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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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How to Survive the Challenges of a rapidly changing Planet.

The creation physics are changing in how we exist in this time and space, (as a linear concept) and since our brains and conscious mind are wired to experience space/time linearly, this transition really puts our human brain into a loop! Most people I observe at this time are very confused by these changes, and that confusion is very painful to them. That is why developing a personal framework to understand what is happening now on the planet is important and key at this phase of growth to maintain serenity.

Learning the Language of Spirit, and working in alignment with Divine timing is crucial for maintaining personal sanity and staying integrated during our Ascension transformation!  As we are leaving 3D mechanics into the higher octave spiritual layers and their corresponding dimensions), this means the old behavior and way we have lived life is not currently working and will not work for us in the future. There is no forcing it or controlling it. Adaptability and flexibility are behavioral keynotes that are vital for us at this time.  

It is imperative to have some kind of practice, exercise or technique where one is connecting/communicating every day with our inner spirit, preferably AM and PM, until one has accomplished life as a walking meditation. Inner peace and neutral association to the increasing external chaos will be maintained once you reprogram your body and mind to be in its natural state and stay centered there.  


The spiritual evolution process is very coherent in that the full dismantling of old structures that have maintained the illusion of your security and attachment issues must be forfeited. With the changing physics of reality, you are asked to change your perceptions to that material illusion that X, (Whatever X is) equals = security and stability.

When the forces of transformation have come to visit, there is a specific order that it generally works with in polishing the diamond soul within. Knowing how these steps work is incredibly useful to putting together your evolutionary road map. 

1.      Ego Dismantling: Through the Law of Dissipating Structures, this means that what structure has been formed in your life ( ie energetics, family, home, work/money, beliefs) IF it is not in vibrational match with your soul purpose, it will be released, removed or transformed. In this part of the process you must “Let Go” and Surrender to your Higher Self. The more you resist the changes and mourn the releases as “loss” or “grief” the more suffering your ego will hold on to. This is a cycle of ego death through transformation and the re-balancing of the power given up or abused in your life. Example: If you have given your power away to enslave yourself to money as a stability and security issue (like most of us implanted in 3D to poverty consciousness) you will be stripped of this association. Money is not our security, Spirit IS. Spirit is Money and Abundance in our natural state of being and Money is an Exchange of our Time, Energy and Value. We are transforming our beliefs around money and value now. We are aligning to the natural laws of abundance and this comes from our alignment to true nature of the soul. As we are living in Purpose, In Truth , we will come to Know more Abundance than we can Imagine. 

2.      Law of Harmonics: All energetic structures exposed to your personal field either produce an energetic “resonance” or “discordance”. As the polarity is now amplified in the dimensional fields at this juncture, these effects are greatly amplified for our experience during this time.  As one's vibration changes and expands, as one drops ego programming, what is not vibrationally matched to your essence will dissolve to move away from you or raise its vibration to transform with you or build intense energetic catalyst to explode out of your hologram. ( I refer to this as the Volcanic Method of Clearing!)  More simply put, people, places or things will either drift away or explode into chaos to leave your sphere of influence. This severs those codependent relationships or circumstances to beyond any repair or hope for revival.  Example: Loss of Job, Loss of Relationships.

3.      Reprogramming:  One's identity will be stripped of its old outworn beliefs and exposed to new perceptions of itself and how the external is viewed from its process of individuation through the lens of soul. A self actualization starts to blossom and more levels of what is authentic to the soul essence becomes entirely more clarified and rarefied  Learning the Mystery of the Self and WHO you really ARE is educated through a series of learning experiences, such as tests, initiations and other interactions. You are learning to discern the Language of the Heart (Soul) and the ability to defer the Language of the Mind. Intuition becomes increasingly strengthened. In this period, you will usually be or feel isolated and not be in a primary relationship so that you are not overly distracted. One will be tested to not negotiate one's power away or compromise the inner self any longer with a new level of realized truths. Emotional transcendence by clearing the emotional charge and its pain residue is very heavy during these first three phases of growth. As one become less emotionally charged, you move into neutral association to the things that once created great pain for you.  One is able to see why these things have occurred in one's life and then becomes able to witness these events with acceptance and greater purpose.

