Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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We are memorializing our Friday Session. Today is August 4th of 2017. As we come together to connect and hold this space, beloved holy presence of God, may we open all channels of light. Feeling that movement in the deep inner core of our own vertical channel. Though our vertical, horizontal, diagonal spherical connection, fully connected to the eternal living light.

As we open this session in service to Cosmic Sovereign of One we call in our God self, the Avatar of Ascension, our Guardian Krystal Star host beloveds, all those aligned to Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, please join with us now in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite, light, love and power. From across the omniverse we ask you to join with us now.

For a moment, feeling the next frequency calibration occuring through the hierogamic field. There is a tremendous amount of change that  is happening within the intergalactic magnetic field. We're in a very intense and unusual time. A lot of what we as Starseeds have been working with and working for many years now, is coming full circle. 

Strengthening our foundation and spiritual energetic communication links between the heart, mind and body of God, our holy Mother, holy Father, holy Christ Sophia, our families in Christ and into this moment of time and the now self, grounding that connection.

In bringing forth some clarity on current cosmic weather with the attempt to bring it into a more tangible experience in this moment of self. Certainly many of us may be feeling deeply intense changes happening in the magnetic field, this impacts our brain chemistry and brain processing. Many of us may be experiencing more suspended states of nothingness and sheer beingness, as we are disconnected from the lower mental body fields. As well as our orientation within time and space is shifting and we may be feeling the incredible intensity that is the period of time that we are entering right now.

Today is August 4th and within today's particular date stamp is that relationship of the double harmonic of four equaling eight and of course in the 2017,  the 1 plus 7 equals the numerology of eight. So we have a partial section of numerical code which is relating to a four day phase between now and 8th which opens a particular gateway or intergalactic portal. That holds for another four days where we go into magnetic peak cycle during the weekend of the 12th,  and that's going to as well hold for probably another 4 to 8 days until midweek, with the event of the American Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Additionally, in the third week of August there are particular stellar body configurations that are supporting this consciousness shift in the time rift occurring right now.

In attempting to bring words to express this, the starseed people, those of us that have come here for this specific mission of repairing the energetic grids and geometries have known for a while now that the artificial grids and AI timeline networks are used by the controllers, both human and nonhuman, to maintain the 3-D artificial reality within the inhabitants of this planet to maintain the prison planet enslavement status. At this time, as we discussed many times, we have the dueling agendas of the AI countermeasures which are the attempt to maintain a particular rift in the time space continuum which has been used to power this particular reality bubble or holographic version of the third dimensional reality which has been used as a suppression of the consciousness of our planet.

As we start to put together some of the pieces of the AI technology used to generate a false timeline reality, a false energetic bubble, this is something that has been discussed many times with the understanding of the false AI networks. The reversal networks which feed into the false timeline holograms, which keep the collective consciousness cycling in a window of time, in a limited parameter within the time space continuum. Which is actually very similar as a pen or a frequency fence which keeps peoples thoughts, beliefs, and what people believe is the nature of reality in a very limited form of illusion, delusion, misinformation and disinformation.

And so, as we have been talking about the psi ops on the public this year, and specifically the agenda for focused psi ops on the people in the Americas. The United States is the epicenter of directing much of the most successful psi ops that are mainstream. Most probably because the headquarters or the housing of the most sophisticated alien technologies and abuses have existed within this particular landmass and the strong arm and the bullying of the US in it's militarized power has been used as a front for hiding the negative alien agenda behind many of the secretive agendas or isolated spaces where they have bases where this technology is being broadcast. Certainly the tip of South America and Antarctica comes to mind. Understanding that this is being funded, harbored and supported by those who are controlling mainstream psi ops in the United States. Therefore, the psi ops agenda for the direction and targeting of the AI is more specific here to maintain control over the population here. The delicate balance of maintaining control is to create an environment where people are suppressed and zombielike without questioning authority, so that they can still function in feeding the 3-D mind control mechanism, going to work, paying their taxes, going to the merry-go-round medical system and feeding that Satanic organization. Their agenda now is to keep people in the delusion bubble long enough while they are attempting to wield and maintain their control over this AI mind controlled reality, which is desired to keep people staying suppressed within many of the things we discuss. Recognizing the intensity of that agenda, the psi ops against the American people specifically, is much more pronounced for those reasons.

