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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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The karma of nations: this is something that has not been a part of my awareness until recently. It has been brought to my awareness that levels of these mind control programs that are related to the governance of current power structures in countries and nations, have been revealing themselves that the tyranny and enslavement of the peoples was not the original human seed intention of these nations. At some point, there were bloodlines that were manipulated by Negative Aliens to receive the money and power of the governance of nations in which they could be manipulated by the reptilian agenda. This was a purposely manipulated scenario by the Negative Aliens to subvert freedom from being experienced by humans on the planet. The situation with the USA was discovered in session timeline work that Thomas Jefferson, one of the forefathers of the USA, who showed up requesting support for that lineage and was very concerned about the tyranny of human beings in the USA.  He saw the potential of that abuse of power and control stemming from the secret societies. He discussed the Secret Societies in Washington D.C., and made comments to the architecture being based on Egyptian esoteric initiation rituals used to control the money supply, still today. He clearly still watches the USA with concern even now from his multidimensional identity. Everything has a blueprint of its original intention and theme of what it is created to become. The USA was a nation created with a very pure intention of freedom, and it was applied through higher soul masters, such as Thomas Jefferson. This was quite surprising and spontaneous to have his input during session work. I felt it surprising his passion for personal freedom due to the fact he was a known slave owner. 

These human souls were beings interested in creating liberty and freedom for human kind and they were attempting to bring that template of understanding into a level of consciousness and awareness during those times. The USA original seed intention was that of a higher nature which means that it’s potential to be reactivated into its true creation, is actually a potential. As everything that is created and formed, has an architecture, blueprint, instruction set from its creator(s). Even though the original intention of USA was that in terms of liberty and freedom for the people, what had come in after that point, was a control and usurpation of that level of intention and consciousness. It was orchestrated by forces of manipulation and as a symbolism to our consciousness that is of the Annunaki, Draconian or Reptilian mentality. The karma of nations has been addressed and there was a seed event that created a manipulation of the timeline in the governance of people and that seemed to have a significant base in many nations structures that was going back to that particular timeline where the monarch, president had been over taken and controlled purposely to be manipulated to do certain things that would assist in the larger suppression of human consciousness. This was a direct possession or control of human beings in position of power to subvert their intentions, without them knowing about it.  Many times the beings that were placed in these positions of power were controlled by off planet sources that were hand picking the bloodline and who they wanted to control that part of the demographic of planet. In a sense, they were creating favoritism because they knew that person was easily corruptible by ego, power, greed, money, or whatever else. 

They chose to capitalize on those tendencies and manipulate ego impulses in those beings to carry out larger tasks. Essentially they were puppets to the larger ramifications and results of their actions to the planet. This was another confirmation of the levels of war strategies used and the mind control perpetuated for the enslavement of the human race for such a long time.  Our own race, our own global people, our males have been continually used to manipulate the reality to enslave and suppress their own race. (Source: QA June 2008)