Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Art by Elizabeth

September 2023

Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

During this stage of the Ascension Cycle, the hidden magical jewel and Dragon Eye of the Cosmic Mother, the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire, was discovered to be protecting angelic humanity’s evolutionary purpose as recorded in the local planetary grid architecture, confirmed to be installed within the landmass of Ireland. Thus, the landmass of Ireland, formerly called Hibernia and referred to as Éire by the Irish, was specifically chosen by the Cosmic Mother to hide her most sought-after spiritual treasures from the God Worlds. That which was to be embodied by her triple solar sons and daughters, Aryans, as they incarnated into the lands of Éire to be genetically key coded into the landscape, imbued with her sophianic codes and hidden historical records of the Emerald Order, flowing through the sacred trees, grottoes, lush rolling hills and fresh water springs.

The Cosmic Mother placed a complete replica of herself in a Triple Solar White Diamond Elohei dragon body along with her Edenic paradisian codes from the God Worlds designated for the Earth’s ascension, and concealed them inside the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire. The lands, natural kingdoms and sacred sites of Ireland would forever hold her consecrated sounds of silver flamed Eiras, sacred musical tones from the God Worlds. One day she would return to Éire and reclaim what is hers from the anti-Christ vandals that invaded our home during the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion many thousands of years ago. The Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire interconnects directly with the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle in our Universe and beyond, where direct communication can be made with the 48D Emerald Order God World Creation.

During the Dark Aeon after the Luciferian Rebellion, the eternal living light sentience of the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire and its core heart tone resonance was turned off in the Crystal Core when the alien machinery was embedded throughout the planetary grid system. The NAA invasion further blocked the organic portal systems connected to the constellations and local star holographic maps, so that the planet could not receive organic star system transmissions that linked the star consciousness intelligence streams into the planetary grid. Recent Guardian Host projects reverse engineering more of the stolen architecture of the Cosmic Clock Aeonic Pairs and Emerald Founder body parts connected to the previous timelines of the Celtic-Druid lineages, revealed the extent of the Thoth-Enki-Enlil plunder with Corvidae black magic crow curses used by the invaders to cause spiritual blindness in the Cosmic Dragon Eye principles in the Albion. Thus, with recent events, the Cosmic Mother’s Dragon Eye in Ireland was returned to her upon discovering that her Emerald Crystal and Dragon parts were located at the Teach Cormaic, Hill of Tara.

Since the Luciferian Rebellion, the invasion of angelic humanity’s advanced culture was being infiltrated with lunar imposters wearing cloned solar garments such as Enki, by manipulating the planet’s sacred sound tones and holy names of God. Enki and Enlil have been known to prance around the Solar System making fantastical claims that these magnificent creations of the Cosmic Mother are indeed sourcing from their own great works. By artificially wearing holographic inserts of the energy signatures of those whom we trusted because they were known to be the most benevolent, spiritually developed and holy among us, these imposter entities were decked out with cloaked lunar lightbodies imitating the spiritual jewels and Krystic frequencies of Aryans, as they were incarnated directly into grail lineages and then rapidly raised into global leadership positions. Since the Atlantian Cataclysm, the luciferian bloodlines were inserted by NAA in order to masquerade as humanity’s highest Solar Dragon Melchizedek Priests, Aryan Druids and Maji Grail Kings and Queens running our global civilization through their shared bonds of serving the Luciferian Covenant, carrying out the ongoing mind control methods and agendas for instituting consciousness slavery in the masses.

Thus, the landmass of Éire was known by the Sumerian-Egypt invaders to be the special island designated for the return of the Cosmic Mother and her Edenic blueprint, and that she alone held the purity and beauty of God which held the immense spiritual power of the cosmic holy spirit to ignite and open the contents of the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire. These sacred lands were once at the center of the most developed Atlantian Mystery Schools headed by compassionate Aryan teachers with generational lineages of ancient Druid wisdom, which was purposed to educate the people that came to Éire from all over the globe, some seeking initiation into the sacred arts and mysteries of spiritual ascension.

A terrible greed and covetous demonic shadow engulfed the Luciferian Annunaki hybrid lines of the Thoth-Enki-Enlil collectives in Nibiru with a furious rage and anger, as they realized there was a colossal power which they could never directly possess, and it existed within the natural qualities of the Holy Mother and the triple solar feminine Mary Sophia’s that embodied her spiritual wisdom. They vowed to gain control over the Mother’s Emerald Crystal along with the landmass of Ireland, in order to claim it as their own beautiful creation while bestowing its magical spiritual qualities amongst themselves. Thus, Éire and her ancient Essene Tribes, many of them from the Celtic-Druid bloodlines, endured the brutal warring regime of genocide and breeding programs assaulting them for many thousands of years, which became a unique miasmatic ancestral curse sourcing from these invasion histories with the Annunaki hybrid Fallen Angelics, that was directly inherited onto the backs of the future offspring of the Irish.

