. This 12D Galactic Gate opening overrides the controls in the 4D Astral planetary level system, meaning that those in the 4D planes with methods of controlling the sun's relationship to the earth, such as the memory of pole-shift and other trajectory field manipulations, are stabilized and unable to be operational at the 4D Giza Stargate. Honestly with levity I can now say, No wonder some of the resistance crew have been acting up and are as mad as hornets. This is a major loss of territory for them.

We also have been informed that Inner Earth timelines through Mount Shasta have also opened a new bandwidth of exchange between earth surface dwellers and inner earth dwellers. Apparently our human Lemurian Ancestors had taken refuge within these layers, opening into and through Mount Shasta and are beginning to contact more of us on the surface to heal the Lemurian Holocaust Trauma memories. This Lemurian History was also the original seed memory of the schism between the masculine and feminine which created a monadic rift and reversals of the consciousness. This energetically and archetypally contributed to the other holocausts and episodes in the experience of human consciousness throughout the evolutionary cycle. Much of this new intersection of support involves the recoding of the Divine Feminine Principle in its 7th Ray Violet Flame Emanation, which seems to be a project that mostly the souls in Female Bodies are anchoring through the embodiment of the Violet Flame at this time. Also, this feels to be a mutual collaboration as the human being is the physicalized singularity point of bringing this timeline into a healing completion, between our Cosmic Consciousness and that which has resided in a space referred to as the Inner Hub Worlds or the Inner Earth. This ought to be quite intriguing in its manifestation. Our ES friend, fellow Gridkeeper and Guardian Suzanna Kennedy, (the facilitator of sacred union and reality crafting) who lives on Kauai has been directed to hold the space for this project. This is just the beginning, so we shall see how it unravels as it continues into the summer months.

Additionally, the Alpha Centauri's have begun a connector or communicator link through us within the expanding planetary 3D Stargate System as these Galactic Levels come in and activate. An introduction and dialogue with this planetary system, being very similar to the earth's system was made today. Our planet has a treaty or agreement exchange for support of 3D human beings that require a transitional gateway of acclimation and re-education. The 3D Gate being an area of the old Atlantian continent and Bermuda Islands area, has stabilized a galactic opening of the SG system. Some of the Galactic Emissary's have this role in assisting these exchanges as a contingency or alternative route access, for those beings not mentally or emotionally prepared to handle the impacts of the vibrational choices being made now during the Ascension Cycle. It was nice to see contingency plans and alternative routes being set up for those that are not consciously participating with their personal evolution process.

Incredible support is coming in ways not previously imagined. Additionally, we will emerge into March feeling much easier, as we will begin to feel supported in this greater peace and ease becoming available as the 12D frequency code is more available. Then on to the 13th Stargate alignment.

That is all we have room for in this news installment. In deep love and gratitude for our Galactic Families.

Stay in the luminosity of your Heart and God Path. We are here as One.

With love, Lisa

Suggested for You

  • Personal Power

    Dear Family, 

    I have been guided to write about this topic especially at this particular time. Many of us are at an all time high of stress, confusion, emotional intensity and instability in our lives. It is becoming increasingly important to learn how to create balance in your life in the midst of the escalating external chaos and major life altering changes. We will need further tools to learn how to connect to our Higher Self, manage our emotions and learn how to control our negative ego. It will take some investment of time to learn about your Multidimensional Anatomy and to learn to discipline your thoughts and control your emotional body. This is absolutely a Key of achieving Spiritual and Psychological Health as you become more Multidimensional. As you direct your personal intention and will to discipline your ego to the subservience to the Higher Self and Higher Mind you will be relieved of suffering. Whenever we are out of balance, the Negative Ego is always the cause. We must learn to discern WHICH voice to listen to and decide whom we will serve. To regain control over our non reasoning mind, the “subconscious”, we must retain our personal power and resist using it in service to the Negative Ego. I genuinely hope this information proves useful and it is with gratitude I share this with you. 

