Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Directed to our Fathers, Brothers and Husbands:

I am so sorry that you are having so much suffering and challenges as you are undergoing this life change and dismantling of all you knew. My heart and prayers have been with you continually. 

I have a difficult task in communicating knowledge that I have in my heart, in a way that will penetrate your mind and thoughts. Energetic knowledge does not translate well into written or spoken language. I must convey levels of information to you from my heart based intuition and deeper feelings. Please bear with me in this message as your first response to what I am expressing to you will most likely be confusion. Your mind may go to thoughts of “how in the hell is this supposed to help me now?” Please trust me and try to comprehend what I am doing my best to find words to express to you. It has everything to do with your future potential and why these experiences are happening to dismantle the old identity that was your personal life now. It requires a larger scope of vision, and to elevate yourself beyond this personal pain that prevents you from taking these required life changes as a personal attack or continuing to feel bitterly betrayed by others. This may be leading you to feel deeply wounded, vengeful and bitter.

Comprehending the larger overview for these changes in your life will help you to transcend these horrifying fears around survival and money, the desperation that you are feeling now. In order to survive this Ascension process and elevate yourself back to a stable place in your life again, YOU MUST TAKE TO HEART what I am going to tell you now. I understand this newly opening heart language and it is hard to describe in a way that you can apply it practically in the 3D world you know – because it requires LEARNING a completely new language. This message is the attempt to teach you the new heart language requirement so that you can understand why this dismantling is happening to you and accept it AS IT IS - without fear . This is so you can move towards the better passages of your life, acquiring stability, enjoyment and a sense of security again. You will and can do this - IF you learn the new feeling language and you apply yourself to eradicating extreme mental fears around the loss of physical material objects and money. What these material possessions and their ownership have represented to you in your life. You must change the CORE motivational source based on materialism and the value you have placed on material objects as the security it represented to you as a quality person and as a man. If you do this you will learn to receive things more easily and your abundance will expand. Life becomes easier and simpler. Without this greater understanding of the need for change, it is doomed to fail. 

You have inherited a soul pattern that is your biggest challenge on the planet and that pattern is returning to haunt you now. You have agreed to deal with the dismantling from materialism as the purpose for lfe, and heal this in this lifetime and so your maker will not let you out of it now – even when you beg him for mercy. You will and have to see the truth in who you really are without materialism defining you, and realize this negative pattern in order to stop it from infecting your life. The Male principle energetically is all about being a protector of the family, and as a small child - all you had was an extremely distorted and damaged example of what a good man is supposed to be in the world. The male father figure you had, as well as the male/father/protector example on our entire planet is extremely out of balance, further extremely diseased and sociopathic. Our planet has a mental disease called patriarchal domination and it has ignored the heart based feminine principle of balance. For this reason it must change now at the completion of the evolution cycle. 

As a small child devastated with no feeling of safety or security, you lived mostly within a disconnected, abusive and non loving state. Your parents and society are not to blame, they are also victims from this diseased world, only knowing the best they were capable of providing at the time. However the family unit was horrifyingly dysfunctional, ignorant and disconnected. The source of your personal care, your Mother, was devalued and disrespected in the most heinous way possible to invalidate her existence. The same treatment many women have accepted in order to survive within the world of patriarchal domination. As you grew up you made a choice, a belief system that was FALSE. It became your only conclusion from not knowing the reason why this planet is the way it is. Your inner child shouted “I will never allow this to happen again! “ I will never allow myself to be unsafe and insecure from not having access to money (as my mother had to suffer at the hands of my father) and I will use my personal will to do anything I can to make money, build strength, and build security in order to feel safe while in this unsafe and violent world. 

Consequently, your entire laser dominated mental focus as an adult became the quest for security from gaining material wealth, prestige and the status that comes with being considered, a sucessful and good working business man. You allowed this personal commitment made from the terror inflicted from your childhood to become the only motivation and desire in your life, which took your life way out of balance. This pattern to achieve materialistic sucess dominated your vision blocking the ability to achieve healthy ways to live your life – balancing your working life, with your personal life, and developing yourself emotionally, mentally and physically to discipline a kind of inner clarity and inner connection. You became very imbalanced and unclear as money, business and material objects and the satisfaction you gained from accessing them dominated your entire attention, time and energy. Your inner spirit was ignored, your body was ignored, your negative emotions were ignored, your inner rage and losing your temper were ignored, because you made excuses for it.  All of yrou mind thought, I have to work harder and bring in the money that defines security and sucess! This soul wound festered and your sense of being a good working man evolved over time to become very narcisstic and ego centric, as the world revolved around your point of view from that childhood burden you were carrying. This was a survival mechanism that you created in order to deal with having no solid foundation, no security and no authentic emotional development provided to you as a child. 

