Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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House of EgoAugust 2013

Internal Structures of Ego

Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

During the Double Grand Trine astrological event at the end of July we entered another period in the Ascension timeline, which created a frequency split and a timeline split. This splitting in the timeline is that which narrows down the direction of the energetic pathway we are traveling. During this time there is another shift forward that holds both endings and beginnings, many of us are now being propelled into new a territory direction, career, or residence. As each of us on the planet is pushed to makes choices from either the higher self or the ego self, these mental attitudes define the parameter of energies that we exist within as multidimensional beings. This means our mental state greatly impacts the internal energies within our aura, and we can be blasted quickly by the boomerang of ego thoughts. It is clear that the quality of our mental state and thoughts are relevant to the quality of energies that we may experience in our daily life. As one can imagine asking the question, how many thoughts are you having per day? 50,000? 100,000? The amplified power behind the quality of vibrational energies that drives internal thoughts has greatly accelerated. One reason is that the membranes that separated collective mind fields on the planet are in the process of dissolving. The dissolution of planetary mind membranes creates an expanding energy field, which contains more extremes within the collective mental energies coalescing together. As extreme energies coalesce, also known as polarity integration, this brings an increase of electrical charge and chaos to the environment. Further, the combination of these extreme collective mental energies can blend into our personal aura much more quickly. If one is not able to discern the quality of energy behind thoughts, it can embed in our aura and install layers of confusion, which obfuscate the true circumstances.


Before we would manifest outward behaviors relative to an internalized ego thought, and there would be a consequence to that action that we could see playing out on the external. Now there is no external action required for the immediate consequence of the quality of internal thoughts. We are in a field in which the consistent state of internal thoughts, manifests instantaneously upon the internal and external simultaneously. Thus, our internal mental state and quality of thoughts have a great impact upon us before we even have the chance to act upon them. This is the difference we encounter now with the state of internal thoughts. The state of the Internal Structures of Ego has a great consequence on the quality of energy we experience throughout our daily life.

At this time, we have an incredible number of timeline potentials which allow for alternate directions in our spiritual ascension. This phase places a forced transformation upon our entire being, which changes the direction of where we have been focusing our energy and attention. The process of being aligned to the Ascension timeline has those of us embodied to serve that purpose, being squeezed through the myriad of different potentials, possibilities and probabilities. Our spiritual-self commitment level, energetic signature and design of our consciousness stream is put into play now, more than we have experienced on the planet before. This gives this phase a push comes to shove sensation, which brings with it a sense of urgency and possibly some confusion. This in effect is compared to a massive routing and transit which is taking place in the internal world of souls and the external world of people. Many of us are in a state of transformation and change which leads to a new transit in the timeline. Those connected to their spiritual source, or in communication with spirit, are being transited and moved by their spiritual intelligence. Those disconnected from their spirit are propelled through ego identity forces and are being transited by their ego intelligence. This transit is related to the degree of ego structures in full control over the body, which greatly impact the vibrational quality of the overall auric field.  For obvious reasons the movement governed by ego is not preferred, as it has misery, separation and isolation attached to the experience. As many of us know by now the ego is perpetually miserable and unhappy, with few glimpses of relief stemming from material or instant gratification. We are in a heavy learning curve where the opportunity to clear the Internal Structures of Ego has a very strong repercussion in the quality of our life.

Law of Structures

There are Universal Laws governing structure, architecture, which exist at both energetic levels of pre-matter and physical levels of matter, for absolutely everything in existence. Most of the pre-matter knowledge of these Universal Laws of Structure is kept hidden within the secret societies, such as the many allies organized around the pyramid of Masonic Orders. Fundamentally the name Mason means Builder. To be an expert builder or craftsman, is to understand the principles and laws governing building a structure in both the macrocosm and microcosm. In this example, the Law extends the knowledge to exist both at the pre-matter level of the energetic-spiritual blueprint, as well the manifested result of the structural form in matter. This advanced knowledge gives the builder access, to understand the collection of energetic resources in a structure and how to direct those energies, or world of forces for some intentional purpose. Obviously, the energetic purpose of the structure must be defined by the architect-builder and can be designed as either intentionally destructive or intentionally positive for humanity. This same Law of Structure applies to all things in the macro-micro that have form; monuments, churches, skyscrapers, businesses, organizations, communities, houses, altars and even websites.  This moves consecutively down to the collective human level which impacts energetic behavior directly leading all the way to an individual’s mind, body and spirit.