At the same time there is an incredible optimism and positive development in the intergalactic and solar spaces which allows those of us that are starseeded and awakening on the path of spiritual ascension, on the path of an open heart, to be able to reach these higher frequency spaces much more easily. If we are able to free ourselves from the targeted mind control which is designed to keep us within those limited parameters within the lower 3D AI software constructs.

During this period of time, because the gateway and portal is opening, we understand that the psi ops or the AI targeting direction becomes much more intense to try to suppress any of the positive spiritual effects that could happen in the population. This is a strange time for that reason. August is gearing up to be very intense because major cosmic events are now occurring that are changing solar activity and intergalactic plasma, the intergalactic magnetic field. There is a magnetic field change that is impacting the planet and the sun at the same time.

Think of magnetic field, changes in the magnetosphere, we know the magnetosphere is connected to the global brain and has been used as a part of mind control suppression, many of the Victimizer programs and archetypes we know are put in the magnetosphere global brain in order to keep those archetypes and belief systems of the delusion/ illusion, AI reality illusion, alive and well on planet Earth. And so recognizing that there are holes in those layers of the frequency fence that have been put in the magnetic field of the Earth.

There is also a change that has occurred in the solar body, the sun, where the magnetic pole has flipped and has a different interaction and alchemy with planet now. So the sun and Earth magnetic interplay is and has changed its pattern. This has another extension of magnetic effect upon us further beyond the sun. In this time period, what we are entering goes beyond the solar magnetic flip and into, I want to say, the inter-planetary magnetic field, beyond solar into galactic and even into cosmic portals which allow interaction, interplay and connection with the intergalactic magnetic field of carriers of cosmic ray plasma transmissions. Which are filled with geometric instruction sets designed to support the silicate matrix awakening, 12 strand DNA Diamond Sun Body awakening and the unification, the Hierogamic field, the restoration of the balance between the masculine and feminine. In these geometries, which immediately comes to mind as the 12:12 spin, the 13:13 spin, the Krystic math which allows the Hierogamic template and resurrection template of the solar body to become available to the planet and humanity at this time.

So in bringing this feeling, this download, that occurred in the middle of the night and awakening to the words “the healing of the solar rift has begun” and recognize the wall in time and the ring of fire that has been discussed as a rip in the fabric of space-time and a section of the solar bodies which are part of the ray configurations of our Krystal self. Again, coming into mind with the 2nd core sun of creation, the RA sun. When we think of the seven core tones of creation as the suns of the origination on all the Krystal consciousness, the Christ consciousness, we have the KA, we have the RA, all the way to KA RA YA SA TA AA LA. Each of these are suns. The particular emphasis is on the RA sun at this time which has direct correlation in the healing of the masculine and feminine sacred union archetype in our body. For the starseed person, for the Krystic person, this is also what's known as the solar transfiguration or the resurrection of the lunar into the solar flame. So this comprises a lot of the groundwork that has been laid with the solar transfiguration of the second dimensional sphere and what we know as the moon chain lineages and the shadow forms and the 2D/4D soul split problems in humanity. This is what has created soul fragmentation and soul inversion on the planetary body. 

So this announcement of this period of time that we are entering is very important for our planet, for humanity, for all of us. It involves a lot of intensity because it increases, as we know, the territorial conflicts over the battle, the war over consciousness, the battle for Earth territories and control over the souls here. At the same time, knowing that as a part of the Guardian host families, the Krystal Star families and part of the starseed families that we are here with the privilege and opportunity to be embodying the ascending prototype of these new geometric transmissions which are reconfiguring our bodies at multiple levels and dimensional layers. This is very positive for all of us and yet recognizing the challenge that does present in the 3D world in those that may be uninformed and unaware that this is happening.