Your coping mechanism for dealing with this internal pain and energetic imbalance was ADDICTION, and when you realized you could not smoke, drink and have sex into oblivion and still function, you turned into other mental obsessions. These mental obsessions are your self-medication and their unconscious addiction in order to feel safer and emotionally soothed in the chaos. These mental obsessions have now taken you over and you are suffering from all of the potential harm it creates, all the pain it creates in your body, the aches, the inflexibility, the terror, the broken heart, the stress your body has to endure to hold this extreme mental burden. This adds to your personal pain and sabotages you without you understanding that how you treat yourself and others is incredibly destructive.

If you continue to ignore your personal imbalances, and focus most of your energy on money or upon mental obsessions, all of this negative energy will gain momentum to the point of being increasingly destructive to your Heart and Soul. You were not paying attention to this destructive element that you have been creating,  most importantly inside yourself and in the people that love you.

The crisis of living in a world of putting out mental fires, neverending problems to be solved in order to make money and accumulate wealth was the overriding principle of your life force energy. This is the core reason of the internal change of direction that you are being required to take at this time. You are being corrected, your course in life is being corrected and it is best to understand that fact in order to get out of the way as this is happening. If you are confused to the reasons this is occurring, it creates more resistance and you are creating much more negative energy to amplify blockages in these life circumstances. You are not being punished, you are being corrected and your mind and ego have no choice in this matter.  You have realized that these are powerful forces beyond your personal control that have taken over your life. This is informing you to change, to lose the false beliefs of self worth based o materialistic goals, to lose the FEARS you used to create the foundation of your old identity as a wealthy businessman. The Universe (God) is saying to you “If you learn this new language I will co-create and build with you a new foundation that is based upon balance, integrity and truth. You will never have to lie, lose your soul integrity or swim in the shark tank to get eaten, anymore! You “____________” cannot lie to yourself, manipulate others or outcomes, grovel to others or sell your soul for money anymore. Your maker will not allow you to sell your soul anymore to materialism, and through this process of dismantling, although painful, it is the death of the old, the death of your ego stories. This is in order to lead you to the real safety amd security in life. The only safety there is. It is peace with God, and peace inside yourself. What is happening now is to teach you this lesson so that you change your priorities in life and learn to rebalance yourself by changing your mental behaviors.

There is new energy architecture on planet Earth. That new architecture is an architecture built on natural light and energetic balance. In the past cycle we have lived in a one way system of false light. This corrupted system and its imbalance has manifested with demonic types of forces that have taken the majority of control on this planet to use its resources. This dark force control has forced all of us humans to sell and prostitute ourselves for our natural birthright, self sovereignty and abundance. This dark cycle is ending now in the changing of the guard that is returning humanity back to guide this planet into higher reality potentials.  As we endure 2012 and beyond, we are undergoing the pinnacle of this change. Most people are asleep and unaware that this awakening is transpiring because it is just now becoming physically detected. The majority of spiritual activity and change has been in the invisible light spectrum, but it is coming to the visible light spectrum now. No person gets away with anything, all is recorded, nothing is unseen by the Watcher that sees it all. That activity held in every soul choice will be balanced for each and every person on the earth, depending on the quality of their mind, emotions and true heart. You cannot concern yourself with others, or judge any person in their position of power, their corruption or evil. You must stop saying anything that is repeatedly negative or judgmental about any person or thing.

At the same time the energy architecture has changed on our planet, demonic entities have asserted an aggressive position. They are ignorant of the real light but they press on for power and control, as they feed upon human pain, fear and terror. They are losing the control on some of the ascending humans evolving into the new light and new architecture. If a human being allows themselves to create pain, rage, terror, fear, anger or related emotional distortion, the dark demonics feed upon it immediately at a much higher multiplier now, then one year ago or five years ago. If you lose control over your consciousness, if you go into rages, screaming at people, telling people about others that you think are a Fword, this action gives the demonics a way to interfere with you, to manipulate and multiply the negative energy and entities that can access into your life. Dark forces exploit your pain, confusion and terror, and you must stop allowing it. As you begin to become aware of what is really happening in the world, you must stop letting these dark forces use and abuse you. 

What is happening as you see it in the physical, is not what you think it is. Everything you physically see is an illusion. However, you have to be careful to not go into vibrations of fear and terror. Its not up to you to have all the answers to the questions or problems now. You will be just fine going forward if you learn ONE SIMPLE RULE. 