Most of us are aware that the controlling factions and Archontic Deception of the N.A.A. infiltrated secret societies to abuse and corrupt this Universal Knowledge and its energetic relationship to the planetary consciousness technology. This knowledge remains hidden from the masses, who in most cases are unable to perceive the manipulation of structures, both physically and energetically designed to enslave humanity. For purposes relating to taking back control over one’s own mind, body and spiritual consciousness, we are discussing the foundation of the Law, as it is relevant to become aware of the Internal Structures of Ego operating in one’s body. 

    • All Matter in the Universe is composed of layers of Vibrating Energy
    • All Consciousness Energy Vibrates and manifests in accordance to a Higher Law or Principle governing the Structure or Body
    • The Geometric Form (blueprint + intention) determines the Energetic content and Vibration within the Structure or Body
    • The more perfect the Geometric Form (blueprint + intention) the more perfect the Energy Content and Vibration is harmonized
    • Consciousness Energy, Life Force or Spirit is constantly moving and transforming. Energy cannot remain stagnant and must follow the Structure within the Form, which creates change
    • Change is both essential and inevitable for Evolution, which is a blueprint of Spirit inhabiting Form

When we apply this Universal Law to improve the energetic structures living inside our own physical form or improve other types of structures we have operating in our lives, we will achieve beneficial, clear and efficient results. This is because we intend to live in harmony with the Law. All energetic structures, containers, houses, bodies or entities, must be defined to determine the energetic content and vibration within the structure. It is important to understand that this is a Universal Law governing energy and form. (See the third item) If the energetic or physical structure is not defined with a clear mission, purpose or intention, it means that the structure, container, house, body or entity will be invaded, infiltrated or used by dark forces who will take it over for their specific agenda. The act of commanding one’s space is participating with this Law, by defining the authority of which energies one allows into their body, container or house. This responsibility is with the individual person to command their space and defend their right to choose their authority. This is not something that God source or Christos families can do for you. This is because the Christos families are obedient to the Natural Laws of God, which never allow superimposition over another being’s personal will to choose. Unless the personal will is to annihilate or intentionally harm another species.

Three Layers of Ego Mind

In order to understand the Internal Structures of Ego, which we also refer to as the Houses of Ego, requires the awareness that there are three main layers. The three layers of mind work together to serve the functions of the ego in all human beings. Each energetic layer has separate functions yet all three layers are interconnected and directly impact each other. As we learn about the layers in the internal structure of the ego, this clarifies the purpose of identifying what the ego is and how it operates within us. When we understand how ego operates inside our mind we are better equipped to heal the energetic imbalances.

1D Memory Storage Unconscious Mind

1. Abuse 2. Trauma 3. Shock 4. Devastation

First Internal Layer
: This is the root layer of our unconscious mind and it functions like a hard drive for the ego. In this hard drive is the cellular memory storage from all of one’s lifestreams. This means that cellular memories from past lives, present lives and future lives may all be stored in this memory hard drive. These memories are not given value when they are recorded, whether one may perceive them as good or bad these many multiple memories are stored on the root hard drive of every human being. Whether one was a fetus, baby, in between lifetimes, or unconscious when the body suffered abuse, it was recorded in one’s memory storage whether one currently remembers that event consciously or not.  