    Ascension Dynamics 

    As the planet is accelerating into the higher reality fields and their higher resonating frequency patterns, it is clear that many of us are experiencing a densification and magnification of our 3rd dimensional reality. I have been speaking of the “demarcation point” between these reality systems, the 3rd Dimensional and Multidimensional realities, as being incredibly amplified especially now.  

    This will continue onward and it is best to prepare ourselves and learn the tools of managing our ego system and our “mind” fields. This is why comprehending our multidimensional anatomy is crucial as once you are aware of the levels of your own being, it becomes clear on how to manage your ego and the subconscious mind. We cannot be on auto-pilot with our consciousness anymore without paying the energetic price. There are NO Neutral thoughts and this new energy cycle will prove this to us, time and time again.  

    Read more …

  • The Indigo Neurology

    At this time of accelerated evolution, it is required for some Indigo’s undergoing the Ascension process to be assisted with Etheric Surgery. Etheric Surgery is a new term for a new group of facilitators emerging to work on the multidimensional anatomy by supporting the Nadis system or other layers of the Auric Field.

    The Nadis System is the Electrical Nerval Plexus that receives and transmits the new frequencies being absorbed into the entire individual energy matrix and the cellular body. It acts as an energetic switchboard for the entire bio-energy field. The Nadis system is located at the etheric template layer of the energy bodies and may need to be upgraded in order to be more easily calibrated to the new energies introduced to the personal field. This rewiring will hold the new resonant frequencies in the individual's body with minimum discomfort. Etheric Surgery will be an emerging career of the future, as one of the many new healing modalities surfacing at this time of human transition during the Ascension Cycle.  

    In my session experiences, I have witnessed that the Indigo energetic field matrices are much more highly sensitized and developed.  Indigos appear to be pre-wired into naturally being in a developed state of Higher Sensory Perception and thus have multidimensional awareness. Indigos process information and data in the environmental energies much differently than most third dimensional humans.

    Their mode of information processing is not in a linear sequence but in a multidimensional state. They tend to read a page or book from the middle of the page or at the end of the book, not reading to absorb the material from the book cover to finish as do most humans. They can scan a large field of material and pluck out specific data that is of direct interest to them and discard the rest. They can have a huge scope and breadth to their ability to absorb various amounts of information. They are not interested in absorbing anything that is not pertinent to them or of interest to them, hence school studies of detailed minutia is a nightmare for most of these Indigo students. Their cognitive abilities are different and many times they are not recognized and supported within their creative genius. If their immense potential is not cultivated, they may be considered impaired by the third dimensional standards. However, they are highly advanced and require new methods of learning and accessing their creative potential and soul purpose. 

    Indigos have highly developed senses in different areas, acute hearing, sight or sensitivity to smell, sounds and food. This can also develop into allergic responses to many environmental synthetics, pollutants and preservatives in food. Anything inorganic is an insult to their nervous system and may become intolerable for them.  Also, many Indigo’s are fully telepathic. If they are exposed to certain qualities of energy fields not in resonance to their personal vibration, it can feel excruciating to them. I have found that many Adult Indigos over time, have self medicated their sensitivity with drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism to harsh energies. Since childhood, they were emotionally overwhelmed from the tremendous input and array of external energies. Many times unaware they were an empath and that they would absorb the feelings, thoughts and energies of people around them. Over time this phenomena would feel painfully dense for them. 

    Over the years, when I had an session practice, I have facilitated neurological structure upgrades at the energetic template level for Indigo’s. This is a type of etheric surgery that upgrades the nadis structures and the energetic blueprint for the nervous system to be calibrated into harmony with the current vibration level of the soul essence housing the body(ies). I have facilitated this for Adults and children. In most cases the client feels more comfortable in a variety of ways. Many times nutrients and supplements are also requested to support the physical body with its neurological structure. As the nerve synapses fire energetic frequency it can burn through the neurotransmitter supply and specific tissue salts and minerals. Once these nutrients are replaced the Indigo feels much less anxiety or as highly sensitized when exposed to discordant frequencies. 

