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Communications Cloned Material

Summation of Communication 


Hi Everyone, 

This is something that I've been sitting on for a while, but now that it has been mentioned in the forums (in the Moon transit thread)I wanted to bring it to light here. 

There is a Facebook page called Sacred Synthesis. 

This person (Romeo Baron) has created a look and feel using much of ES information and images to promote Ascension material. This person does NOT give any credit to any of the authors that have written the material he posts. And some of the images that he uses are from the HGS training manual, which I believe is still private to the ES community (I might be wrong on this). 

His about page, minus the "about" section, is a direct copy of text taken from the ES Member Guidelines, Ascension Glossary, and also part of other articles. 

Perhaps I'm over zealous, but I get upset when credit is not given when possible. Originally that was my only issue, however, I'm feeling something weird in the community. 

We have a number of members who interact with his postings and also "like" his page.  

Please know that it's not that he's reposting information (spread the word!), it's that by not giving any credit to the original authors, he's creating a false sense of authority, IMO. I don't know how else to express that.   

Lisa, I don't know if you want to, or feel the need to, but an official statement with regard to this might be in order given the Mentor/HGS concern with some of these members. 

If it's just me who feels it, that is ok (it might be a personal issue), however, I still felt the need to bring it forward. 

ES Mentor


Hi Everyone;

Please read what I have just sent to Romeo on his Facebook:

“Dearest Romeo; 

Your/this facebook page was just brought to my attention and I have been reading and looking through your posted material.   I certainly appreciate your desire to pass along Lisa Renee/Energetic Synthesis/GA material to your friends, family and our greater human family as it certainly is of critical importance to this planet - but I'm curious where it is that you reference the authors of so much of this material?  Perhaps I've missed where you have posted this, and indeed if I have, please accept my apologies.  If you have not however then I'm curious why that would be?  As you would be aware,  Lisa and the GA, are certainly not interested in chasing copyright issues - as a great deal of material is FREE to anyone at the Energetic Synthesis website - but it is also asked that if anyone wishes to use this material in any public forum or teachings that they simply site the authors of such.  This allows for transparency, authenticity, and integrity to be maintained and also allows any individual wishing to explore, at greater depths perhaps, the voluminous body of work and material available in the Energetic Synthesis Community website to do so.

Further, anyone utilizing this material is also then compelled to uphold the highest level of integrity in the presentation of this material,  that is of utmost importance as we move forward.  As you're surely aware, there is a great deal of misinformation presented/disseminated in many public forums, and it is the desire of the Energetic Synthesis Community, Lisa Renee, and the Guardian Alliance to ensure as best they can that this material is not represented in any manner that may ultimately be misrepresented or otherwise hijacked for the further manipulative agendas that are present on planet at this time.

I thank you kindly for addressing/responding in a timely manner to my query with you. 

From my heart to yours....much love 

Corrina - Energetic Synthesis Mentor”


Response of Action to Mentors

Hi Everyone – Mentors!

Thank you so much for bringing this forward as usual you are the key that unlocks the door and through that trigger that activates the next understanding which requires action.

Lately things have been aggressive with “presenting things” in half truth, and that leads to an easy spin of people’s public perception. Obviously we cannot control public perception, but in this case with RB, it does “ feel” as if he is not being honest but shaping a public perception, possibly into misrepresentation and some form of deceit. Sacred synthesis was what my work with Suzanna Kennedy was called, and was shared by us both, so he appears to have got the name from our website also. This can make it appear as if he is a part of our community in a way it is not accurate.

In these matters, especially with that latest aggressive attempts, it is a call to complete transparency. I am going to share all communications here from anonymous position on who wrote it, and PUBLICALLY create a page called CLONED MATERIAL. This area will be the area that when we come across something out there that feels like its intentionally detrimental, I will place those comments and all communications out there for ALL TO SEE.

I am very grateful to your email Corrina, your words and points hit EVERY thing I felt I would ask him also, and you stated it with clarity, compassion and honesty. As most of you may understand this is much more potent coming from a Mentor who is observing this - than me having to do what appears to be patting myself on the back. I consider this a help of CYA, and I appreciate it very much. Anything that ferrets out truthful and accurate realty is a CYA for me/us and ES/HGS.

This issue is about transparency not copyright. We are well aware the dark entity likes to defame through misinformation, in this case create a place for MISPERCEPTION of what is being represented. This way people will assume I am “associated with this guy”, and if he acts like a psychopath, they will assume I am a psychopath also – a guilt through association, This is a way to create a negative spin on how the information is represented publically.

Creative commons is actually SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE, which means the information is required to be attributed to its source IN ORDER to use it. RB clearly is not doing that for some reason, and I am certain he never emailed me to ask – from what I can tell he was a not ever a member, the information he got on his own from someone that was a member. That is what it is, but in this case, I got a firm guidance that I MUST ACT and say something publically.

