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Correct Symmetry, Proportion and Ratios

Correcting the Symmetry Proportion and Ratios of our Merkaba body and remove the lunar forces.

Correct Symmetry, Proportion and Ratios Of Merkaba : In this meditation we will address Correcting the Symmetry Proportion and Ratios of our Merkaba body and remove the lunar forces that assigned coordinates to the Merkaba Star body through the Female Counter Clockwise Spin. We will work with two new Light Symbol Codes this evening. The first one will be the Tetrahedron, which is a four sides triangle or Triangular Pyramid, with the Aurora Element of Fire inside of it. The second Light Symbol Code is the Krystal Star of Azoth which has 6 points fused together in a full Unified Merkaba Star body – each point tones the Seven Sacred Suns of Krystal Star – KA RA YA SA TA AA LA.Beloved Krystal Star Unify the Spinning of Rotational Axis in the entire Merkaba Body Function for aligned Timeline. These constellation coordinate points are time vectors responsible for electromagnetic energy placement within spin points (counterclockwise, clockwise) and rotational axis. The rate of spin and axis of rotation at microscopic scales are the quantum mechanics which govern the measurement of time and space in our harmonic universe. So the rate of spin and axis will be different for each individual person, depending on the Ascension stage,  because this represents your personal timeline and where you are connected into the planet and Universal timelines.   We now ask for all obsolete lunar patterns, lunar forces to be transmuted in the Solar Fire. In your Mind, in the center of your brain - see a spinning Tetrahedron filled with the element of Aurora Fire. The Solar Fire is inside the Tetrahedron shape as it spins– now intend to bring the Tetrahedron from the center of your brain and drop it into your heart center. As you see the Solar Fire Tetrahedron drop into your heart it explodes into a vast white gold Fire that fills your entire Auric egg and ripples out into the Merkaba Body. Focus on the spinning tetrahedron inside your brain, see the white gold Fire sparking inside of it,  see it spinning faster the more you focus on it - once you get a lock on the spinning tetrahedron in your inner focus, intend to quickly drop it into your heart chakra.   As it merges in the heart chakra it will spark and expand white fire rippled moving in a 360 degree spiral outwardly expanding inside your Merkaba body. It amplifies and strengthens the entire Merkaba body to unify itself in its appropriate Krystal spin pattern to create a projected Orb body. (41:11 minutes)


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