    We are going through a cycle of massive acceleration of frequency activation. We need to prepare our bodies and use all tools given to us to make this as smooth as possible. I highly encourage, as you are guided, to utilize the tools and begin to inquire within what is needed for you personally. Ask to be guided to the right healers, for information, or direct healing from your Ascension Teams and Indigo Star Families.  

    I offer this as information that has been provided to me during many of my etheric healing sessions. At this time it is difficult to quantify scientifically, as this data has been compiled through cultivating an multidimensional awareness over the past few years of my personal Ascension process and doing thousands of sessions.  I genuinely hope this will help parents of Indigo Children and Adult Indigos alike to discern better their own multidimensional energy anatomy and find solutions to allow them more comfort during this special time on the planet.  

    I have provided many tools on this website and the community. These invocational commands are called the “Indigo Calibration Tool”. As you are guided, please facilitate for yourself as needed and for your Indigo children. You may need to develop a spiritual program and do them repeatedly as this assists the inner plane healers and Master Guides supporting our personal evolution to get more accurate and specific in fine tuning the neurological structure upgrades.

    Stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path! We are here as One!


    As a parent, you must ask permission from the Higher selves involved if you are in harmony to represent this healing for the child. Feel your answer, or muscle test. If the answer is no, you must wait or ask for direct lead as to what step is next. If there is an opening, request as the Parent to address your Childs Higher Self Spiritual Council. (HSC) I would suggest to complete this calibration when your child has just gone to sleep. Request your Higher Self Councils and your child’s HSC work together to the highest capacity of exchange in service to the Light. I also highly suggest working with creating the 12D Shield for yourself first (as Step one) and then placing one around your child. This would be Step two.

    You may use the language of your own request or to your specific Spiritual Authority that you feel attuned to. I greatly suggest that you must include that you are intending to align to the Agenda of the Guardian Races here to serve the Law of One and Christ Mission, because they are truth spirits and do not deceive or manipulate. Otherwise, it is possible that one can get those entities with different agendas sneaking in. Many of these Indigo-Crystal children are of extreme interest to ET races and so your intention and setting the field is very important. It is your responsibility to command the space in the Light and In Service to the highest experssion of God Source. When you set the space, one is commanding that nothing else outside that vibration of the truth spirit or God Source be allowed within your sacred space.

    Much love and blessings to you both,


    Parent-Child Indigo Calibration

    Parent Speaks for Child:

    We Ask The Guardians, God Selves, Evolution Support Teams, Starseed Identity Matrix, aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

    I place my child in the stewardship of which is dedicated to serve God’s blessing and grace and for him/her to be returned as their rightful ownership held in the Natural Laws of God in divine sovereignty, as God would have it be. I bless and sanctify my child to be blessed, protected and dedicated to the highest expression that serves the Eternal God Plan, in the authority of God, and name of the Christ. Please give me direct cognition of any action or non- action to be addressed as the parent of  ______  as I state my blessing and commitment to protect my child as a servant and vessel of God’s highest light and expression.

    (Imagine or Intend filling yourself/child with 12th Dimensional Liquid Silver light, the dimension where our 12 DNA strand AVATAR Blueprint exists.Spend a few moments feeling that fill your body.)

    Please Open the 12th Dimensional Vortex in into full expansion in the Cosmic Christ Force of Krystal Platinum Light, Grid this Space entirely in the 12th Dimensional Pale Silver Light. Set the Spin Accordingly, Calibrate, Anchor Lock and Seal in this Hologram.

    North South East West – Earth- Sky : We direct the Four Corners to Be Sealed in the Light of Unity and Oneness. We Are Impenetrable and Invincible. We ask the AURORA KRYSTAL FORCES OF LIGHT to Anchor this Space Sacred in Service to the Law of One of which We Serve.

    Ask our Higher Selves to check to see if any of the jewels, wings, energies and parts or bodies have been abducted, and return them NOW, and to invalidate the beings that did the abduction, healing and sealing your field from intrusion. We call back now all that is our self sovereign god power and right.

    Further Return all energies and essences that were stolen or misdirected from control or manipulation. I AM FREE NOW. I AM FREE NOW. I AM FREE NOW.

    Call in our personal ascension and evolution team to support.