This Luciferian miasmatic Corvidae black magic curse and the ongoing Celtic massacres contributed to some of the distortions held in the legends, which recount the Tuatha De Danann in Ireland said to arrive there from the east, namely from Egypt and the Black Sea. Some of these factions were Annunaki hybrids that were forcibly merged with the subsequent waves of the Tu’Atha Celtic-Druid maji lineages of Solar Rishi from Ursa Major, earning them the moniker Tuatha De Danann (Children of Goddess Danu).

This is the primary source of the mythical legends surrounding the Tuatha De Danann, said to be from Goddess Danu which is actually coded with hidden meaning in Ireland grids, denoting the forced hybridization made with Thothian Egyptian Anu tribes, which intended to corrupt the original Hibiru Melchizedek Tribe of Dan with Luciferian genetic modifications. The NAA desired that their preferred luciferian bloodlines would replace the Celt-Druids in Ireland as the chosen ones, as their alien hybrids were planned to reside in the holy lands of Israel. Thus, the Tuatha De Danann are the product of that subsequent hybridization with their accounts retold in many of Ireland’s folklores and traditional stories, some embellished with scenes of brutality, violence and war, in order to hide the origins of the first waves of Tu’Atha Elohim offspring sourcing from the original Azurite Hyperboreans, that were guided in Éire by the White Elohei Mother Ériú.

As the invading Luciferians savagely ran one genocidal campaign after another barraging the Emerald Isle with terrorism, cataclysm, famine and utter destruction, this was their futile attempt to destroy the immense power and sacred beauty of the Cosmic Mother’s spiritual creations that are present there. Like infantile predators seeking the holy grail artifacts through which to steal sacred treasures and promise of eternal life from the Holy Mother, they rejected her power and continued to defile and defame her image along with her loyal spiritual representatives; cursing them, burning them, hunting them down for extinction, and spreading lies for slanderous defamation.

The NAA and specifically Thoth-Enki-Enlil collectives despise the purity of the Holy Mother and have expended tremendous efforts and vast resources in order to capture and distort the sacred ancient knowledge recorded in the powerful Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire. Orchestrating ongoing genocidal agendas to torture and disfigure the Triple Solar Sons and Daughters of Ireland into fractured lights that became mere shadows of their majestic spiritual selves, having been digressed by the NAA’s lunar demonic force subordinates. Further, by employing gaslighting tactics of misdirection from the Church of Rome, in order to prevent them from fulfilling their divine commission to awaken into their solar body and serve the Emerald Order initiation of the sacred landmass of the Cosmic Mother, which bears her holy name Eiras, composed of heavenly harp music from the God Worlds.

Thus, an incredible effort has been made by the NAA with installation of alien machinery filled with mind control sorcery running curses and hexes with AI black magic infrastructure to purposely hide, deceive and bury the most important accurate historical accounts and ancient artifacts located in the entire span of United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland. Presumably, because what remains of this landmass since the Atlantian Flood holds so much more about our hidden human history than we can ever imagine, including the magical Albion and Emerald Crystal of Éire, which have been revealed to be supremely important in the collective awakening event and planetary ascension.

Thus, as humanity reaches the end of the dark era, the clarion call for the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire to ignite at the Hill of Tara and fulfill her sacred purpose and spiritual duty for the entire planet is now upon us. Through the paradisian codes of prefall-Earth in her Aurora colors hidden deep within the Éire landscapes, running rainbow silvery currents through the sacred sites and geomantic features, we discover the Holy Mother Sophia’s special gifts hidden there for all of humanity, that carry exceptional spiritual characteristics which differentiate the Emerald Isle from any other landmass in the world.

Geomantic Entities, Collective Egregores for Each Landmass

To better comprehend the landscape of the magical Emerald Isle, and why there are so many different names for assorted Triple Gods and Triple Goddesses with different characteristics said to be inhabiting the lands, we must consider the existence of Geomantic Entities and Collective Egregores in the planetary grid created for different landmasses. Because Éire was designed with a divine purpose that is sacred to fulfill the cosmic order of the Emerald Order and Cosmic Mother, the lands of Ireland have retained much more of their animating elementals, natural folk-spirits and collective egregores that are designed to retain the consciousness records, language, culture and divine blueprint that holds the spiritual purpose of Ireland. Thus, Ireland and the northernmost remote areas of the United Kingdom house a variety of organic spiritual beings that used to inhabit the entire planetary grid network as a working hierarchy, and were being directed by Solar Angels.