Because the planet was invaded and our individual memory and identity of those tragic events was erased, most all human beings have four main areas of cellular memory record in their unconscious mind at varying degrees. Those four main areas are: Abuse, Trauma, Shock and Devastation. Some people will feel these painful memories but not know what caused them or where they came from. Others will suffer from shock and will have shut these memories down completely as a coping mechanism. Others are very successful clearing these memories through emotional clearing practices such as with hypnosis and past life regression. Since this 1D unconscious mind controls our autonomic nervous system and autonomic bodily functions, unhealed trauma memories in these four main areas creates many kinds of physical symptoms and disease. These devastating memories have been partially described in twisted half-truths as the fall of humankind, or the genesis story of Adam and Eve in the bible. Starseeds have an earth mission to heal these memories and timelines in a multitude of ways.

2D Walls of Separation Instinctual Mind

1. Unworthiness 2. Shame / Guilt 3. Lack of Trust / Self Doubt 4. Betrayal / Abandonment
5. Anger / Rage 6. Fear 7. Entrapment / Enslavement

Second Internal Layer
: This is the instinctual layer of ego, which for many people remains a part of the unconscious mind as many do not pay attention to the cause of their instinctual drives or addictions. The first part of healing is to be willing to pay attention to drives though dedicated self-awareness. The second layer is directly impacted by the first layer to the degree the painful memory is experienced in the person’s hard drive. This second layer could also be called the pain body. It is the location where unresolved pain memories will manifest as instinctual drives within the person’s ego. If the 1D storage memories are not identified or cleared, the pain of these memories creates walls of separation in the 2D layer, as a pain body. The pain body further creates walls of separation which manifest in the ego as the seven primary mental and emotional states identified above.

These walls of separation isolate the ego self in the person and as the person identifies with that ego state, they become disconnected from their inner spirit. This disconnection from the inner spirit creates a wall where another part of the ego identity may split off and may hide itself. This identity could have been created when one was a baby, a six year old child, a teenager or even in other timelines. This phenomenon is called an ego sub-personality and it may be hidden behind the wall as a result of deeply experienced trauma. These traumatized sub-personalities also hold a fragment of our spiritual energy. The goal of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is to intentionally create these traumatized sub-personalities which fragment the mind and spiritual body, thereby causing harm to the internal energy structures of the person’s aura. The current way this is enforced en masse on planet earth by the NAA is through the Victim-Victimizer software program. When we are separated from our inner spirit, we are disconnected from our experience with God Source. The result is more Pain, Disconnection and Disease which exacerbates the ego walls and perpetuates the cycle of misery. The goal of our inner spirit is to find and locate those sub-personalities to heal them, reclaim them as Children of God, so that the spiritual light can be reintegrated and brought back into wholeness.

3D Houses of Ego Conscious Mind

1. Addiction / Lust 2. Wrath / Rage / Vengeance 3. Greed / Avarice 4. Envy / Jealousy

5. Gluttony / Waste

6. Laziness / Discouragement 7. Pride / (+/-) Self-Importance

Third Internal Layer:
This is the conscious mind layer of the ego, which we all perceive as a self or personality. If one pays attention to their conscious thoughts, one becomes aware if they are having negative ego thoughts as defined above by the Seven Houses of Ego. All Houses of Ego are formed by making judgments of people and the external circumstances. The third layer is directly impacted by the first and second layer to the degree the painful memory has created walls of separation and traumatized sub-personalities. If the main areas of the walls of separation are not dismantled and the sub-personalities brought into transparency for healing, these hidden influences control and manipulate the strength and power within the person’s Houses of Ego. Essentially, the more weakened and in pain a person is the more strong their walls of separation and pain body, which create the judgments which build the Houses of Ego. In most cases the houses are also created as a coping mechanism to deal with the harshness experienced in the 3D world.

