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I am under some sort of spiritual attack and I am afraid for my life . Can you offer any guidance as to what to do to break free of it.  I think it's programming from lower astrals.  I could use a good exorcist or energy worker. Can you help explain how I get back on my feet.  I am almost dead. Please help.


Dear Lisa Renee,

My name is ___. I've been following your work that I first came across on spiritlibrary since sometime in 2010 and your blog has truly been a source of validation for the experiences that I've been going through. I've was able to validate step by step each and every experience that you shared with your readers and each experience matched mine.  

Except right now I'm going through heavy negative psychic attacks and oppression from negative entities. I had an experience back in 2010 where my kundalini was spontaneously awakened and I developed HSP (clairaudience, clairsentience and visions) but from that experience Im now continuously attacked by these dark entities. My synchronistic events have also increased and all I see around me are the numbers 9 and 42 constantly.

I just wanted to know how you were able to overcome demonic influence and negative attacks. I am currently getting help from an HGS steward who deals with removal of SPE’s by the name ____. I am also in contact with _____ seeking his assistance after I had requested the help because the negative attacks on my mind and physical greatly increased, and she contacted to assist me.  

The negative attacks are so heavy and oppressive. Ive had experiences (both positive and negative) with multidimensional selves, even a four year version of myself manifested in my presence one whole night and didnt speak but she had complete black eyes.  

I have also had overwhelming beautiful experiences where I was able to go back all the way the to the very beginning of creation and merged with Source in different versions of myself but had heavy interference during some of the experiences.  

I have had mother earth speak to me, I have also had the universe speak to me (literally) and also I have had experiences where I became mother earth, the universe and Source.  

I have had experiences (as multi- dimensional selves where I have interacted with some of my shadow or dark selves) from different timelines in the past and future.

Last year I went through an experience where I went through the process of ascension within my current physical body (In May 21st 2012) that manifested as psychotic breakdown after years of going through the deepest darkest form of the dark night of the soul (severe depression) and I still believe that Im still in the process of integrating my multi- dimensional selves and transmuting dark energies from different lifetimes and timelines through the ascension process. 

However, some negative entities attacking me have repeatedly said to me that they hate me with a passion because I "DIED" during the breakdown when I had an experience when something happened and I truly believed at the time that  I was going through a physical death process but seem to come to and I assumed that I had just passed out even though I had expected to open my eyes and be on the other side (spiritual realm). Instead, when I came to, I started receiving commands from a group that called itself 'The Guardian Alliance' who were giving me instructions, telling me that my consciousness had shifted timelines and I was now 3 multi - dimensional selves in one physical body - but it quickly turned into commands where I was told that demons were attacking me (Its hard for me to explain).  

These negative beings later explained to me (sometime this year 2013) that the reason they hate me is because I HAVE TRANSCENDED FEAR, DEATH AND SUFFERING within my 3D physical body through the ascension process and that during the psychotic breakdown of 2012, they were thrown out of my consciousness because a "CONTRACT" with them ended when they were NOT ready to "END THIS CONTRACT" and that they were transmuted out of my consciousness were they were feeding of off my pain, dark night night of the soul (severe depression) and suffering.

Days ago, I had beings that were singing on and on, that "We are beings, beings, beings from ORION!" and that something took place during the psychotic breakdown that I had (in 2012) when I was dying   (or DIED) and that its how they entered my consciousness. 

The attacks slowly became darker and darker and more oppressive even at the moment I'm typing this email. I am currently at a homeless shelter because my husband was also attacked (multi – dimensionally). What I mean is that I had an experience, where there were beings who were communicating with each explaining how they experiment on humans on earth but they have also experimented on or worked with beings from ORION.  

They explained that their task was to work with human's ability to physically manifest anything through covert mind control and auto - suggestion and that they dont know how "this thing/ability works" they make humans BELIEVE in some reality and somehow the reality just "magically changes" according to what a person believes and that I had been isolated from planet earth and placed into a reality that looked like earth (during the several years that I had debilitating severe depression) and that I wasnt even aware of it.  

