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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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As humanity and the planet undergo an expunging of this Patriarchal Domination, this creates imbalances in our gender roles shaped by the alien mind control of patriarchal suppression. This manifests as deep distortions and misery in the union and marriage between the male and female human being. Marriage between the genetic equals is a Christ principle ( a part of spiritual ascension)  and so to destroy this principle on the earth, extreme abuse in the role between the genders has occurred. This "alien" distortion is a holographic separation in the blueprint that makes men and women on this planet be unable to perceive and communicate with each other as divine equals.  This is exacerbated by alien mind control programs using hatred, discrimination and blaming behaviours as caused between the gender roles in order to promote division, separation between the sexes rather than engender unity , equality and appreciation. As a result in the global human population, most marriages and related types of sexual arrangements are based on hatred and inequality of life force energies or values, therefore the marriages/unions are greatly suffered by both parties as incomplete and grotesquely distorted versions of its true purpose in life. 


Recently, the guardians had taken me through the understanding that the holographic matrix (blueprint) of the planetary body was distorted and hence it made it impossible for the true aspect of female principle of god energy to be expressed in a human form in this creation.  We are a part of the planet so if a distortion exists in the planetary body, that means our physical body interface cannot anchor and work with those energies either. What they are saying is that is now what must be regridded into the blueprint and onto the template of the planetary surface, (as they explained it) is the VESICA PISCES bi-polar geometry which has been used by the alien races to close looping energy systems on the planet. From their perspective it is damaged and broken and designed to collect and reverse life force energy systems.  This distortion of reversal is responsible for how difficult it is for male/female humans to create real spiritual sacred union (spiritual marriage), which is the merge between the male and female inner energies required for an ascended and whole being. This distortion between the male/female energies has created twin soul rifts (reversal monads)  and all kinds of problems in gender fins of soul (constructs of soul merkaba that were masculine/feminine and split apart) when this occurred, there was a distortion in what created the holographic template to bring sacred union into fruition. There are souls down here, for just that purpose to heal their gender twin becasue of what happened in some time in the history, where this part of our holographic matrix has been distorted and broken, and we are attempting to heal it and return it back into balance through sacred union. Once it’s cleared on planetary level, and we return the trinity geometry forms to the planet, we will be able to manifest the sacred union in the physical human level. It is important to recognize that our holographic matrix is interfaced into the planetary holographic matrix, as the planet has a blueprint, so do we at the individual level. If distortion exists on planet, it exists within us in our body as well. This is what the larger role of starseed genetic pathcutting is all about as a mission for the earth to reclaim the Christ. If we start to heal our bodies within, and activate the inner Christ light and its geometries, we start to work with the planetary interface levels and then we heal and redirect from planetary/field level. This is one purpose of the 12D shield. (Source: QA October 2007)