Hold neutrality in all that you must face, and give up everything to your HIGHER POWER without CONTROLLING or MANIPULATING anything.  You have to come to that place where you say, Look God,  I am really scared. I put my trust and faith 1000% in you. If I am to leave everything I have ever known and walk away from all I have worked so hard for in this life, I will peacefully. I accept my position in the placement of Gods Natural law and I surrender to the divine will and purpose over my will. Please help me to cleanse my personal fears, terror and pain. Please show me the path to regain balance and restore my sanity again.

From that point of commitment is to serve your Highest Power first, and to be NEUTRAL in all thought. Being neutral is the only point of power. If you take a position and you get scared to defend it, the demonics come in and eat away at the negativity,  it adds more dark energy to interfere with the circumstance. NEUTRALITY AND BALANCE IS KEY TO SURVIVAL – even when your mind is driving you crazy to solve problems and get answers. Your ego mind is not going to solve this problem. GOD is. You must accept this understanding no matter what it looks like on the external and choose to give it up to God. No matter how evil the external players may appear, you must GIVE IT TO GOD and accept what is in the moment. Do not focus on the many weeks ahead, stay focused on right now in the present moment. Only make decisions based on what is in front of you right now, not plotting weeks in advance. You trip on yourself and get in the way of positivity when you advance too far outward in mental thoughts. You cannot make informed decisions without having all the information directly in front of you. Stay focused and keep your mind on today, right now. Refocus yourself from the fears of what is going to happen in the future. You cannot resolve these issues from your mind, it is only resolvable in the present moment because you cannot access GOD anywhere else but in the present moment as a feeling. Your Higher Power is not accessible from your thoughts or mind, only the sensory moment of feelings that you have right now. You have to retrain your mind to stop its insane looping of obsessions in fear, incessant problem solving, and heaping piles of stress. Your life cannot continue with the same burdens that you have carried, and your life is being altered where energetic balance is achieved and the resources are gained if you are able to learn how to achieve balance inside of yourself. 

This way of being is new requirement on the earth This did not work five years ago in the same way. The way you have done business and made money by selling your soul cannot continue. The economy and currency is changing to fit this model, and all your future business must be created understanding that this is the new foundation of which to create from. You must learn how to streamline, be more efficient, use technology, create teamwork instead of hierarchy, be sustainable while maximizing the resources you have available. All of the bloated spending, the indulgence of big luxury is ending. There is no more support for these business models and they are systematically collapsing. 

When you are going crazy watching your life collapse, you must realize that’s it is not the worst thing to happen. All the burden of this huge weight is being taken away from you so that you can learn how to live in better balance. So all the desperate attempts to save the old lifestyle is a waste of energy that creates more pain. Ultimately doing things that help you to find peace in your life is much more productive because resolution or answers will arrive like magic,  when you actually figure out how it works down here. Positive energy has to have a container to arrive within and to circulate. If you do not create positive balance in your life, you leave no room for goodness or God to help circulate postive energy back to you. You must let go and even when your mind says its crazy, refocus yourself to something that allows you to find more relaxation, more peace and more positive directions. 

Moving your body, being willing to meditate, expressing appreciation for others, being of service, holding children in your arms, while knowing that you will be okay after this dismantling. This is much more productive energetically and will bring much more goodness into your life. Breathe, Accept and Relax. Meditate and Pray. Learn to respond to what shows up in the moment and do not react. Do not react impulsively, learn to find the place of neutrality and be able to just observe the situation. 

My heart is with you. I am aware of a lot of the painful things you endure. I wish I could give this awareness as a truth to you direct osmosis. The details are not up to us now. We have to allow and accept something much larger is in control of our body, our lives, and learning how to communicate in that heart based language that we have forgotten, but are remembering is the way to find our inner peace and happiness. It is defined from inside of us and not externally. 

We must change our attention, focus and values and what we place our priorities upon. Your priority in life must change, as it is the only tool your soul has to get you the clarity needed to understand the intrinsic value you already have, with or without the material objects. 

I love you as my father, my brother, my husband and as my teacher. Thank you for everything that you have done to protect your family and your children as an honorable man. I deeply hope these words bring you some comfort during the difficulty of these life changing circumstances that are happening now. My prayers are with you, our males, in knowing that the real foundation of returning to energetic balance can be created through this pain. If we do not lose sight of its critical importance and purpose, all will land very positively for all of us.

The Heart of your Mother, Sister and Wife

 (Graphic-"The Natural King" by Patrick Goldenlotus in deep gratitude)