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How Finding Your Soul Purpose relates to your Ascension.

To go through this shift one must prepare and adjust one's way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with living in the soul’s purpose and being directed from the true divine essence. The ego personality has to be sublimated from its control over your natural person, and the dismantling of ego and emotional healing becomes an awakened person’s primary job on the earth. One cannot split their spiritual self from their material self, the two must integrate and become in cohesion and alignment with each other. 

As one enters the awakening process, what that means is that your soul intelligence and its frequency are starting to entrain and initiate its intelligence field into your personal energetic aura.  When this happens you will start to sense and perceive your reality much differently.  One will not feel aligned to soul and divine purpose until recognizing the discernment between the ego mind chatter and the soul intelligence. The soul communicates in sensory feeling, direct cognition and not from the lower mental body. For most people in the earlier stages, this ego confusion is experienced as running after something or someone your mind tells you is your soul purpose, but it really is being fueled from the ego personality and not the soul’s heart intelligence.  We all must learn that it is not our personal ego will but divine will that is really driving the physical vessel.

The soul will always guide you to learn heart communication and develop yourself from the place of tough love. The only way to lose the ego’s desire to keep mind control running your life and manipulating its outcome, is to have direct experiences learning how to let go of everything you are attached to and to put your complete trust in God. However when you learn to become ego humbled to your real spiritual nature, your ascension process goes much easier as no resistance is present to the ever changing terrain. Once you align to your heart and discipline the ego control over your life, the soul purpose becomes clearly defined without any effort. It shows up at your door and now your task is to follow your guidance and listen to your heart. Many times this guidance will defy all logic and you will learn to discern and trust in order to follow your inner spirit without hesitation.