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Soul Psychology

Ascension Class June 2016

This is the class for Wednesday, June 15th, 2016.


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  1. SOUL PSYCHOLOGY: An SRA discusssion on the trauma based mind control recipe used to groom sociopathic minds on the earth. The Controllers desperately want us to forget that we have Souls. To forget that, although we exist in a material world, it is filled to the brim with many different kinds of Souls, Spirits and Consciousness. Tyrants cannot control our mind as easily, if we know how to connect with our Soul. Without understanding the worldwide agenda of trauma based mind control, we cannot understand our participation in the constructs put in place to keep it going.  We become unknowing participants, in perpetuating these systems.  It is difficult to witness how many people on the spiritual path, and how many practitioners and session providers, have this blind spot, and are unable to see the pervasiveness of this agenda.  This newsletter will be a bit longer, in order to try and uncover this matrix of control, piece by piece, so we can no longer be fooled by it. There is a connection between hidden forms of mind control, and the fact that so many humans are caught in pain traps and are being unknowingly manipulated by their sub-personalities.  When people become aware of this and can source manipulation, it ceases to have any control over them.  They also understand why it is crucial not to react to others out of anger or violence, which invites these dark forces in.  If we do not recognize and understand the dark forces, we cannot recognize and understand the light forces. The Soul and Mind co-exist together in an energetic reality that greatly influence each other, independent of any religious doctrine or scientific dogma. If you are incarnated in a human body on the earth, it means that both the experiences, and the structures of the mind and soul are intricately enmeshed with your true consciousness. The Soul body is not ruled in its natural existence by any form of Religion, just as the mental body is not ruled in its natural existence through any form of Psychology. Humanity must get past the limitations of polarized thinking and engaging in circular debates that label people who experience their personal Soul nature, as religious zealots or as delusional. As well as opening their hearts to the potential existence that the Soul is consciousness energy, which can be measured and quantified in the day-to-day activities of sentient beings. (2:23:04 minutes)
  2. Q & A: Discussion on how STS thinking has impacted the New Age with using prayers for personal material manifestation, which is related to the earlier awakening process when learning how to master the solar plexus and conscious mind in directing one’s personal will into manifest creations in the material world, how the Armageddon software as a mind control program is placed in the solar plexus, and can influence fears and phobias around experiencing cataclysms, these fears are perpetuated into the masses based on the original collective race memories from the Atlantian Cataclysm, general causes of imbalanced solar plexus is conflicts over use of power, power abuses, and the necessity to balance a strong will with harmlessness and self-leadership, Guardian host position on opposing the use of deception to control the masses, and the difficulty in unifying earth disclosure from multiple dimensional levels within many off worlder groups, the history of breeding programs by the refugee races to control human reproduction on the earth, the control made over the females womb to remove choice in procreation in order to infiltrate bloodlines and create hybrids, how these factors led to sexual misery programming, false parents that interrupt the Mother and Child bond, setting up the male-female splitting and incompatible marital relationships,  the infiltration of the elementals on the earth to gain control of the planetary brain, distorted the marijuana plant spirit, how dark forces see Star people are different through their ray colors when they incarnate on the earth, most tracking of Starseeds is done from the astral plane. (1:13:17 minutes)
  3. Developing Self Awareness - In this meditation we will hold our intention to clear obsolete energies recorded in our three lower chakras or energy centers.  The first three chakras are directly related to developing SELF-AWARENESS. It is vitally important to have these chakras or energies in balance before moving on to higher spiritual realms of awareness, moving into the higher chakra configurations and correcting the color ray correspondences. Bring your focus to your root energy areas, the perineum, down, around  and in-between your legs,  and draw up the Aqualine blue plasma light to circulate into these areas. As you imagine the blue plasma light swirling throughout your lower body circuitry, Intend to identify and locate any density, negative energy or artificial programming that needs to be cleared and removed from the unconscious mind energies, intend to focus on your 1st energy center or Root Chakra and  remove all Saturnian influences and any planetary reversals that are no longer serving your highest expression and consciousness growth. Beloved Holy Presence of God, my highest Christ Self, I ask with all of my heart, mind and body to direct me to cultivate and develop personal self-awareness, in all of my thoughts, behaviors and actions, Please assist and support me in every way to clear obsolete, negative and artificial systems which interfere or obstruct my ability to balance my lower chakra energies, and achieve balanced self-awareness (30:16 minutes)

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