What is I feel very important at this time, especially for community and for ourselves, is during this heightened access time, because it's a wild-card time of intensity and there's a lot of gateway portal openings that allow access into areas we've not had access to before, at the same time those that are duking it out for their power over gaining control over their territories, over the fallen aspects, this will heighten this month because of the portal opening. Obviously they know it's a portal of opening and they'll do whatever they can to distract, divert, suppress and enslave, the usual type of dark force antics. So this is a period of time to be hyper alert, hyper aware; especially if you leave your home advantage. This is a time to really stay low, stay protected and not travel so much, especially in airports, or on airplanes. This is a time to stay close to home and really take good care of yourself. Because these frequencies are extremely intense they can also be challenging for the body in the initiation, integration and absorption phases and we're in that phase now. We could absolutely call this time a spiritual initiation, integration, and absorption phase into a new geometric template which is related to a resurrection template to rehabilitate solar, the group collective solar body of this planet.

I feel like this is rippling out into the awareness but it presents as a challenge for the opposing forces that are attempting to maintain their AI version of 3D reality. The challenge is we entering a period of time in this four-day opening into this portal period on the 8th and it is the healing of a solar rift. This appears to be a vulnerability in the solar body. So we would look at the sun or the solar body and we think of the consciousness of the solar body and recognizing the sun represents a part the connection of the world soul on planet Earth. There has been a rip in, I want to say a toroidal rift, a solar rift, in time and space that has been used to capitalize the reversals that are run on this planet to maintain the AI version of the 3D timeline. It's like saying, the solar rift, a fracture or rift in the solar body, had allowed this wall in time, this rift in time, and this had allowed the black hole entities and those of the Black Sun agenda that work with the WWII timelines to maintain the Nazi Black Sun agendas. This militarized war program is on this planet because a part of the maintenance of the enslavement structures is dependent on the militarization and the belief and glorification of the military and war as something that is needed and necessary. Once war is eradicated they lose their trump card, literally and figuratively, and so the push is to maintain that militarization, the war program.

So the solar rift connects to a toroidal rift in a phantom which has been used as a means to either section black holes or maintain an energetic quantum that allows the propagation of this AI hologram around our planet to run this software. It is like forcing the planet to run in reversal, forcing ley line currents, telluric current, to move in the opposing direction than it would naturally. There is a type of AI technology that is used to run these holograms which are what we are talking about in keeping a frequency fence, an atomic harness, around the inhabitants of this planet, the majority of this planet. It seems the headquarters or epicenter center for that particular agenda is in the United States. Again, that's why its mainstream psi ops is the most intense this year, as they are pulling out all the stops of their AI technology quantum computing, AI programming to do the brain mapping, to interfere with the synapse firing and to circumvent the firing of the synapse in the human brain in order to control the brain chemistry and brain impulses. This is very important to them right now during this period of time as they attempt to keep people asleep, suppressed and yet able to function in 3D control structures. They want people to go to work and pay their taxes. They want people to stay in the status quo and function enough but not question anything. It feels like they are fine tuning that type of mind control, experimenting with that mind control on the people during this time.

Simultaneously, this is a positive development about the change in the solar rift, I feel like this is a crack. It's not a coronal hole. The coronal hole in the sun has been very present with me in recognizing the coronal hole presence in the sun right now is showing us where the transmissions are occurring in an accelerated rate through the solar wind which is initiating neutrinos and protons. This is something that is about returning the Mother aspect, Cosmic Mother aspect, which is working in partnership with the Father aspect to bring in it that union of poles, the synthesis of polarity. But recognizing the coronal holes are broadcasting an extreme amount of solar wind. This may also be relative to this time of magnetic peak cycle. We've we just got a doozy happening right now where we have changes in solar activity which have healed or unified a portion of the solar rift in the solar body which in the microcosm of the world soul of the individual soul of the human being on this planet equates to a healing of a soul fracture, a unification of soul parts, the potential of the soul to become embodied in the physical person. It is like saying that macro healing of the solar rift would be the same as saying the healing of soul fragmentation where soul has been torn or through trauma and ripped apart, portion of soul integrated and merged into whole to communicate and fill that rift with solar light and cosmic light transmissions. There's something occurring which is healing or let's say offering a healing template, a resurrection template, for the soul body. It feels it's not the monad body but it's the soul body. It's the solar body resurrection template for the world soul and collective consciousness of this planet which allows a potential integration of soul which was not easy or available in this way prior to this period of time.