It was sometime May 22nd 2013 this year when these negative entities were having this conversation, explaining that they had been mix and matching my husband and I (our multi - dimensional selves) through different timelines, experimenting and playing around with our consciousness. I did have experiences where we were moved across timelines and my husbands' persona was morphing into different personalities that were far from what my husband truly is... and he was even talking to strangers on his phone as they rapidly moved our reality through several different days (sun rise and sun set) within a span of a couple minutes and my husband was interacting with me like he did not even recognize me. 

Ive also been shown certain visions about where the problem may have come from pre- birth - I went through an experience that took 12 hours (in my home before I came to the shelter)where I was shown an experience (that still doesnt make any sense to me). I was put through torture, torment and suffering by these beings that walk in and out of my room (I could literally see them) while other beings narrated to me what I was going through. They explained to me that I go through this over and over and forget. They placed this suffering and tormenting process to be at about 10 billion years explaining certain portions of my current life experiences as a starseed. 

My husband wasn’t aware (still isn’t aware of these attacks) and how he was influenced to attack me (with my mother- in – law) on the grounds that I am mentally ill and my husband without warning threw me out of our home and marriage and I am currently at a homeless shelter because of the heavy negative attacks on my physical and spiritual reality. I was able to see an entity super - imposed upon my mother- in - law that looked like a red Draconian, that warned me that I was infringing on its territory where it had a certain portion of humans under its control (their group consciousness) as a part of my astral digestive system was being unwound out of my body for several hours. 

 It was during this incident May 24th 2013 that both my Husband and Mother - in - law suddenly threw me out of my home of 10 years and completely cut off communication going as far as placing a protective order against me and then there have been a lot of confusion back and forth through the system making it so hard for me to reach out to them and trying to explain and defend myself through the court system. 

These negative entities have the ability to affect technological devices, influence the people around me at the same time oppress me by clouding my perception and clarity of thought and at the same time attack my body. They can create synchronistic events in an attempt to further break me down and re- traumatize me through my past traumatic experiences. 

These negative entities have revealed to me how they attacked my husband and I and influenced him and my mother - in - law to attack, throw me out and cut me completely off communication. I never once had any life threatening arguments or altercation with my husband to cause this mentally exhausting situation 

I am currently using tools provided by you under HGS Manual through the help the HGS Steward. I try to create the 12D shield and say prayers, affirmation and mantras but these entities are able to use visual slides, audio inserts to manipulate the frequency of my prayers and mantras and use offensive visual slides to hamper the creation of the 12D Shield, however I have also received tremendous higher dimensional assistance in creating the 12D shield  and also assistance through physical body autonomous self implant removal.  

However, the attacks still persist and my body is constantly morphing (etherically or astrally) 24-7, where it feels like different parts of my body are mutating or moving unnaturally and parts of my body seem to be overlayed with an unseen symbiote like organism that feels like the strange black ET entity from spiderman 3 that bonds with his body. This entity "thing" targets my chakra areas especially my throat and thoracic region. Sometimes when I hold my breath, it appears to slough off even though it has that life like "sea urchin" like movement on my body.

I think there are several different N.As influencing, attacking and affecting me and are able to cross over from my dreams (the dream world) into the physical realm. As I speak to you now they are moving in and around my body cause me so much suffering and discomfort.

I have attempted to go to church because I NEED PHYSICAL RELIEF and the attacks have increased to a point where the beings have taken control over my bodily functions like my breathing, heartrate, digestive system, swallow reflex etc They are able to create false emotions and warp my perception of reality. I am also sexually manipulated as a way of harnessing energy. 

I had an experience where something was roughly implanted into my throat area and then forced to swallow whatever it was and my body has been spending more time healing my throat area, my central nervous system, my brow area and my crown chakra areas. Since I am clairaudient I receive mixed messages, some of the audio and visual slides appear looped and I am currently just trying to find my way through this confusing and heavily oppressive experience.

I am writing this email because I am seeking help from or any of your contacts. I just need support, and any resources that can be offered to help get rid of this negative attacks especially on my physical and mind.