As humanity lost their spiritual nature and became disconnected from the planet, along with the changes with the moon and damaged grid areas caused by major cities or war-torn lands, these areas became barren of their original spiritual counterparts. This planetary grid damage happens when war and killing agendas are ongoing in a particular demographic area with intentions to harm and massacre the original inhabitants and natural living creatures residing there. Further, this level of ongoing violence in the lands destroys their historical records and cultural traditions, erasing its indigenous peoples in order to control historical narratives, whereby subverting and replacing them by erecting something else in its place.

Once we comprehend that all energy is conscious and consciousness is energy, then it is easier to grasp concepts such as the formation of a variety of collective consciousness spiritual beings as record holders. These are geomantic entities and devachan realms that serve different energetic functions in the creational matrix and thus are directly attached into the planetary grid system. These geomantic entities have been referenced throughout many ancient wisdom teachings, and have been referred to as devas, angels, folk-spirits or egregores that exist throughout the multidimensional layers of the natural kingdoms of the planet and beyond. This is a way to describe the spiritual gestalt of the collective consciousness identity that form many energetic layers of our unique soul and spiritual body blueprint, which also forms our human tribal identity, in which we are interconnected with when we incarnate onto the planet.

Thus, these many hierarchies of sentient geomantic entities can exist upon multiple dimensions and can be utilized by the Christos consciousness of more advanced beings, such as the Solar Rishi and Solar Reisha, that are stationed in higher dimensions. This could be understood as the purpose of the Tu’Atha answering the clarion call of Holy Mother to come to Ireland to help direct the geomantic entities and egregore spirits located there. There are also lower spirits formed into etheric body layers or astral expressions which contain their original blueprint function and the collective consciousness streams that they are being exposed to by human beings, and that thought substance and emotional content expresses as an energetic mass flowing through their spiritual-energetic body.

These particular spiritual entities are composed of soul substance or etheric form holding blueprints without the quality of higher mind that sources from a human being’s unique individual perception, personal discernment and higher sensory abilities. They co-exist with humanity upon another dimensional plane which does not perceive solid matter as we do, where the collective consciousness streams of collective soul instruction sets on the planet pass through them and this generates an assortment of vibrational influences. Thus, these kinds of geomantic entities can form into diverse expressions of energetic intelligence that can comprise any kind of quality of collective energy; organic or artificial light, dark or shades of grey travelling throughout the dimensional spectrum of their particular location, impacting its function and spiritual purpose held for the planet.

These spiritual entities are composed of the collective consciousness that has been formed in the morphogenetic patterns existing within the local land mass and its natural kingdoms, along with the influences of the human souls interacting within that section of the land’s planetary grid. That specific location of the planetary grid network and its local spiritual entities, are that which holds the shared energy impact being generated from their collective thoughts, beliefs, actions and subtle energies or psychic influences. This is where we can consider the many different cultures, belief systems, and differences in landmasses that have been formed based upon where on the planet the human soul has incarnated, and how there are many spiritual factors and external factors, such as biological family or social expectations that have shaped their individual way of being.

The locations of the primary planetary stargates are enmeshed within that land masses historical records and its particular grid system that is specific to the original human tribes and their genetic spiritual family histories, comprising all the ancestors that have chosen to incarnate into that region. Generally soul families continue to incarnate into certain regions of land mass because they are of the same human soul tribe that is genetically key coded into that particular stargate system and are connected to the karmic implications, ancestral issues or have spiritual missions connected to its extensive historical consciousness records. Thus, each landmass and nation have their own collective consciousness egregor or spiritual hierarchy existing within its own central diamond heart complex accessed within the intersecting lines of the local planetary grid network, which is a part of maintaining those specific consciousness records.

With the NAA invasion, through fieldwork we learned that these geomantic entities that form the consciousness egregores in each of the land mass regions and their natural kingdoms had been disconnected from the dark matter template and the sophianic diamond heart of the Holy Mother Sophia’s direct spiritual influence. The Holy Mother Sophia emanates her presence in the planet through her solar daughters which are the planet’s Triple Solar Goddesses or through Mother Elaysa’s Triple TARA female principle aspects. They were originally created to protect and serve their respective natural kingdoms by directing their consciousness streams into the planetary geomantic entities or collective egregores to support the planetary grid network. These consciousness aspects of our Holy Mother were missing and disconnected; thus, allowing a greater comprehension of how humanity has been living on a planet without the full presence of their Holy Mother. Our planet seems to be embarking on the next stage of rehabilitation which returns many of these specific planetary grid features which were disconnected from their collective egregore, in which Cosmic Mother’s return into Éire appears to highlight their return into the matter realm, worldwide.