So this has been what feels to me a Guardian project, a family of RA project. Recognizing somehow the healing of the solar rift, the healing of the soul fracture in the solar body is directly correlated to the RA sun in the seven higher heaven universes of which the families of RA or confederations of RA, these families are not from this universe, they are in the seven higher heavens, they are from Andromeda. The communication with that RA sun accessed through 14th dimension, it is the healing of that RA Sun in this universe. It is like saying the extension of the RA Sun and the seven higher heavens into the fallen aspect of this section, this quadrant, of the universe, where there was a ring of fire which was created from this wall in time. A type of the rift, a tear, a break in time space fabric that affected the sun, the solar body and this is a fracture, a phantom rip in the solar body. I can't say if the entire rift has been healed but there is a momentum and a process that we are a part of right now with the sun. The solar activity that is leading us through a process of a extremely positive development in the healing of the solar body which at the microcosm level, at the individual level, allows more people on planet Earth that are able to free themselves from the AI mind control. Again, the critical mass of understanding the control mechanism that's in play on this planet and refusing to believe the lies and the disinformation that we are all being told, recognizing that is happening. If a person can get to that point with an open heart it feels the extension of the soul… is it in its entirety? I can't say in its entirety, but the soul that is healed and not fractured is able to be connected or absorbed in the human body at this time in a way that was not previously available.

This is extremely positive for Earth, extremely positive for all people on the awakening path and extremely positive for starseed people, for indigo people, for people that do have this awareness because this is a strength in the foundation of the solar body of which we have access to a resurrection template beyond the time rip, beyond that AI false timeline propagation on planet. It really feels this is a time of the split of that artificial timeline capture, soul capture. It is an immunity to that. It is an elevation beyond that. It is the bifurcation of time which separates us from the AI software frequencies being targeted to us in the ways that they have been previously.

So, something very big is happening in the protection of all of us as starseeded people, as awakening people, as those dedicated to the Christ mission and as well this special extension of the Family of RA which felt extremely important in this particular solar healing. The healing of a solar rift which is connected to a rift or rip in the time space fabric where phantom hole, blackhole access, to project AI to this Earth to promote all of this false technology, alien technology, this delusion, these false holograms that they are projecting, targeting and spraying on the people of this earth. This event, this change in solar activity, this healing of the solar rift, directly impacts their capacity and ability to use AI directed towards the inhabitants of Earth in the same way.

Now again, as we know we have the problematic situation of many people on our planet today are still very much believing in the 3D system they have been told is the nature of reality. This is the understanding of the hiccup in the countermeasure will be to try to harvest and develop those people that do really have vested interest in the 3D reality and really believe in the Controller structures, the government structures, in the money structures and in all of this. That's the challenge we are dealing with at this time on planet. But the good news is that this has really supported movement foreword in this solar body healing, in the soul body healing of the inhabitants of this planet, the collective consciousness world soul healing, the ability for the people of this planet to be able to slide into, and I feel it that way, as a slide, as a glide into soul healing. If there is a glimmering, an opening in the heart to align that person with the higher emotions of humanity, empathy, compassion, unconditional love, connection with living things, connection with nature, this allows us to feel this human part of us, our heart, which allows us to bond with this part of the solar body of which we can access our unique soul imprint from. So it's like thinking solar body connection to the individual, which allows the transmission of that person's unique energetic signature in their soul to be broadcast directly to them through their neurology in their heart if they allow it, if they can be open enough in their body to receive it. This is much easier than before. As we know, once the persons central nervous system has been controlled by a AI it became very difficult for the person to embody their soul.  This feels like a very positive development with the hope that this will help many more people on this planet embody their solar consciousness, their soul self.

And again, in holding our gratitude and appreciation to all of our Guardian families, recognizing and realizing that many of us have been working on this in nighttime adventures, sleep state, through group projects that we may be involved. This is a really beautiful and optimistic development of being able to feel the progress that actually has been made.

Yet as we have been saying for some time, more of the challenge is recognizing those that haven't been given the privilege of this information or access that may not be aware that this is happening and those people are being, I feel that those people are being targeted. I really feel a different level of surveillance. I feel a different level of surveillance coming on in this month, maybe it was put into place in July and ongoing.