The Houses of Ego are a direct rejection of God’s spirit and repel the Christos spirit from dwelling within one’s body.  If the Houses of Ego are extremely strong and the person replays its characteristic behavior repeatedly, that ego behavior builds an internal house, which then attracts a spirit.  As an example, if a person has an addiction problem sourcing from unhealed trauma and replays the addictive behavior repeatedly, a House of Addiction will be built as an internal structure of the ego mind. Once that House of Ego is built internally, it attracts a spirit with the same consciousness energy that will match the vibrational quality in the internal house. The Spirit of Addiction is a demonic spirit.  So as one builds a House of Addiction inside their mind and body, it attracts a demonic spirit to dwell within their house. As the laws of energetic structure states, one has built an internal house and has thus created the energetic agreement for a demonic spirit to dwell inside that house. This is the consensual agreement that unaware humans make for demonic spirits to dwell inside their body, and then later the consent they give the predator force to use their body as a dark portal.

Houses of Ego - Predator Realm

Walls of Separation + Houses of Ego = Realm of Predator

As we begin to see how deep the painful ego behavior runs through in humanity, one may recognize that a clear pattern is present. The predator force intentionally creates hidden consensual agreements through the manipulation and abuse of the Universal Laws of Structure. They start implementing a reign of terror and pain upon the human being as young as possible, to record painful and traumatic memories that fragment the mind and spirit. As the human reincarnates with their conscious memory wiped, they carry that pain and burden from lifetime to lifetime. From the accumulative lifetimes of pain builds more walls of separation, which are purposely held in place through the Victim-Victimizer software, a self-enforced human enslavement program. Through the deep unworthiness and lack of self-love resulting from repeated traumatic abuse, the rejection of God and the crucifixion of the inner spirit is easily maintained. This leads to negative ego behaviors to cope with the disconnection from God, which we can observe in the Seven Houses of Ego. As we build these Houses of Ego from ignorance, we allow their equivalent demonic spirits to dwell inside our mind and body. These demonic spirits increase the power of the Houses of Ego in human behavior, which invite the predator forces to use or possess the mind and body at will. This is the definition of mental and spiritual bondage to the predator or dark forces.

The Archontic Deception is designed to create hidden internal energetic structures and vibrationally matched external structures which allow the predators to have a free for all on planet earth. If a conscious human being starts to comprehend the power inherent in controlling their own mind and thus changing their internal structure, the external structures built upon Houses of Ego will fail. Thus, the higher knowledge is suppressed or the Victimizer program is directed at the targets who are giving other humans this awareness to learn how to become free. This brings us to issues of deception and manipulation of the people around us who may be used as a dark portal for predator forces.

Ego Behaviors + Realm of Predator = Dark Portal

During this end cycle the stakes are high and there is an increase of people being used as a dark portal for the realm of the predator. When we observe this scenario, it is best to be completely and utterly neutral, but to learn how to identify and discern what one is looking at. A predator force is what it is. We are observing the predator forces using people through their ego weakness and pain. Observe this non-judgmentally as the compassionate witness, when it is present in people or relationship dynamics. However, the most important point is to not allow the predator force to corrupt one’s mind and body, through the indulgence of negative ego behaviors, such as those listed within the Seven Houses of Ego.

Most people do not realize that the predator will show itself aggressively to its opposing polarity, the prey or victim. The predator has predictable instincts and will try to overpower a person who is spiritually weakened, especially with forms of abuse. If one has been undergoing a spiritual program to create internal and external strength from past physical, mental or emotional abuse, it is wise to stay clear of any abusive or risky behaviors. When we are learning to trust and build our inner spiritual light to strengthen our being, we need to be focused on living in Krystic principles and developing self-love. This means we must learn better boundaries to discern ego, cut abusive ties and to learn how to say no to other people.  

When a person is using the Houses of Ego to perceive reality and make judgments around events, that person cannot have an accurate assessment of the true conditions. It is important to understand that this guideline is true in ego based humans incarnated on earth and it is also present in humans on the other side, as well as many other types of extradimensional beings. Many extradimensional beings channeling through humans here on earth also have unresolved ego issues and judgmental perception.  Walls of separation in the pain body that lead to ego behaviors block energetic and spiritual discernment, thus creating self-deception. When a person perceives reality from the lens of ego, the perception of circumstances is reflected back as a self-projection. This means the person projects his ego’s judgment of the circumstances, which will always reflect back to the person as a deception or illusion. The ego holds little access to truth.

