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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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The Earth Classroom

Over the last several years there has been a gradual delineation of the Worlds naturally occurring. This “shifting” began to change how we perceive and experience time and space in this dimensional plane. New potential timelines for our Planet were created and began expansion into higher dimensional planes. Multidimensional experiences became easier to attain as we began to shift our senses into perceiving and integrating these newly available energies. All of these new possibilities are intersecting and opening to us during this time cycle of Planetary Ascension. This is such an incredible time to be here as the human being is accessing multidimensional potentials that have not ever existed in density before! 

This Cycle of Preparation has given us the time we needed to prepare our bodies and make the “choice and decision” in how we will experience our own Planetary Ascension. This year as we feel our being accelerated into a “Hit the Peddle to the Metal” phase, our clarity of purpose will translate into a Cycle of Action perpetually present in the moment of Now.

We experience much more extreme emotional states in all possible spectrum. Finding ways to release and care for yourself is important to not allow these emotional energies to overwhelm you. Remember the Ascension process is about 99% Emotional Purification!

This integration is felt as intense internal energies seeking resolution within the depths of your core being. Some days it may feel like these energies work at cross purposes, create inner conflict and result in yet more confusion in finding your soul path. Just when circumstances surface that look promising or begin to feel “right” to you, the rug is pulled out from underneath and what you thought was your direction is entirely unclear once AGAIN!

This sequence of events has put us into reflection and self inquiry many times over. Many of us are questioning everything and anything showing up in our path. What are we doing? Why are we here? Is this all really worth it? You are in deep self examination and do remember to not to take yourself too seriously. We must relax into this. This is a heavy month of dismantling, change and adjustments so be flexible and keep breathing! The transformational forces will do the work for you if you can get out of the way and TRUST. This push and pull with the energies as we integrate can be rather exhausting at times. It is no wonder we are sleeping so much more than we used to! 

The Classroom Analogy

Let us say this is similar to participating in the “Earth Classroom” a class that has consolidated all levels of education under one roof. This educational classroom facilitates the Earth kindergartner all the way to the highest level Cosmic Phd. You choose your grade level based on your previously earned credits and the educational degree you have chosen to pursue. It is explained to you that you must have certain pre-requisites to enroll or teach in the higher stages of the classroom. 

Each new grade level is earned by teaching the class to the students that you most recently graduated from. As you interact with and teach your classroom of students, your students also become your teacher to attain full mastery of that grade. You earn the credits and graduate to the next level as your students do. One day, a certain point is reached where the educational scale becomes so imbalanced that some classrooms are missing teachers, some classrooms are missing students and there is discordance brought to the structure of learning. 

Even though students were honored to go at their own learning pace, too many were lagging behind in kindergarten class. There were very few students running ahead able to teach them. The few ones running ahead felt pulled down by the ones behind. They were excited to get to the next classroom! The ones behind did not realize their purpose was to learn and graduate to the next class. 

So the Founders of the Earth Classroom have to make a decision. They call it an “Experiment” as nothing like this had ever happened before to the classrooms. It is decided the lower grades must graduate to a certain level by a certain time to restore harmony within the Classroom. The Founders ask new professors and fresh teachers from all over the cosmos if they will come to teach in the Earth Classroom. Many of these new teachers have never been to the Classroom before. 

Many agree to come now while others decide to come later. The Founders even recruit some of the students still needing to earn credits and grant them special prerequisites to teach the other students! They set new rules to do everything they are able to allow everyone to pass the graduation, even grading on an easier “curve”! 

However, the Founders make many decisions and must consider all in the best interest of the whole Earth Classroom. If the kindergarten students are not able to graduate by the deadline, other arrangements will have to be made for their learning process. Kindergarten will not be an available class after the deadline. So everything in the Classroom accelerates very fast for increased learning and education. And so the Founders watch their Earth Classroom with much love and hope for ALL to graduate! And away we go through the upward spiral of our learning and evolution to finally attain our new graduation level on the Earth Classroom! 

Ascension Wave

This is our New Classroom! This is an incredibly important time in our evolutionary development and many of us will have our next level soul mission revealed to us. We are embarking on a mass wave of Planetary Ascension that is to be accelerated incredibly at the end of 2012. We usually ascend in “waves” within our soul grouping as the group energetic fields reach a critical mass of frequency and its collective vibration attaches to the next level of frequency, a higher reality field of light. It is time to begin to work on feeling comfortable with these possibilities to avoid the negative charge or fear when sensing presence from nonphysical beings. We need to expand beyond the social programming and fear propagated around non physical phenomena. As we become informed about Multidimensional Mechanics, Ascension and the Universal Cosmology we realize our infinite potential as eternal beings and our current purposes of evolution. There is nothing to fear.

Begin to access the 12D shield technique to strengthen and protect your personal aura, and learn how to refocus and strengthen your mind. As we move through the end cycle, tremendous fear and anxiety is felt in the collective planetary mind. Much of this is fear and resistance to the changes that are required now.  As you participate with your ascension and personal development process, the transition becomes much easier.