As we have noted and in speaking of this last week we seem to notice that the negative aliens and controllers take advantage of the Galactic Laws that are in play and tend to take advantage of not only the magnetic peak cycle but this July cycle between Gemini and Cancer which is basically the Summer Solstice of June 20th. We know the summer solstice until just the beginning of the magnetic peak cycle in the alchemical stage of Cancer and then we move into Leo. During this period of time because of the various levels of technology being able to gather quantum energy for the direction of these false timelines, AI timelines, that they project out, this is usually the time they do it. It is like they set the stage for the next annual cycle and I think this is the time they gather a lot of quantum energy and send out a lot of this AI quantum computing programming in order to put that in the grid networks to try to program their outcome in the field. They're trying to control the future direction of humanity. It's all about trying to program trigger events into the ley lines of planet, into the magnetosphere, and into the global brain of planet.

They program AI computing programs with World War II Holocaust and traumas that all of us on the Earth have suffered in different timelines in order to trigger those fears inside of us so that the collective consciousness will co-create that reality and replay that timeline again. They are always using previous timelines of trauma to control the human race, the negative alien invasion and the various Holocaust, Atlantean, Lemurian, wars, killing etc., and they program that through quantum programs that act like a software that run that program into the global brain. What they want is to get people that pick up the program and think that it is their own thoughts, their own fears, then if they get enough people to hold that thought then they can create disasters, wars or what have you. This agenda feels very intense right now. The programming directed to planet Earth in terms of the AI targeting for this purpose is very intense and it feels that it is specifically written with a different program code in the targeting of specialized groups in special genetic arrangements. This is another reason why I'm feeling star people stay home and lay low this month. Do not travel. Don't go into the airport security and into the scanners. There's something that is different in the surveillance that they're looking for at this time and it feels directed towards specialized genetics, specialized blood groups, specialized something. There is a recruiting happening for surveillance at a different level and probably to collect people into these specialty groups. It almost feels like there's one of these branches that is the dancing around with disclosure but it feels like it's more of a reorganization within the secret space programs or different groups that are monitoring changes on the Earth. They're trying to recruit different people and the attraction would still be for people that are very much into the Earth system which is money. The wooing or development of recruiting and grooming people for something. There is some kind of special project in the works of which a generalized surveillance in certain areas is being used to target certain individuals and it feels to me that star people are much more at risk for that.

This is not about creating a fear but it's recognizing that on one level when there's positive developments we also have to recognize the heated developments on the other side as these forces that AI, the controllers and negative aliens and their cooperatives that they work within are definitely working their technology to maintain control here. We’re not out of the woods yet and recognizing that the war is heated over planet Earth and over human consciousness. This is a time to be very careful about your whereabouts and take good care of yourself during this month specifically of August.

In deep love and gratitude to our Guardian family and just holding space for a moment in connecting with the healing of the section of solar rift in the solar body.

I remember a session about 10 years ago of which humanities purpose and creation was described from the RA consciousness level and the Lyran creator level and this exactly what we are talking about today The unification of the universe, the unification of the solar body, the healing of the wall in time and this rift was actually one of the purposes of us coming here into this universe. That was a part of the starseed mission, it was a part of humans coming into this fallen section. It was a mission that had been erased, our consciousness memories had been taken. It’s really interesting that it feels like there is a completion of that cycle, of that mission, where we are able to witness a progress in that way which is actually really beautiful and recognizing that the healing of the solar rift is happening now. This is a very big event for our planet and for all of us. This is something that we have been working towards for 250,000 years. This wall in time, this blackhole rip, that had been taken advantage of by these aliens and again there's something about how the black hole or this rip creates a phantom parallel where these entities can exist to there and capitalize on that black holes source as a reversal, as a way to push reversals into our solar system. It feels like when this rift is mended, when this rift is unified, it seals this phantom hole and it makes it impossible for that section, for that field, to be used in this way, because now it's filled with light. It's not like a black hole fragments, black holes space. It becomes connected with the solar body and in a sense you can’t access it from this point, wherever they were accessing it. 