Thus, Emerald Guardians have been focused upon the recent rehabilitation of the Emerald Cathedral architecture with accompanying three and four clover coded plasma activations in the Emerald Heart of Ireland, activating the Emerald Crystal of the Lia Fail, or stone of destiny anchored in the Hill of Tara by the Tu’Atha.

White Elohei Mother Ériú as Tu’Atha Mother

In Irish mythology, the sovereign triple solar goddess and protector of Ireland is Ériú, she is often still correctly interpreted as the Mother Goddess personification of Ireland. Ériú was the ancient White Elohei spiritual mother of the original Tu’Atha, the Elohim descendants of the original Hyperboreans that subsequently embodied within the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail lines of the 11th and 12th Essene Tribes.

Although the Irish Goddess Danu is generally expressed to be the progenitor of the Tuatha de Danann, we take the position that this narrative appears to be stemming from later renditions of historical accounts crafted by the Thothian-Enki-Enlil collectives to cover up the authentic Israelites from Éire, after the fall of the solar dragon queens during the Ascension Timeline Rebellion. Subsequently, the stolen material was issued as the Emerald Tablet in Egypt, along with cloned lunar female deities generated by the Annunaki’s Isis treaty, beginning to show up in the planetary grid network as “witches” to control the collective egregores after the Atlantian Flood, which is also when they brought in the Lunar matrix.

Thus, the original Tu’Atha have been erroneously attributed to be fallen angels created by the Annunaki, as the Dragon Lords of Anu to oversee and control the lands of Éire. Instead, these were descendants of the Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha ancient tribes of Tu’Atha, who preserved the Celtic Red Haired Goddess lineages of the Mother of Dragons, and the sacred rites of Solar Dragon Queens from the God Worlds which held the mysteries of the Triple Solar Goddess and her Garden of Eden planetary consciousness. One of the Edenic planets where many Christos Starseeds and Celtic Maji Grail lines have lifetimes is Tiamat, as this was the higher planetary logos embodiment of the Mother of Dragons of Earth, in which she has hidden this same Edenic matrix in the Emerald Crystal Heart of Ireland.

For Guardian Host purposes, we take the position that the Tu’Atha entered this reality as Solar Rishi and Solar Reisha to work on repairing the grid architecture in the landmass of Ireland, and were not the bloodthirsty warring creatures they have been depicted to be in several narratives spread by the Church of Rome and others. The original Tu’Atha are immense solar light beings overlighting the sacred sites, who came to Éire to preserve the paradisian codes of Avalon and secure the return of the Emerald Order for the rest of the planet, protecting hierogamic codes and sacred marriage within a holographic crystalline reality field that saves the landforms in their pristine pre-fall condition, as the Garden of Eden.

Ériú sources from the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim founders which built an extremely advanced global grid technology system in the Albion to interface directly with the holographic features in the planetary grid system, stargates and crystal temples after the damage incurred from the Electric Wars. Thus, Ériú is a sacred name from the God worlds in which she embodies the Cosmic Mother Dragon’s holy spiritual essence, her name expresses as musical tones of sophianic expression that call in the heavenly spirits that serve the authentic Holy Mother aspects.

White Elohei Mother Ériú was directing the original Tu’Atha to repair, protect and interact with the Albion Lightbody and build out the 45-degree diagonal diamond grids in the region, helping them to transmit their Christos consciousness records into geomantic structures recorded in the land mass with Ériú ’s pure white diamond light. The Holy Mother was utilizing Ériú ’s solar dragon body to supervise and facilitate the divine purpose of the Ireland landmass by preparing its unique grid system in order to initiate the catalyst of the global emerald heart awakening, through the activation of the Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire upon the Hill of Tara, in divine right timing during the Ascension Cycle.