    We Request The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program and Holographic Repatterning to the Christ Mind.

    We ask first for a general clearing of all fear-based programs that are hindering our spiritual growth.

    Remove all imbalanced energies, implants and their manipulation, all fear-based programs preventing us from completing our ascension.

    Please install the lattice work of light into our mind grid field and emotional field to remove all fear based programs.

    You may feel them moving out the top of your head. If you feel specific fears you know about yourself, request them to be removed and identify them specifically to the Christ Masters to remove. The more specific the better.

    We request that our Teams focus on my physical body and ask to remove any and all fear based programs lodged there.

    We Request that you clear and heal our etheric body and remove any fear-based programs that are blocking either of us or me.

    We request that you clear and heal our astral body and remove all fear-based programs and spiritual weeds from our astral, or emotional body

    We thank the Beloved Guardians and our Evolution Teams and genetic technicians for this healing and support.

    We call upon the Dispensation of the Sacred 777 to release any ancestral pattern in our genetic lineage contributing to any blockages preventing us from our soul and god realization. We claim in the Truth of our being fully revealed as Light. The divine inheritance that IS the Truth. Our Self Sovereign God Power and right!

    Request that the (Reptilian) tailbone implant/obstruction/manipulation to be removed by the Guardians or 12th Dimensional God Self and to restore the merkaba spin and rotation to its absolute perfect state of functioning. Command your Light to be All Received NOW. Open all energetic communication and pathways to be crystal clear with your etheric template body by axiatonal alignment to the highest dimensional harmonic frequencies. Ask your Root chakra and Sacral Chakra attunement and axiatonal lines be connected to the frequency hubs in divine harmony and right order.

    Anchor, activate, energize 12th Dimensional Blueprint, Divine Monadic Blueprint Body of Christ, As God would have it Be.

    Reweave and reconnect, synchronize with light, open all pathways of communication between the template bodies and the 12th dimensional body.

    Upgrade, Download, Recalibrate Etheric Nadis, and the Electro magnetic Battery Body to new connections. Reset and Synchronize to Timeline in this moment of Self.

    Reconnect and axiatonally align all etheric merdian Channels to the Frequency Hubs Axiatonal lines in order of priority as necessary. Align and open the handshake to the Home Soul Frequency through the Starseed Identity matrices in the hubs. Recalibrate, Synchronize and Reset.

    Anchor the All Biological Codes and Seed Crytals as needed for the Christos race. Activate the Silicate matrix in its divine order.

    Ask AURORA FORCES of ELEMENTAL COMMAND and THEIR FAMILY of Devas of healing specific to EMF field balancing to Recalibrate and align all electro magnetic devices and frequencies in your home/office/school to be in attunement with your divine essence vibration, your soul plan, and then calibrate it seamlessly to the NEW EARTH planetary life force through the FOUR FACES OF MAN.

    Ask for any axiatonal line or etheric nadial upgrades needed for the optimum functioning and comfort of your bio-energy field and for your child that is outside the scope of your request or understanding.

    Calibrate all connections to harmonize and synchronize seamlessly with your energetic field to this timeline. 

    Permanently, Totally and Completely.


    Parent states Intention of Guardianship :

    I harmonize and hold this space in the name of One Self God Self. As witness of One I seal this into the Light of Union and Wholeness in Service to the One Self. And So it Is.

    Please take this through the Outer Levels, Mind Grid, DNA, Karmic Contract, Core Soul Level and Beyond.

    From Beyond the Moment of Self to beyond and through the Earth, annihilate the Negatives generating harm at the Moment of Self, Past, Present and Future timelines.

    Through all dimensions and realities, all chakras and chakra complexes on all levels. Take this through the Morphogenetic Field and subtle energy systems all levels and components of the Being. Fully, Completely, Totally and Permanently. Anchor Lock and Seal through the Hologram. Anchor Lock and Seal through the Time Matrix.

    Beloveds, We thank you for this Opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are Home. Our Infinite Stream of Love is with you in  all ways.

    And So it is. We Seal and End this Session into the Light of Wholeness and Union. Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God, for this eternal blessing of protection.