Please keep on doing what you do, I always look forward to your articles because your work validates my experiences and feeds my mind, body, spirit, soul and consciousness. Thank you so much for what you do and Im sending you so much love and blessings.

Hi Lisa!

I just had one question that I hope you can provide me with some answer. In the end of June 2011 my american girlfriend started to go into trance from out of the blue. She had no experience and no intention about this and suddenly we're communication with our Trinities. Although I have some good experience when it comes to channeling, I've never came across anything like this.They have been communication mostly through her, via computers, Skype and even on FB!! ( yes, believe it or not) I think I have talked with them at least 20 times.
They have been extremely lovely and kind in so many ways, but after a month we came under heavy fire from other entities. And this has been really bad!
I'm so happy for everything I have received from you and ES, especially all the meditations and clearing programs. I feel so much better now and I wish I had that information earlier. Anyhow, I have sent you two short files where they have explained about themselves. 

I do hope this is okay. Just want to know what your feeling is about it and if you have came across this before.
These frenzy attacks from the other entities are really bad and have taken a toll on us and our relationship.
For some reason they want us apart...and they are not giving up!

Hello dear Lisa Renee, 

I have been following your articles which have been an excellent complement for all the guidance I have been receiving by my Higher Self and I AM Presence. 

A few days ago my senses were activated in such a way that I can now sense more clearly the presence of negative beings in the astral and connect all they do to me to all the symptoms I have experienced all my life as well as my loved ones. I know this is the part you mentioned in one of your most recent posts about "dark arts training".

I have a question regarding multidimensional portals though, as no matter how many times I attempt closing them, the negative entities keep opening them. Also, I use a pendulum to be able to state my commands as it amplifies my connection but the negative beings manage also to stop my pendulum and the effect of the commands. 

Here are just a few of my commands, the ones that seem to be the ones that prevent me from getting rid of these beings permanently, or at least even temporary: 

-I AM Unconditional Love manifest in each particle and part of my being, removing, detaching from me, my pendulum and my home permanently and transmuting permanently from myself, my mom, my cat, my house in all octaves, dimensions and densities with the most powerful and highest vibrating energy of unconditional love from my I AM presence and God, and 12D Liquid Silver Light and 12D shield Light, with the assistance of the Aurora Guardian Family: (in this part I added a set of commands to remove all kinds of harmful entities and factors but wanted to add this one as it is how I begin) 

-Close permanently all multidimensional magnetic negative, neutral and positive portals from my computer, mirrors, doors, cupboards, cat’s cot, glasses and windows, beneath beds, desk and other areas and spaces at home and seal them permanently to prevent them to be reopened with the 12D shield, the energy of the highest vibration of Unconditional Love of my I AM Presence and God in all dimensions, octaves and densities. 

I added also along with the first one, in others some of the recommended commands you have added in your last posts. But my problem mostly is portals and interference in my pendulum. So my question is, do you have any additional information regarding these issues? 

I am also noticing that these beings cause all kinds of discomforts by injecting poisonous substances including drugs, in small doses, or maybe even in greater doses, but I can really smell all of them. Thank you very much.

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your story and supporting  all in ascending. I can relate to many aspects. As a child I experienced mind control programming both human and reptilian. According to my father on his deathbed, I was the only one strong enough to resist.  However the impact has been huge and most of my energy this lifetime has been clearing so I can fully awaken this lifetime and fulfill my purpose. I am 57. I have been able to clear much of the interference /programming with many different tools and guidance from my higher Self and higher light beings.  My partner and I called on Archangel Michael for assistance.

However key areas in my life that seem still "stuck" are sexuality, manifestation and creativity.  No matter how much I have brought love / forgiveness to these areas (lots of sexual abuse as part of the mind control programming) and clearing on the multidimensional and genetic lines these areas have not healed so far. I am so keen to heal and move on. What tools would you recommend?

Thank you for your assistance.  I honour your dedication and willingness to be where you are through a challenging and uplifting journey.  Love and blessings to you.

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