Éire was terraformed with advanced crystalline technologies that were strategically placed in order to protect the planet’s Emerald Crystals and support the planetary grid to interface between organic and natural electromagnetic energy currents that make up the axiatonal and meridian ley line network. The Tu’Atha, left messages for the early Celtic Druids of Ireland by recording their spiritual knowledge and wisdom into the landscape features, such as the circular ditches, mounds and standing stones they helped build specifically for this purpose. These sacred sites were built into the grid system in order to retain the original language and codes of the ancient Hyperboreans and Essenes, for those future generations that would need them to help awaken the emerald crystal within the Heart of Albion in the future ascension cycle. They merged their consciousness into an etheric crystal or geomancy and then encompassed the information into various spaces and places to be imbued with this specific frequency of crystal intelligence streams of Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings, that could be deciphered by those of the same lineage or with an activated emerald crystal heart.

The Tu’Atha hyperborean descendants are some of the first waves of the Christos Mission teams in Éire that were time travelers into this density via the operational portions of the stargate system near the Irish Sea and North Sea. This Azurite line of Ascended Masters came to teach and guide the angelic human tribes in order to help them rebuild their civilizations after the Ice Age floods that caused global catastrophe and to take an inventory of planetary grid damage, to assess the ground conditions for future rehabilitation missions.

Emerald Order White Dragon Mother Ériú embodied the Emerald Crystal Heart for the entire landmass of Éire, to prepare the planetary grids for the eventual mass emerald awakening by saturating the lands with her dragon eggs of pure white diamond light, which are alchemically transformed into all blue rainbow shades. Ériú is a spiritual mother from the White Diamond Sun, ensuring the emerald crystal would flower in the central diamond heart network in the sacred lands for the 12 Essene Tribes, which is intrinsic in the planetary consciousness evolution process, assuring that spiritual ascension potential for all inhabitants stewarded into her care.

Emerald Crystal Activation at the Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara was the residence of the Maji Grail Kings, who in ancient times ruled over Ireland. They were connected to a massive cathedral temple embedded in the holographic features found in this location of the planetary grid. The King of Tara was a spiritual kingship, rather than a territorial seat; thus, the king was believed to be a link between the otherworld and humankind, the spiritual seat of kingship that embodied of the natural laws of God into Ireland. When a true benevolent Maji Grail King has embodied his Avatar Solar Christ self, his spiritual connections are intact and therefore, he assures that the krystal river current is flowing throughout his kingdom enriching his lands, nation or country.

Hill of Tara

There is a massive Emerald Krystal Cathedral Network with Avalon portals found on several dimensional layers under and above the Hill of Tara, surrounded by about 300 huge posts made from an entire oak forest, the sacred oak of Celt-Druid Aryans. White Dragon Mother Ériú was the original protector of the Emerald Crystal built by the Tu’Atha at Lia Fail for serving the Celtic-Druid lineages in the region, and there was situated an enormous dormant solar dragon body with its underbelly at the center of the land mass in the Hill of Uisneach. To activate Ériú’s dragon body for the returning Cosmic Mother, the dragon nodes found in the Hill of Uisneach needed to be repaired with a massive influx of white diamond light sourcing from the cosmic layers, flushing out the major dragon nodal point with the white rainbow arc bridge recently opened in the heart of the Albion Lightbody.

When the Emerald Crystal hidden in Lia fail was activated on 9:9, the Emerald Cathedral opened into the Emerald Tree of Life and this was activated in the grid system in the Hill of Tara, opening up into a sprawling complex of many dimensional floors of an Avalon-esque paradisian world, extending its grounding cord into the Hill of Uisneach acting as the local axis mundi. The Emerald Awakening of the Emerald Crystal began to grow into extensive Sophianic plasma flowering chakras that are interwoven into the diamond heart crystalline grids which awaken the Solar Dragons that direct their consciousness into the collective egregores for the landmass.

The Emerald Crystal network is designed to function as the Cosmic Founder God Source interdimensional communication network of the Elaysian fields of the Cosmic Spirit Body within the planetary grid system. As the Emerald Heart of Earth is revived and linked up with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, it restores the Emerald Sun DNA 48 strand template, which all Indigo Maji Grail lines and Emerald Order representatives can gain access to from within their personal Diamond Sun template.

White Dragon Mother Ériú is the original ancient initiator of the planetary emerald heart within the emerald heart of humanity, she is the Holy Mother protector of this particular spiritual function throughout the Albion Lightbody. In her absence, the Thoth-Enki-Enlil collectives attempted to mine all ancient knowledge of the Emerald Crystal placed there by the Tu’Atha in the Hill of Tara, and bring it back to Sumeria and Egypt, to establish their supremacy in the Middle East with their Pharaonic lines.

However, every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, that was given to them by their Holy God parents. Every individual is connected to one of the 12 Tribes genetically coded to the 12 stargates, in which a planetary solar dragon was functioning as the collective egregore for the lands in order to protect the emerald crystal and emerald cathedral on behalf of its people. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our spiritual path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes to find our Inner Christos.

