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Genetic Mutations

Ascension Class January 2016

This is the class for Wednesday, January 20th, 2016.


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  1. GENETIC MUTATIONS: Those of us participating with our Ascension and evolutionary development are enduring a very complex process of consciousness embodiment and Lightbody changes, as we bring new DNA imprints into the physical world at this time. This means that what was previously an instruction set written into the unmanifest blueprint, which was held as a genetic imprint in our Lightbody, is translating itself into the manifest and becoming physical. The first Ascending groups, primarily the spiritual families of Starseed and Indigos that incarnated for this purpose, are enduring challenges that greatly impact the function and operation of their physical body for this reason. These new DNA configurations are specifically related to sections that code protein chains. Protein coding genes communicate messages that are sent to the body in order to control its functioning. This spiritual alchemy is only possible while incarnated in an ascending human body. When we embody our higher spiritual bodies, it has an impact on our physical body’s metabolic pathways. Specifically, we experience changes in how the body synthesizes proteins and transfers energy into the mitochondria of the cell. (See Citric Acid Cycle or Krebs Cycle) What is transpiring at the physical levels of human bodily evolution, is expanding into new human race DNA configurations or Genetic Mutations, during this timeline. The higher level of DNA becoming activated now through new protein coded genes is unprecedented on the earth plane. Proteins are assembled from amino acids using information encoded in genes. Proteins perform a vast array of functions within our body. This includes catalyzing metabolic reactions, DNA activation and replication, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one location to another. This change impacts the planetary cellular record and further changes the configuration of particle matter composition and how that is arranged in the raw material of the human body(2:06:52 minutes)
  2. Q & A:  Discussion regarding recent community clearing work on King James I of England and the King James Bible connected to the reversal cross architecture in UK, this structure is the adverse Sephiroth or dark matter template attached to the Albion body, runs false Jesus holograms and Imposter Jesus figures, the guardian perspective about Adam and Eve in the bible being closely matched to our memories of Christ-Sophia of hierogamic union before the fall, and how that can be used to control or manipulate people’s consciousness, discussions on supporting EMF over exposure and neurological stress through reducing inflammation and helping the bodies immunity, ways to strengthen the neurological system through natural sources of metal chelation and neurotransmitter support when there are physical symptoms present, like restless leg syndrome, discussion and support tools about the common ways we experience dark interference and manipulation during sleep state and everyday life, clarity on the process of the hub handshake with the trinity wave of unity intelligence, and how the trinity wave pokes holes in the net and recodes the NAA artificial bi-wave vesical Pisces geometry in the planetary grid, discussion on types of walk ins and how they are changing on the earth since 2000 and with the Krystal Star 2012 hosting changes. (1:07:16 minutes)
  3. Clear Mitochondrial Record: In this meditation we will hold our intention to identify, locate and clear our mitochondria functioning and its genetic record to prepare for higher functioning that allows DNA activation. The human mitochondrial genome contains the entirety of hereditary information contained in human mitochondria. Mitochondria are small structures in our cells that generate energy for the cell to use, and are the "powerhouses" of the cell. Through the energy called ATP generated in our mitochondria, is the potential energy that can be consciously directed to plug in, build and activate our higher DNA. This occurs through the bonding of male activation codes and female base codes on the double helix DNA ladder. Holy presence of God, my Avatar Christ self, please correct and heal all spiritually abusive messaging in my Mitochondria, and female consciousness and principle. I consecrate and dedicate my mitochondria and cells to only receive beneficial and positive spiritual messaging as governed by the natural laws of God, and my highest expression of divinity. With all of my intent, I consecrate my mitochondria and cells as sacred objects dedicated to the purpose of God, for the reclamation of Christ Sophia on earth, I command this space and all of my tissues and body parts governed through the divine intelligence of God fully and completely now. (33:42 minutes)

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