In the more advanced cases of walls of separation that create Houses of Ego, the demonic spirit will show itself when that thoughtform is being activated in an unaware person. When a human expresses repeated negative ego the spirit of its thoughtform expression will manifest. Many of us have seen the creatures of lust, addiction, greed, fear and pain attached to a person’s energy field. We are learning they are living in the internal structures of ego within that person. The person is mostly unaware that their mind and body are used by demonic spirits.  When the demonic or predator reveals itself, the person that is being used as a dark portal loses current now awareness and often cannot remember what occurred. This is why many homicidal killers do not remember the act of killing, but awaken back into conscious memory after the killing has occurred. The mind and body were taken over to commit the predatory act.

Have you ever wondered why two or more people will have such vast differences in perception of events they all witnessed simultaneously?  This is largely due to the lens of ego that clouds individual perceptions of the actual events. This is especially so when a disagreement erupts between people over a personal or professional conflict that is heavily based in judgmental thinking. Depending on the lens of ego and unresolved pain, there will be a slant of perception that is projected upon the circumstances. This is why communicating openly and without ego judgment is important, in bringing more peaceful resolution and harmony in one’s relationships.

The importance of clearing the Walls of Separation and Houses of Ego cannot be underestimated, as together they are the key that unlocks the pathway to spiritual development and freedom. Spiritual development is building the relationship to oneself and building one’s relationship to God. Time, energy and commitment to build these two most important relationships in one’s life are required. Daily meditation and quieting the mind, while asking the self and God these questions will begin to reveal clarity and gain results.

The Spirit of Christ

As it is understood there are demonic spirits that live in the internal structures of ego, which cause harm to our mind and body, one would be motivated to learn how to create the internal houses for the Spirit of Christ. As the Universal Law of Structure states, we can build our house so that the spirit we design it for can reside there. This is what it means to create a House for Christ and to purify ourselves for the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ requires a House in which to dwell inside our mind and body.

The goal for spiritual protection is to dismantle the houses of ego, evict the demonic and predator forces, and replace them with the Houses of Christ. State your authority and intention to be of service to God and to build a strong relationship with one’s Inner Spiritual Light and Christos. As you devote your attention and focus to the quality of the Spirits of Christ, the Houses for Christ grow stronger. Where we focus our energy and attention its energetic form materializes. Thus, greatly increasing one’s relationship to God and experiencing energetic balance, which returns us into feelings of self-love, peace and happiness.

The Spirits of Christ

1. Purity 2. Generosity 3. Patience 4. Kindness
5. Discipline/Conservation 6. Diligence 7. Humility


    • Dismantle the House of Lust/Addiction: Evict the Spirit of Lust and Addiction, Call in the Spirit of Purity. Ask God to help you build the House of Purity and live with sexual ethics in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
    • Dismantle the House of Wrath/Rage: Evict the Spirit of Wrath and Rage, Call in the Spirit of Patience. Ask God to help you build the House of Patience in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
    • Dismantle the House of Greed/Avarice: Evict the Spirit of Greed and Avarice, Call in the Spirit of Generosity. Ask God to help you build the House of Generosity in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
    • Dismantle the House of Envy/Jealousy: Evict the Spirit of Envy and Jealousy and Call in the Spirit of Kindness. Ask God to help you build the House of Kindness in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
    • Dismantle the House of Gluttony/Waste: Evict the Spirit of Gluttony and Waste and Call in the Spirit of Discipline and Conservation. Ask God to help you build the House of Discipline and Conservation in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
    • Dismantle the House of Laziness/Discouragement: Evict the Spirit of Laziness and Discouragement and Call in the Spirit of Diligence. Ask God to help you build the House of Diligence in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
    • Dismantle the House of Pride/Self Importance: Evict the Spirit of Pride and Self Importance and Call in the Spirit of Humility. Ask God to help you build the House of Humility in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.

May we come to know the strength, protection and peace of God on the earth. Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christ heart path.  Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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