The emerald stone is also known in eastern spiritual teachings as the cintamani stone, it has been thought of as a magical jewel in which the spiritual power is given to the possessor of the stone, where every wish is granted to the holder. In actuality this version is a distortion of the Thothian Luciferian hijack sourcing from the Emerald Tablet. As the emerald awakening of the inner emerald crystal denotes the spiritual purity of the sophianic flowering of the sacred crystal heart that has awakened their inner Christos and embodied into a loving and compassionate unity consciousness.

The Desecration of Ériú, Curse of Corvidae

Guardian Host revived the solar dragon body of Ériú from an awful miasmatic curse made upon the lands of Éire, as this black magic curse was intended for the desecration and ultimate destruction of Éire, along with the full inversion of the 11th Stargate Network in Albion by sending sorcery mind control to her Arthurian Grail lineages.

It appears the Curse of Corvidae is the NAA’s black magic sorcery connected and retold through many of the mythological tales regarding the Celtic goddesses that are explained to be extremely aggressive and violent, as they are associated with war and death, thus linking them into taking the form of the black raven or crow. However, this narrative is much more than a mythical fairy-tale, as this Curse of Corvidae has been revealed to be an extensive black magic network for spellcasting that has sprawling implications and connections into Fallen Angelic Timekeepers and other alien machinery networks, as its effects are targeting the awakening population and is being further researched and dismantled by Guardians.

This network was impacting Celtic-Druid lines and any awakening individual trying to research Ireland’s real history or delve into any of Albion’s unapproved topics, as they were being blasted with the Curse of Corvidae with a swarm of black avian crow spirits and black shadows coming from horizontal nets of black crow-Corvidae networks. This black magic appears to spawn black winged avians or fallen angelics that look like black crows or ravens, which generate black avian rings that attack the head and crown and induce an automated spellcasting program with various effects; amnesiac mind wiping, assorted vision and eye problems, anesthetic or sedative effects with sleeping injections, false feminine screaming banshee static field, inverted dragon eyes, caduceus implants, metatronic eye, assorted enchantments to incite spiritual blindness with crow witch death ritual and black magic sight binding tactics.

Over the past few years, it was discovered that there was an extensive reversal network made from Celtic-Druid hybridized genetics with Fallen Angelic Annunaki in Nibiru, and that was forming into assorted reversal networks projecting a black tree of life with caduceus staff implants onto the Albion. This was blocking organic functions of the Michael-Mary planetary wings, in which the NAA were found to be cloning the Albion grid system; its landscapes, spirit hierarchies and their collective egregores in the entire United Kingdom and Ireland landmass. Planetary grid features such as Red Cube Edenic codes for Avalon Portals, Dragon Eye Lenses, Emerald Crystals, Emerald Sun templates, Timekeeper mechanisms, Amenti Portals and an assortment of red, white and black dragon bodies and cloned virtual realities with red wave Garden of Eden matrices that were being projected into Nibiru and transmitted into several Enki-Enlil red wave run phantom matrices.

This extensive alien machinery was interconnected with an 11th dimensional black magic system being broadcast from Corvus constellation referred to as Corvidae Curse, the Black Crow-Raven black magic network, intended for the desecration of White Mother Ériú to cripple her solar dragon body, which was also resulting in spiritual blindness in the Cosmic Dragon Eye principle of the Holy Father Rishi and Holy Mother Reisha architecture in the Albion Lightbody. This was generating major problems for the reseating of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere architecture into the Albion Lightbody. Thus, more extensive gridwork repairs related to the impacts of this Curse of Corvidae, a black magic carrion crow or raven network targeting Celtic Druid grail lineages in the 11th and 12th Tribes, may be surfacing now with related physical ascension symptoms.

Thus, White Dragon Mother Ériú was withered away into the fallen angelic shadow forms of a Fatale Demon Carrion Crow, a punishment and mockery in which to force her to eat or be in the presence of dead decaying flesh, which was in actuality the Corvidae curse made upon her and her special emerald lands of Éire, by the NAA invaders to defile her purity. Additionally, the Corvidae black crow curses are specialized black magic grids installed to gain control over the collective egregores and hierarchies of the land’s nature spirits, as well as transmit spellcasting programs for the Black Magicians. Corvidae curse was prevalent in the United Kingdom and Ireland’s sacred sites, in which it appeared to be a mechanism of control over the Solar Dragon Elohei Eye of the both the Holy Father in Stonehenge and the Holy Mother’s Dragon body within the Emerald Crystal network. The Corvidae crow black magic was being operated by the lunar forces where various solar dragon parts were being reversed through inverted 7D Violet flames of false feminine banshee programs linked with the antichrist invaders machined staff architecture, in order to control the collective spiritual entities such as the collective egregore functions within the lands.