4.      Verification:  One will start to put the new laws of energy and the new things that have been learned about the inner self  “Mysteries” and how this is working in one's life. These qualities are now put to the practical test in daily life experiences. This is the verification period of your spiritual truth and its gaining congruence with your inner core. You will start to ask many questions about your life purpose and how you want to exist as your authentic self and its role in the world.  What have I learned?  How do I bridge my spiritual truth with my physical world? Will I bargain or negotiate my inner truth for external comfort? What do I still have to let go of that creates constriction in me? Am I living in denial?  Do I need to dismantle more limiting beliefs and reprogram my thoughts? What feels right for me and what does not? This is the experience of learning to verify personal truth resonance. This resonance is the guiding light of your soul and higher spiritual intelligence. One learns to let go and follow this resonance over the external reality demands and its perceived obligations. 

5.      Integration:   The concepts of truth you have been seeking that were intellectual processes NOW activate and anchor in your cellular knowingness. The Higher Sensory perceptions you have cultivated now become emotional and direct cognition of understanding as an Observer. As the observer one is now maintaining a longer state of being in the “knowingness” rather than in the “blindness”.  One's spiritual translation and its communication is plugged into the body awareness and one may sense that they are connected at all times to a group, to it ALL. You are now in a two way channel of receptivity as a macro-cosmic orbit exchanging and giving and receiving life force energy, rather than in a one way channel attempting to connect in and receive transmission. One begins to integrate levels of wisdom to comprehend how to direct one's personal energies wisely. One may begin to integrate one's divine puzzle piece and understand one's place and our role in this world. This begins to activate the merge with soul purpose and blueprint. 

6.      Soul Blueprint and Purpose Activation:   This is the time in your ascension process when your soul purpose becomes very clear and you will magnetize all your resources and what you need to be of service in that purpose. Doors open and you walk through them easily. The task at hand becomes present in the now moment, and you learn when to retreat or take action. You will begin to share with the world this new authentic YOU by standing in your truth and personal power. The point of power is held in the neutrality towards the external events.  One will have continuous testing in this phase to maintain integrity with the inner core at ALL TIMES. Will you fall asleep again at the wheel to the 3D programming that tells you the opposite of what is your inner truth? Will you maintain your God power and trust when your faith is challenged? Will you release any need to be in control of outcomes or results? Will you release the logical mind’s Need to Know? Will you listen to the soul intelligence and Superconscious First? Will you conserve and maintain your God Power appropriately? Will your ego corrupt when your sphere of influence is increased by your soul’s growing World Affluence?

The important note is post integration is when the soul purpose is clear and the abundance to that process flowers open as it is supported by the Divine Forces. You are now aware of yourself and in mastery to such degree that you are in Service to the World through your purpose, your Truth, no matter what that is, the Universe supports your truth, in its blueprint. This is another reason why overflowing abundance does not shower us in our Reprogramming stage. Not only is the vibration change so radical its challenging to have anything to magnetize to your energy field, it is to NOT DISTRACT ONE FROM THE EMBODIMENT OF SOUL PROCESS.  

Complacency is the human’s worst enemy. One must be stretched to reach beyond what one may think their limitations are in order to release those perceived limitations. YOU are an Unlimited being. And you Are learning self and soul mastery on this physical plane NOW. Pay attention to your life lessons, be in gratitude for the Love and Support you are receiving and FORGE AHEAD. Never give up and see this for what it really IS. 

We have been given an opportunity to be the Ascension Guides for the World, the Universe, the OmniVerse and God Verses. We are changing the past, present and future all NOW. We are Healing to Unite this World to Allow Untold Life Forms in the Fallen Universes to experience a Living Matrix of Infinite Possibility connected to the ONE Expanding Source. It is beyond expression what profundity lies in these moments. Love and Appreciate who you Are, as the Infinite One.