It also feels that somehow in the transmission now, through this next four day period, if the solar rift in the solar body is being unified, is being healed, then the next stage of the 888 portal feels like as the solar rift unifies and there's an opening into a gateway that is cosmic or omniversal, which allows transmission of new ray source, this feels very connected to the Holy Mother and Father, Cosmic Mother/Cosmic Father, beyond the founder rays. This is the unification of Cosmic Mother and Father in the ray spectrum. So truly feeling like the ultimate transmission in Hierogamic union in bringing the balance of the male and female through this Cosmic Mother Father transmission. It feels like because the sun is healed in this solar rift it allows this gateway to open into that transmission which definitely feels very much the sacred union and Holy Mother/Holy Father at a cosmic power level coming together to unify creation, to claim creation and replace the AI with the organic timelines. It feels very much like the ascension, the organic Diamond Sun biology as it was supposed to be through this organic process of consciousness development and bio-spiritual expansion. This is a time of bio-spiritual expansion and I think catching an opening through what feels like there's something for everyone here.

This period of time allows solar body soul healing, soul fracture healing for the individual in a new way. And then this cosmic doorway that opens allows this transmission of the Cosmic Mother and Father which again, feels connected to the appropriate geometric alignments of that krystal spin, the merkaba completion of the Hierogamic union, the Krystic omniversal body, the unification of the Holy Mother and Father in the creation of a field that allows this transmission of the New Aeon, the Christos-Sophia throughout the cosmic planes. It feels really beautiful and very geometric, quite frankly. I really feel a tremendous amount of coding. This is once again supporting healing of that vesica pisces bi-wave architecture. This is a massive cosmic ray geometric transmission of instruction sets of unity of Holy Mother and Father in the restored balance of Hierogamic template and the resurrection of the Christ. This is the resurrection template of the union, the androgyny, of the two in a bodily form.

So again, it feels that the 888 window is a powerful window actually for Hierogamic union, but really we could say it is spiritual wholeness or Cosmic Christ consciousness. Then moving into the magnetic peak cycle, we will reach it’s apex, we’ll ride the wave from now and through the 8th and 12th through the portal and then into the magnetic peak. This feels like for some people, it could bring on some major changes in terms of future direction, shifting timelines, things become clearer about what's next in our life, through the spiritual initiation cycle. 

As well, we know the AI agenda with the negative aliens and controllers will take attempt to take advantage of this magnetic peak cycle and so there is going to be a lot of cross spiral collision, Krystal Spiral (tri-wave) versus Metratronic reversal spirals (bi-wave), so please be more discerning and aware of your surroundings.  Try to focus on your heart, stay low and at home in your home advantage during this time because there is a bit of a wildcard with that right now during this magnetic peak cycle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just holding space for a moment to feel if there any other impressions.

There is as well, just feeling the 888 alignment this year, there is a numerical genetic keycode to the Sirius consolation, the Sirian gateway, as well the Lion’s gateway as it's usually called. The 888 this cycle feels much larger than the Sirian portal. In this annual cycle it feels extended to cosmic and beyond levels of access. This year it feels really big and  what would feel like the bookend to the bifurcation split between AI and organic. I think that is entirely possible and may be what we are experiencing, witnessing and observing at this time.

In deep love and gratitude to our Guardian family, to all of us that are here present. Thank you, thank you for all you hold in alignment to this larger event, which is really a Guardian project for some time and to come to this point between the 8/4/2017 and the 8/8/2017 window, all those fours and eights is a completion of the soul solar rift healing.

As we know it is very interesting that the fourth gate in Giza and everything that represents a Solar Temple comes into the heart and the higher heart which is the fourth and eighth energy center resonance in the human body. Definitely resonates with those sections of our consciousness. This is a time of open heart, permanent seed atom activation beyond the soul body activation for those that are at that initiation level. What this feels like is a successful and positive development for the inhabitants of planet Earth and for that I'm extremely grateful to bear witness and have that awareness during this time.

In deep love and gratitude to our Guardian family and to all of us here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As we seal our field and communication.

And so it is.

We seal our field in unity, unconditional love and wholeness in the truth.

Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.

(Transcript of August 4th Session by Kim)