The NAA entities stole her vast spiritual knowledge in the form of precious jewels and golden dragon rings, turning her remaining consciousness parts into a withering carrion crow and aging hag, condemning her to watch the death of her solar consciousness while stripping away her White Solar Dragon sovereignty. As she watched her precious lands of Éire descend into war, death and famine over the Dark Aeon, finally her solar consciousness body was laid down weakened and bare, she was rendered dormant and fast asleep, as lunar shadows were cast in her once sacred image and used to continually haunt the land as a carrion crow. She was laid to rest until it was the divine time to find her dragon body at the Hill of Tara and Hill of Uisneach, in which Guardian Host was to gently awaken her by divine appointment, by breathing the triple solar Rosetta breath back into her sacred emerald crystal heart once again.

Avalon, A Solar Logos Portal

As Emerald Guardian projects have been focused upon the sacred heart of Éire, there has been the opening of the Avalon key coded portal systems, as sacred mathematical sound tones of the ancient Hyperborean Emerald Cathedral entrances, that were recently opened and can be accessed from the Hill of Tara.

Within the planetary grid system, there are morphogenetic instruction sets connected to the Emerald Order Edenic coding of the ancient Hyperboreans called Avalon, these paradisian realms are told through the Celtic legendary stories of the Arthurian grail mythos, portraying King Arthur as the embodiment of the Solar Logos. These are heavenly realms of floating islands which function as the energetic repositories for the creational matrices Hall of Records existing upon the future timelines of the planet in the Gaian matrix. The floating islands, cloud cities or “castles in the sky” are more accurately understood as holographic realities of golden city architecture that are connected to the rainbow arc bridges and inner earth portals that exist within the Holy Mountain structures.

These dimensionalized spaces co-exist with our material realm at another level of frequency bandwidth, they are hidden inside interdimensional holographic pockets which can be accessed during the highest aligned Krystic consciousness states. Avalon, as with many other planetary grid features generally have a spiritual entity functioning as a sentinel guarding the portal, which can appear in the form of the collective consciousness egregores assigned into the landmass.

Avalon connects with the sovereign Christos gematria of triple eight (888), and has Avalon key coded portal systems that are located in the intersection points of the diagonal lines of functioning crystal hearts, the sophianic diamond grid found throughout the planetary grid system. Avalon, often referred to as the Land of Apples, is a sacred mathematical sound tone mantrum connected to the paradisian reality of golden cities which can be meditated upon or repeatedly chanted when one is consciously focusing upon paradisian diamond sun blueprints. One of the central Avalon key coded portals is located in the number eight infinity ring ditch configuration of Teach Cormaic, the position of an ancient Hyperborean Emerald Cathedral entrance to the Emerald Tree of Life which opens its branches to span the cosmos, that can be accessed in the Hill of Tara in Ireland.

The Emerald Tree of Life forms into three vertical pillars that are entwined into the dark matter or rasha body of the planetary Kathara grid, which is connected by several outer plasma gel rings forming into many lines and branches that extend outwards with their ends bursting into massive spheres of radiant light. Within the spheres of radiant light are oceanic waves of moving solar plasma rainbow color waves, these aurora colors of the Holy Mother Sophia travel through the God worlds into the closest Tree of Life that forms into the dense material reality of this world. These emerald tree branches in Tara extend into the northern pillar gateway of Yggdrasil in the Rondane Mountains of Norway. This causes aurora borealis like starbursts to flame into the starry night dark firmament which appear as a sea of emerging sun-stars, that are further filled with the living eternal consciousness embodied by the Triple Solar Reisha, the triple solar goddesses of creation.

Hierogamic Marriage at Hill of Tara

During the events of the 9:9 activation of Lia Fail, Guardians opened the fullness of the Cosmic Amoraea Shield in the location of the Hill of Tara, releasing the inversions of current reversal networks of Corvidae Curse by anchoring six (6) pillared solar shield networks of Cosmic Aton linked into the Cosmic Mother’s Elaysian Living Waters to awaken the Emerald Stone of Destiny. The Cosmic Amoraea Shield encompasses the Divine Holy Spirit of Mother and Christ Child, made up of The Six Emerald Crystal Heart Pillars further sourced from the original twelve Reuche Pillars from the God Worlds that generate the Emerald Order Tree of Life.