What I will do today:

1. Create a section called CLONED MATERIAL and post all comments and discussions about the issues and pitfalls of not being totally honest and transparent.
2. I will probably put in there that I have been made aware that some of the ES material is very similar to another organization who sued me to remove all credits to them, therefore my position with that.
3. I will publically say Sacred Synthesis is not related to ES and that this guy decided to create a facebook page on his own self determination and not issue credit to the source of his information.
4. I will put it in the forum also, to remind people that this is a form of deceit, which can be used as a “ dark seed” to create decay. The antidote to decay is TRANSPARENCY to the light.

Mentors, please let me know if you want your name credited as author to the comments, and please review the areas that I create so that they feel in “alignment” to you. I am deeply appreciative to you for your action in this matter. Apparently a Mentor (who made this be known to me a few weeks ago) it was not time then, but it is time NOW. There seems to be a foreshadowing of what’s coming down the pike– like clockwork!!

Love you all and THANK YOU! Corrina thank you for the CYA, your writing was fantastic! Thank you!

Love, Lisa

Introduction to Cloned Material

Dear Ascension Community,

This section is required in so that we can be educated and better informed about the larger scope of the war over consciousness on the planet and how we can have increased discernment on the motivations and/or agendas of which spiritual information is shared, especially CLONED MATERIAL. Accessing our consciousness, having a roadmap to help support our spiritual growth to begin to comprehend our larger relationship to our Inner Spiritual Source Light, and further the planet, the galaxies, and the Cosmos, is the divine birthright of each and every being on this planet. Yet through ignorance, unawareness, and dark manipulation tactics, accurate assessment and discernment is not generally well developed in the human being in order to be able to make clear informed decisions about where they are placing their attention and value.

The ES material is a Creative Commons copyright which is to be able to Share and Share Alike all information on this website with an attribution to the source of the material. This purpose in this is to establish its energetic clarity and to create transparency as much as possible in all energetic interactions and relationships that may be formed through associations that are created in many different formats. We have many people that come here to ES and are invited to partake in the content of this website and share the information with as many people as possible. Yet because this information is highly misunderstood, the levels of its truth dissemination can be easily subjected to misrepresentations, misdirection of its resources, abuse through ego agendas and an artificial CLONE of the information to be used by a dark entity/organization. There are many organizations and groups that feel they have a superior way to superimpose themselves on the public ( create false reality misperception) that would like to corrupt, create decay of the material to suppress this level of spiritual truth being made FREELY available to the public.

It is for this reason this section of the website CLONED MATERIAL is required in order for another attempt from myself to create as much transparency, honesty and an accurate reality assessment to present material, when it becomes known to me, to also have commentary on the quality of which the material may be presented by others that are not in relationship to this website nor myself. If someone takes material from this website as a COPY AND PASTE, and represents it as coming from themselves, it has misrepresentations which are not clarified and misinterpreted by the public. This is a form of lies that most human beings have a mind control trigger of which an assumption is made that if the content or material is shared with a similar name, similar look, or similar feel, in the appearance or presentation of that material, that there is some relationship that quantifies the quality of the information or the messenger, That is NOT AT ALL ACCURATE. This is why we consistently remind the reader and spiritual seeker to educate themselves and to learn how to become better informed in order to avoid the pitfalls of dark manipulation and negative ego ensnarement into false representations. The Archontic Deception ( AD strategies) are Divide and Conquer, and this mechanistic strategy is carried out ruthlessly and aggressively among the spiritual ascension population. Being clear, gaining discernment, educating yourself and asking questions, is the way that leads to greater honesty, therefore transparency which is the antidote to uncover dark deceptions and motivations that are hidden.

It is extremely difficult to do this in the online community environment, and I make every attempt that I can to be as transparent as possible, within the time frame of one person’s capacity. It takes huge effort, and incredible amounts of time, energy and resources to accomplish projects such as the Energetic Synthesis website. In my experience very few people have awareness nor appreciation for that effort because they are unaware of how much time and resources-money this takes. This lack of awareness equates to carelessness in the public and can generate clouded versions of the material as well as a sense of self entitlement, wherein this hard work is taken advantage of and or expected by another who would rather be vampiric to resources than actually put in the time and effort to manifest such time consuming projects

We have been made aware of CLONED Material on Facebook promoted without link or source material attribution links. Because of the compromise Facebook presents to open dark portals of abuse, we are not able to set up Facebook pages. All levels of information or pictures posted on Facebook legally belongs to their corporate entity and this information is used to collect data bases on private persons. We cannot create a presence on Facebook or many other social media sites for this reason. Please note that ES, nor myself would add any person to any list, such as a Facebook page list that is called ES members. This has nothing to do with us here at

They are calling the cloned material "ES Members"  ( Managed By Mystery Person who is contacting previous or current ES Members for private invites)

If interested please read our communications to that are included here in this link here:

Additionally I would further like to clarify this very difficult topic which requires additional transparency in relationship to this very issue.

Read more: Introduction to Cloned Material