White Queens of Cosmic Mother are most despised by the NAA because their full embodiment within their Emerald Order’s Triple Solar Dragon White Queen template is what rolls up the artificial timelines, as the dragon rings of the white queen template bring in the genetic records of the Celtic maji grail lines of 11th and 12th tribes. When she reconnected with the Éire there was an explosion of Emerald Order triquetra flower formations, in which three leafed clovers opened into four leafed clovers, and emerald green clovers with gold flecks appeared to be sprayed into the grids of the land mass. Those four leafed clover light symbols form into mandalas of quad emerald templates of the 48D Emerald Sun, which are accessible in the Hill of Tara. This is a fractal coding of the Emerald Sun DNA appearing in the axiatonal lines, which Christos Starseeds help to anchor into the horizontal fields through our diamond sun template.

And thus, Guardians gathered to witness the holy matrimony of the hierogamic union between the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen and Cosmic Father’s Red King as the sacred marriage coupling was made in the throne room of the Hill of Tara complex, returning in the Emerald Diamond Sun template into the planetary grid. Imagine one white queen and red king couple, standing at the altar in front of the Lia Fail, the white queen is wearing a beautiful white lace filigree ornate gown, holding a bouquet of white roses, the red king is wearing a black tux with neck tie embossed with four leaf clovers, with a single red rose in his breast pocket. The Holy Mother Sophia and the Benevolent Christos Solar King pray together as one Emerald Crystal Heart united with God, as one mind united with God, one sacred hierogamic body united with God throughout eternity. Our White Queen and Red King are embodied as the beloved Christos-Sophia embodying the spiritual reclamation of the Emerald Order, as the clarion call is made to the Cosmic Emerald Suns.

Our prayers to this sacred marriage of the Earth! May the process of sacred marriage find its true purpose with nature as one with the house of God in Cosmic Sovereign Law. May the eternal light of the Triple Solar Christ and Triple Solar Christos Sophia return their hierogamic crown and emerald crystal heart wisdom to bless the sacred union of beauty upon beauty to be poured upon the peoples of the Earth. Beloved Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, your sacred rod and staff comforts me as they are the still waters of your perfect peace which runs throughout my body. And so, it is!

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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  • Personal Power

    Dear Family, 

    I have been guided to write about this topic especially at this particular time. Many of us are at an all time high of stress, confusion, emotional intensity and instability in our lives. It is becoming increasingly important to learn how to create balance in your life in the midst of the escalating external chaos and major life altering changes. We will need further tools to learn how to connect to our Higher Self, manage our emotions and learn how to control our negative ego. It will take some investment of time to learn about your Multidimensional Anatomy and to learn to discipline your thoughts and control your emotional body. This is absolutely a Key of achieving Spiritual and Psychological Health as you become more Multidimensional. As you direct your personal intention and will to discipline your ego to the subservience to the Higher Self and Higher Mind you will be relieved of suffering. Whenever we are out of balance, the Negative Ego is always the cause. We must learn to discern WHICH voice to listen to and decide whom we will serve. To regain control over our non reasoning mind, the “subconscious”, we must retain our personal power and resist using it in service to the Negative Ego. I genuinely hope this information proves useful and it is with gratitude I share this with you. 

    Ascension Dynamics 

    As the planet is accelerating into the higher reality fields and their higher resonating frequency patterns, it is clear that many of us are experiencing a densification and magnification of our 3rd dimensional reality. I have been speaking of the “demarcation point” between these reality systems, the 3rd Dimensional and Multidimensional realities, as being incredibly amplified especially now.  

    This will continue onward and it is best to prepare ourselves and learn the tools of managing our ego system and our “mind” fields. This is why comprehending our multidimensional anatomy is crucial as once you are aware of the levels of your own being, it becomes clear on how to manage your ego and the subconscious mind. We cannot be on auto-pilot with our consciousness anymore without paying the energetic price. There are NO Neutral thoughts and this new energy cycle will prove this to us, time and time again.  

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  • Transit Gate Vortex

    To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

    12D Expands into Transit Gate

    Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D Shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the SoulMonad and Avatar bodies. See Ascension Stages.

    At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. This is a vortex set up specifically to clear low vibration energies, entities, and negativity from the space one has commanded with the 12D shield as GSF. We call that Commanding Personal Space with a boundary test using the GSF triad. This means one is stating that one chooses the consent and authority of God-Sovereign Free- which is aligned to the Law of One, therefore the Christ.

    To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

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